pike with tiger mota


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Nov 4, 2014
Toronto Ontario, Canada
Keeping pile cichlids with any Parachromis is usually problematic (not mentioning the obvious water parameters preferences).
They almost always see each other as competitors, and its pretty obvious why....they have similar jaw/mouth types, meaning they compete for the same foods.
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They also have similar body types , which exaggerates the reason they will compete, and eventually try to kill each other.
If you want to keep 2 cichlids in the same tank, it is usually best to get 2 drastically different mouth, and body types to lessen the risk of conflict.
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or with Parachromis something that obviously doesn't compete
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Its my belief preferred water parameters should always be taken into consideration, if you water your cichlids to color up properly , and stay healthy.
Most pike cichlids prefer low pH 7 and below even as low as pH 5), soft , mineral free water.
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Whereas Parachromis of all types prefer high pH (7.8 to almost 9) hard water.
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Thanks for this thorough reply. Please share the book name for reference, is it South American Cichlids II ?