1. TexasMFK31

    "L" Shaped 1000 Gallon Tank Design

    Hey everyone, this tank is a few years out, but it's time to start planning now! I have attached sketchup screenshots to show what I am talking about. The long portion of the L is 10', the other is 9'. The 9' section is 4' wide, and the 10' section is 3' wide. The red circles are drains...
  2. S

    Custom DIY 330g plywood bottom tank Build

    Hey everyone, my name is Sean. I am new to the forums here but have been reading them for a while. A few months ago i decided I was going to build a tank to house a couple stingrays. I really didn’t know exactly what I was going to build until about 4 weeks ago when I came across a post for a...
  3. Greenboy

    Bracing a 120gal

    Apologies for posting a DIY question in the general aquarium section, but i wasn't getting any replies in the DIY section and i need assistance. I recently got a used aquamedic percula 120. This aquarium comes with an internal sump built into the back of the tank (i removed this for the extra...
  4. S

    wet dry sump

    I have a 240 g tank fresh just got the wet dry sump wanna do diy media, my question is how much media do i do if i'm using lava rock or pot scrubbers do i fill to the top like if i was using bio balls???
  5. Zex Marquis

    Bank Window Acrylic

    A local bank has just closed and I have an inside source to get the windows. It's inch thick acrylic. Saw them in person but didn' measure. 6 large panels with open arches at the bottom...I would guess 5ft+ wide and at least 30" or so above the arches. 6 small panels that covered the arch...
  6. R

    DIY Glass Build Plans (260g) - thoughts?

    Hello All, I am considering a new DIY glass build. I would love to hear any and all feedback on viability of my plans. I know there's a lot about this already in the forum, but every situation is unique and I like to be careful. Dimensions: 84" L x 24" W x 30" H Gallonage: ~260 US gallons...
  7. SwellyJelly

    Aquarium Heights in Fish Room/Gallery

    Recently acquired a 180 gallon and plan on setting it up next to my 240 only problem is that the 180 is 30" tall and my 240 is 24". Those of you that have multiple tanks/systems running next to each other or lined up against a wall, do you prefer to have your aquariums in alignment from the...
  8. Davidiator

    55 Gallon Tank

    So as some of you know I am getting a 55 Gallon aquarium (second tank). I've been looking on Craigslist, Letgo, and Offer Up. So far all of them are either super expensive or super broken/dirty. I was wondering if I could get a price on how much it would cost if I was to build the tank myself...
  9. SwellyJelly

    Planning First Acrylic Build

    Been inspired by all the builds here on MFK and looking into tempting my first acrylic build. Right now I am trying to get some prices for sheets from different vendors but wasnt completely sure on how thick of acrylic i should be shopping for as I am on the fence choosing between 1/2" or 3/4"...
  10. Willyy

    Semi Self-Sustaining SA tank

    So I am a student an I can only get to my tank about 1-2 times a week during the school year, but I wanted something to grow out some decent size fish with little maintenance. As of now I am using a 25GPD drip system filtered by two 10inch chloramine busters. Comes out less than 140TDS. Sump is...
  11. A

    Reinforcing and Acrylic Thickness

    I Googled everywhere and browsed through these forums but I can't really find an answer to my question. Sorry in advance if this has been discussed before. How does reinforcing acrylic tanks effect the thickness requirements? My specific dimensions are 96"L x 48"W x 10"H, water level will be at...
  12. Capt_Rick_Dixie

    Repaired a cracked 150 *PIC HEAVY*

    Hey guys! Just to give you fair warning this post is going to be a bit pic heavy but I'll try to keep the amount of reading to a minimum for ya :D A couple of months ago I found a cracked 150 gallon tank on Craigslist for a steal. I was already planning on building a plywood tank so I...
  13. Leebtattoos

    Under my house filter idea

    Hey y'all. So this probably is not original and really I hope it's not. I was telling a guy about how I'm putting a drain in the floor out of my new 520g tank I'm building and he thought I was saying I was putting the filter under the floor. Light bulb* Then I realized, it is a pier and beam...
  14. Leebtattoos

    520 gallon plywood tank

    Hey y'all. I used to frequent here a lot but a few years of not having a set up I guess it's been a while. So I'm building a 84x48x30 plywood tank as a room divider/wall to my walk in closet. I'm building my master bedroom addition currently so the tank build will be coinciding with that so...
  15. Aqua Nut

    DIY Wheelchair Accessible Aquarium Fish Tank Stand

    The fish keeping community has so many amazing people part of it and it's always appreciated when others give back and help others out. Today we show you a DIY aquarium fish tank stand built by Brian, from Brian's Aquatics, designed to be accessible to those with limited mobility. What he did...
  16. Capt_Rick_Dixie

    Plywood build question

    Hey guys, So I managed to snag a 125 gal tank with a crack in the back panel for $50 USD. It's in great condition aside from the crack. My original plan was to use the front and side panels for a plywood tank I was building but looking at it made me curious... Would it be reasonable to remove...
  17. P

    Plywood tank advise

    So I think I'm pretty well set on what I want to do for a custom tank idea to fill a hole in my house wall. I'm looking for some advice as well as tips to make this a lot far the tank it's self will be 62" long 48" high and 36" deep the hole to fill is 65"x26" I plan on using the...
  18. R

    Post Irma fish victims want to keep!

    Hello, Walking on the beach in Miami yesterday I found 2 whole dead fish that are fairly dried out but one still has eyes and scales and smells terrible, I think they are both some sort of puffer fish. There was a lot of debris left on the beach post Hurricane Irma and many many dead ocean...
  19. itrebebag99

    How to make a sand vacuum?

    I tried making a sand vacuum, using a length of plastic hose and a bottle with the bottom cut off, but the hose I used was too thick, and the increase suction made suck up sand. What is the correct ratio for the diameter of bottle to diameter of hose in order for the vacuum to suck up fish...
  20. Aquatank

    How to make D.I.Y. bio balls

    Hey guys I have a doubt about how I can make some bio media for my sump when I don't have enough money to buy the whole bio media. Do you guys have any idea on how I can make one as I have some very porous stone at this point and I wanted to make it into bio media. Is it fine to do so?