building glass aquarium


Feeder Fish
MFK Member
Jul 20, 2020
hi , I want to build my own cube aquarium dimensions of 15x15x15“ i have been reading on how to build it, what confuses Me is I have seen people place the side,back and front panels on top of the bottom glass, I have also seen some people place them around the bottom glass?
what should I do ?

lets say I decided to place the glass around the bottom instead of on top,
so should I just buy 5 glass panels at EXACTLY 15x15” each,

because In the other method were the glass is placed ontop of the bottom, the side panels are cut shorter due to the glass thickness of the front and back panels,
this would be a pain for me to do and i would rather just use the exact sized sheets as thats what my local diy store sells for cheap. exactly 15x15 inch sheets.
so would it work? all sheets precisely the same size since it is a cube?