diy aquarium

  1. Kingdoffishcraft

    Custom acrylic aquarium

    I want to make a custom aquarium with the dimensions of, 60" x 60” x 80”. I was wondering what thickness acrylic I should use. This will be a salt water tank with a giant pet lobster. Any ideas of how I can brace the aquarium from exploding etc. Any input will be appreciated.
  2. H

    Update on the 750 & 600 Gallon DIY Plywood Builds

    Part 2. of the DIY Plywood 750 & 600 Gallon Aquarium builds!
  3. H

    Building two new DIY aquariums - 750 & 600 gallons!

    Just kicked off two new DIY plywood/epoxy/glass builds in the fish basement, a 750 gallon and a 600 gallon. Both will also have DIY sump filtration.
  4. H

    600 gallon DIY Reef Slope Aquarium

    I had been using my 600 gallon aquarium to grow out Shaks / Rays / Groupers for my 1800 gallon Predator Bay tank. Now that all the fish are moved over, that leaves the 600 gallon ready to be made into a Reef Slope aquarium. Aquarium Specs: - 600 gallon DIY aquarium 72" x 48" x 48", tied into a...
  5. H

    1800 gallon DIY marine predator aquarium is done! Predator Bay is LIVE!

    Predator Bay is LIVE! Four months of hard work and the DIY 1800 gallon marine predator aquarium is running! Sharks, Rays & Friends are enjoying their new home. :)
  6. T

    Types of tile in aquarium.

    Hello. I am curious about which tile is safe for the aqaurium? I am looking at few different ones at Lowes;absolute black polished natural stone granite floor tile, natural stone pebble floor and wall tile(river rock), and glossy ceramic wale tile. Any other ideas are welcomed. I am doing a diy...
  7. H

    3000 gallon DIY build video (start to finish)

    Really cool 3000 gallon DIY Cichlid aquarium build. Quite a bit different from many that I have seen before, plus shows the whole build from start to finish.
  8. J

    building glass aquarium

    hi , I want to build my own cube aquarium dimensions of 15x15x15“ i have been reading on how to build it, what confuses Me is I have seen people place the side,back and front panels on top of the bottom glass, I have also seen some people place them around the bottom glass? what should I do ...
  9. 1

    1,000 Gallon + Outdoor Aquarium / Pond

    Okay so I just posted on another thread the possibility of using these nice 5/8" thick tempered glass panels a friend has offered me for free. Each pane is 6' x 4' and I'm aware I'd normally use thicker glass however if stress beams are used in the center between each panel and not one long...
  10. P

    DIY Glass Aquarium

    I have an older 120 that needs a new frame/brace and I am unable to anyone that sells one for that size. I have dismantled the tank. I was thinking of cutting the glass and changing the dimensions to 48 x 18 and I will be able to purchase a new frame/brace. My problem is the bottom glass is...
  11. Jush

    Glass panel thickness for a custom built 1000gallon+ system?

    I want to build a custom indoor pond for preds, with glass viewing panels, measurements aren't final, but I've been told you can go as far wide and back as you want let's say with 2-foot depth & you'll be fine with 12-15mm glass, but I want to go taller. I've been told 3-foot height maybe 18mm...
  12. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Ideas for DIY canister filter

    I have a 125 gallon South American setup currently filtered by a fluval fx6 and a 80 gallon HOB filter. Looking to get rid of the HOB and do a DIY canister filter made out of a 5 gallon bucket, Anyone have any good tips, designs or ideas for this ? I was originally gonna purchase a fluval fx4...
  13. R

    Weld two acrylic pieces for a sinlge large panel?

    Hello All! Does anyone know if two separate acrylic panels can be welded together, end-on-end, to make a single larger piece? Would it be structurally viable for use in a large tank build? Notwithstanding the need to consider acrylic thickness / dimensions once it is made into a single piece...
  14. S

    Resealing question

    Picked up a 180g second hand a couple days ago. Previous owner had just drained it a week prior (allegedly) after upgrading. According to him no leaks or issues etc. Upon inspection a couple spots have some silicone that doesn’t look great but for the most part it is good. Whether they leak or...
  15. T

    Custom tank advice for a new member.

    Hello, guys, my name is Troy. I'm new to this forum and giant tanks, but I plan in building my fish one soon and had a couple questions. I know there is already several post about some of my questions but they seem rather old. First question is if anyone has experience with concrete tanks vs...
  16. R

    Silicone Seam Thickness Concern

    Hello All! I just assembled a new tank and am concerned I made the silicone seams too thick between the panels. I'd appreciate any feedback from experienced builders. I can take apart and rebuild the whole thing, but would like to avoid that if it's not necessary. I created 3mm seams using the...
  17. R

    DIY Glass Build Plans (260g) - thoughts?

    Hello All, I am considering a new DIY glass build. I would love to hear any and all feedback on viability of my plans. I know there's a lot about this already in the forum, but every situation is unique and I like to be careful. Dimensions: 84" L x 24" W x 30" H Gallonage: ~260 US gallons...
  18. Davidiator

    55 Gallon Tank

    So as some of you know I am getting a 55 Gallon aquarium (second tank). I've been looking on Craigslist, Letgo, and Offer Up. So far all of them are either super expensive or super broken/dirty. I was wondering if I could get a price on how much it would cost if I was to build the tank myself...
  19. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    DIY Filtration and media

    Whats your favorite DIY filter and media choice? I'm thinking of making a canister filter out of a 5 gallon pale and hook it up to my 125g for added filtration. I've seen a few different designs and ways to do it but curious to what you guys have came up with for DIY filtration and media ?
  20. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Red ceder wood in aquariums ?

    So I've been doing some looking around for a while now trying to figure out if red ceder is safe to use, ( I have 2 large pieces in my 125 gallon setup) I found mixed opinions, some people saying no at all and some saying yes if it is old and boiled/ soaked properly. I have been having an issue...