1. B

    Glass supplier says i can't use arrised glass for an unframed aquarium.

    Hi. I have encountered certain restriction on glass size with polished edges. Anything over 3/4 inch thick cannot be supplied polished without radius corners. They also won't polish anything less than 4" wide [bracing]. That throws me a lot of restrictions unless i use arrised glass. I spoke...
  2. O

    240 Stand Plans

    I am building a large reef this summer, a 240 gallon plywood tank (the design is the one from Advanced Aquarists with a few changes), and I'm working on the stand design right now. I'm basing my stand design off of the article on Instructables titled "Aquarium Stand With Secret Door For Sump"...
  3. B

    Talk me out of being an idiot, if i am being one.. [slider / paludarium / diy build]

    Hi. I thought i would come back to using these forums again to get some experienced advice. Lets just say the standard response from family is always 'you shouldn't have that much water in the house'. Pfft, they don't live here and that's no concern to me. I need informed opinion if i am to...
  4. M

    75 Gallon Stand Plans?

    Hey guys, Looking to build out a new stand and canopy for my 75 Gallon. Need a new project to keep me busy so I figured I would upgrade from the stand I have. Just wanted to see if anyone had some good plans for a build and if anyone knew of some good ones that I could find online. Any help...
  5. Z

    DIY shop light rewiring for t8 LEDs

    I wanted to share my tutorial for removing the ballast from a regular shop light. I am copy/pasting this from my website so I hope the photos show up ok. I had to limit the post to 20 photos, so if any of this is confusing the link to the full post is at the bottom. This is much easier than...
  6. mniles

    first try decorations

    My first try at some grass/leafy decorations. Let me know what you think.
  7. N

    New 240 and my DIY Sump issues

    So I've had this 240 since February but laziness and a few other issues have kept me from completing the setup until now. Tank is in the house and the sump is operational. No leaks for the last 4 days and the water levels are stable for the tank/sump. Here's the issues. The sump is a DIY 90...
  8. V

    Help with DIY acrylic tank

    I'm looking to build an acrylic tank within the next two months. I've been trying to come up with some dimension and fit as much of the tank on one 4'x8' sheet as I can, with no success. Would someone be able to help me come up with a cut sheet for it? I would like to only use 1 sheet of acrylic...
  9. J

    colored glass

    So I have been thinking about building a plywood tank for some time now and have recently come across 2, 60"×18"×5/8" tempered glass sheets. They were intended to be used in a hockey rink and are extremely strong. The only problem is they have a slight green color to them. Have any of you used...
  10. Tyler_Wentworth_150

    Brutus' new digs

    Got my big boys new house set up! He may take awhile to adjust but it seems he's starting to settle already. I built the stand, needs paint still hence no pics. Custom plumbing on both canisters, fluval 404 with zero hours on it till now. Fluval fx5 freebie that didn't even turn on when I picked...
  11. Truetommy

    diy caves

    Im setting up a 100 gallon sa/ca cichlid tank, and have been thinking of how im going to lay it out. I got the idea to take small cuts of larger diameter pvc and pvc elbows and coating them with concrete to give them a natural cave look. Has anyone ever tried this? I also wasnt sure if all...
  12. S

    Help with DIY wet/dry Filter

    This is my first post on the forum although I have been reading them for awhile. I designed a wet/dry That I would like some suggestions on. Also this is first time I have designed a wet/dry. I have been in the hobby for many years but have recently gotten into the DIY aspect of it. I'm looking...
  13. jamntoast

    how big should sump be

    I'm fixing up a tank that sprung a leak a few months ago and I was thinking about adding a sump at the same time. how big of a sump would probably be necessary? the tank is in an L shape and is 18" wide 18" tall, one arm is 4' the other is 6', so essentially its two 70g tanks jammed together in...
  14. Creative Genius

    Getting back into the game, What say you?

    Brief summary until i have more time. I was previously an active hobbyist in freshwater, life became nonstop, kids, wife, typical family stuff. Recently found myself the perfect house that allows me to have both an office, and a decent place to begin practicing my favorite hobby again...
  15. A

    Will she burst

    So I have an old 75 gallon with 3/8 glass. Now I have 3 48x18 sheets of glass. I want to build a 48x48x18 180 gallon tank. If I were to buy another 48x18 sheet of 3/8. And use 5/8 sheet as the 48x48.75 as the bottom. I will euro brace this tank well. I have seen that all I need is 3/8 since...