1. T

    Lots of talk of glass thickness, but what about plywood?

    I'm starting to plan for a 9 x 5 x 3H tank, and while the glass thickness is well documented, I can't find much on plywood bracing. My issue is this: I want to build the back and 1 side out of plywood, since it will be in a corner. The other two panels will be fully glass in 3/4". I plan to...
  2. PatrickMW36

    The King of DIY's book

    Hey guys so I've been doing a lot of Planning and research on building tanks. Just wanted to hear from people who have his book and get their thoughts. I know that I can find just about everything needed for free on the web. But I'm sure this book can be very beneficial. And looks like it will...
  3. J


    I recently bought a 180 gallon tank from someone con CL. The tank was practically free, the person just wanted it out of their new trailer home, they even delivered it and assisted me placing it in my garage. The tank seems a bit old but still good. It has some minor scratches and some lime...
  4. jamntoast

    My Jerry rigged tap connection is kaput

    So I have the type of tap where there is a housing around where everything screws in so I have to use an adapter to connect in. The thing I was using was some old plumbing part that I think was machined down or something so it would fit. Unfortunately that made it super thing and that part has...
  5. D

    Designing my steel stand

    Good morning, Guys I think I'm in over my head and I would love if you guys could give me some feedback. I got a 210g (207 to be exact) and a 125g that I want to setup on the same rack with the option of upgrading the 125g to 210g in about a year. I want to do a steel rack with the intention of...

    thickness of my new setup question

    So i got a free tank but i don't like the setup its 8' long 2.5' wide and 3' high. What i want to do is buy a 4'x8' and 2x 3'x4'of 5/8 glass so its final size would be 8'x4'x3' all 5/8 glass. The front and back would be tempered as that the old glass is. Tank 8'x4'x3' all 5/8 mix tempered and...
  7. I

    External pump question

    I`m sure a lot of you guys follow Joey on YouTube. I`m really interested in his DIY canister made from a 5 gallon bucket. My question is, does anyone have any experience with external return pumps? I`m looking for one to flow around 1000gph, that`s not going to break the bank. On his video he...
  8. ShanerBock888

    Where to buy 15mm glass

    I'm building a plywood tank that's 7' long, 4' wide, and 3' deep. The front viewing panel will be 81" x 32". Based on a a guide I found on MFK I need 15mm (5/8 inch) glass. I've searched for hours and can't find any custom glass companies that make it thicker than 12mm (1/2 inch). Does...
  9. J

    Diy root tabs

    Requirements: Osmocote plus fertilizer Gelatin capsuleslarge size. Method: Fill the capsules with the fertilizer. Note: use one capsule per 30x30cm Also remember to bury it in the substrate because it will float.
  10. J

    Diy overhead sump filter

    So i have just been looking out for ways to create my own diy filter and i came up with one that is pretty basic buy seems to work pretty well, i created 2 one with a pump that runs 900lph and one that running 3000lph into a 15 storage container with 20ml pvc pipe for water outlet also used...
  11. J

    Diy over head sump filter

    So i have just been looking out for ways to create my own diy filter and i came up with one that is pretty basic buy seems to work pretty well, i created 2 one with a pump that runs 900lph and one that running 3000lph into a 15 storage container with 20ml pvc pipe for water outlet also used...
  12. jvc66

    Filtration for a 250g

    Hi guys im picking up a 250g tomorrow and just wanted to get some ideas for filtration. From the pictures it looks like theres not alot of room in the stand for filtration to be hidden. Anybody have any good solution to making a filter or filters large enough for the tank that would be able to...
  13. jvc66

    250 Gallon Ideas

    Hello everyone! I have been lurking on here for a while waiting for my chance to finally get myself a big tank for some monster fish! I managed to find a nice 250 that I am going to picking up in a couple of days with a beautiful wood stand and canopy for $200 since the silicone had a slight...
  14. JOSCAR05

    Concrete Block Stand

    Hello monster fish keepers. Im making a diy 55g tank stand with 8x8x16 blocks. I have the tank on it already, and i want To cover the blocks with plywood to make it look like a real stand. Does any1 have any ideas or has done the same kind of stand that i can steal? Much appreciated.
  15. L

    Tried my hand at a fluidized bed filter

    Let me know what you think of this design and if it is working properly. Used a 2 liter bottle, attached the cap to a 60gph power head, and the power head is drawing water through my uv sterilizer into the bed filter. The bottom of the bottle, top of the bed filter, has just small slits and...
  16. S

    Wooden boards in aquarium?

    Hello all, I wanted a 3D tank background, but I don't really want to mess around with foam and cement. Instead I was thinking a wood background would look interesting. (I already have a tank with a rock and hardwood aquascape, I want something that looks different. Plus the wood boards would...
  17. L

    Crested Gecko Racks?

    I'm planning to build a rack for my crested geckos, but I don't know what size bins to use to house them. Any ideas? Also, what are some good reptile forums?
  18. S

    Painting with Sand

    Hello Guys, I want to do a foam background in one of my aquariums. Many of the DIY foam backgrounds use quickcrete to provide the rock like finish. I want to do a sandstone finish, and Id really rather use actual sand instead of light brown cement. My idea is this: 1. Make a foam background 2...
  19. saltydiver

    Double 10 gal sump/fuge suggestions?

    Hello again ladies and Gents, I don't post here often, but only because I can usually find the answers to any questions by perusing the "threads of old" so to speak. I am in the process of building a separate sump and fuge, each to occupy a Wally world white box 10 gallon. These will be...
  20. spcichlids

    400g Growout System Build

    As I ramped up my breeding (african cichlids) I realized I wanted a system with large water volume to grow the fish out faster. I read a lot about aquaculture and used some of those principles in the design. After a couple of months of work it's finally done. I've been documenting the process...