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4 VAC 15-30-10 - Possession, importation, sale, etc., of wild animals.

Under the authority of §§ 29.1-103 and 29.1-521 of the Code of Virginia it shall be unlawful to take, possess, import, cause to be imported, export, cause to be exported, buy, sell, offer for sale, or liberate within the Commonwealth any wild animal unless otherwise specifically permitted by law or regulation. Unless otherwise stated, for the purposes of identifying species regulated by the board, when both the scientific and common names are listed, the scientific reference to genus and species will take precedence over common names.

4 VAC 15-30-40 - Importation requirements, possession and sale of nonnative (exotic) animals. A. Permit required. A special permit is required and may be issued by the department, if consistent with the department's fish and wildlife management program, to import, possess, or sell those nonnative (exotic) animals listed below that the board finds and declares to be predatory or undesirable within the meaning and intent of § 29.1-542 of the Code of Virginia, in that their introduction into the Commonwealth will be detrimental to the native fish and wildlife resources of Virginia:

Order Family Genus/Species Common Name
Anura Buforidae Bufo marinus Giant or marine toad*
Pipidae Xenopus spp. Tongueless or African clawed frog
Caudata mbystomatidae Ambystoma tigrium Mavortium Barred tiger salamander
A. t. Diaboli Gray tiger
A. t. Melanostictum Blotched tiger Salamander

Order Family Genus/Species Common Name
Cypriniformes Catostomidae Ictiobus bubalus Smallmouth buffalo*
I. cyprinellus Bigmouth buffalo*
I. niger Black buffalo*
Characidae Pygopristis spp. Piranhas
Pygocentrus spp.
Rooseveltiella spp.
Serrasalmo spp.
Taddyella spp.
Cyprinidae Aristichyhys Nobilis Bighead carp*
Ctenopharyngodon idella Grass carp or white amur
Cyprinella lutrensis Red shiner
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Silver carp*
Mylopharynogodom piceus Black carp
Scardinius erythrophthalmus Rudd
Tinca tinca Tench*
Gobiesociformes Gobiidae Proterorhinus marmoratus Tubenose goby
Neogobius melanostomus Round goby
Perciformes Cichlidae Tilapia spp. Tilapia
Gymnocephalus cernuum Ruffe*
Siluriformes Clariidae All Species Air-breathing catfish


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(i) Family Amiidae: Bowfin, grinnel, or mudfish, Amia calva.

(ii) Family Channidae: China fish, snakeheads: All members of the genus Channa.

(iii) Family Characidae: Piranha: All members of the genera Pygocentrus, Rooseveltia, and Serrasalmus.

(iv) Family Clariidae: Walking catfish: All members of the family.

(v) Family Cyprinidae:
a- Fathead minnow, Pimephales promelas.
b- Grass carp (in the diploid form), Ctenopharyngodon idella.
c- Ide, silver orfe or golden orfe, Leuciscus idus.
d- Rudd, Scardinius erythropthalmus.

(vi) Family Gobiidae: Round goby, Neogobius melanostomus.

(viii) Family Lepiosteidae: Gar-pikes: All members of the family.


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WI Restricted2.jpg

WI Restricted3.jpg
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Wisconsin: and Crayfish&addFilter=Classification



-See Section 10 pages 3 & 4.

(D) Fish

(I) Fish imported, possessed, or transported under terms of Wyoming Statutes relating to private fish hatcheries (§23?4?101, §23?4?102, §23?4?103), private fishing preserves (§23?5?202, §23?5?203, §23?5?204), live bait dealers (§23?4?103), and landowner fishing lakes and ponds (§23?2?208) provided the fish are certified disease free as specified in Appendix I of this regulation and are of a species compatible with existing wildlife as determined by the Department. The fish must be accompanied by the appropriate authorization, receipt, or license as required by Commission regulation. (Refer to Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Regulations, Chapter 46 Fishing Regulations and Chapter 53 Regulations Governing Landowner Fishing Lakes or Ponds),

(II) Goldfish (Carassius auratus); all goldfish must be confined in aquariums; certificate of veterinary inspection is not required,

(III) Marine fish; all marine fish must be confined in aquariums; certificate of veterinary inspection is not required,

(IV) Tropical fish; all tropical fish must be confined in aquariums; certificate of veterinary inspection is not required.

(d) Wildlife Prohibited from Importation/Possession.

(I) Rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus),

(J) Zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha),

(K) New Zealand mudsnail (Potamopyrgus antipodarum),
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And, I don't want to forget our more northern members:


Importation of Ornamental Fish

In general, importations of ornamental aquatic organisms, especially tropical species held in hobby aquaria, are considered to pose a negligible risk of spreading disease(s) to local species. Thus, Canada, like many other countries, does not require special permits for the importation of aquatic organisms for the aquarium hobbyist. There are, however, some exceptions related to other risks posed to aquatic resources and habitat.

All species listed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) may only be imported if a CITES certificate is obtained. Please see for current listing of species and for relevant contact information. Hobby species that are genetically modified may be considered as new substances and may require notification under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999). For more information on the New Substances program, please consult the Environment Canada site at

Some Provinces and DFO Regions require special permits for the importation of certain species of fish, e.g. Koi carp into British Columbia. Further information on BC?s requirements can be found at . Requirements can be obtained through the relevant (receiving) provincial department responsible for fisheries, or the local Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) office.

A Department of Fisheries and Oceans licence, under Section 56 of the Fishery (General) Regulation or matching provincial licence is required for all importations or transfers of live fish and other aquatic species destined for release into fish habitat or for culturing in a fish rearing facilities. Detailed information on obtaining a licence can be found at or from your local DFO or Provincial fishery authority office.

For information on how to dispose of aquarium fish, invertebrates or aquatic plants responsibly to prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species, please go to the following Habitattitude website by the US Fish and Wildlife.

If you have any questions related to aquatic disease concerns, please feel free to contact the National Registry of Aquatic Animal Health at the address below:

National Registry of Aquatic Animal Health
200 Kent Street, Station 12W114
Ottawa ON K1A 0E6

PIJAC Canada

May 13, 2004
Changes to Regulations Regarding the Sale of Invasive Fish
The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has made changes regarding the sale of live
invasive fish.
The purchase or sale of live invasive fish in Ontario, and the possession and transport of
these fish, causes public concern about possible escape or release of species that could
become established in Ontario waters. Harmful impacts to the aquatic ecosystem, to
recreational and commercial fisheries, as well as the high costs for control can be the result
of such invasions.
Given the potential impact of several high-risk species, the Ministry of Natural Resources
has amended Regulation 664/98 made under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act
(FWCA) ? Fish Licensing ? to prohibit the buying or selling of the following live invasive
- four species of carp (bighead, grass, black and silver);
- snakehead (all 28 species); and,
- two species of goby (round and tubenose).
The regulation is now in effect.
The regulation includes a prohibition on the buying and selling of snakeheads for aquaria
and grass carp for weed control in water gardens.
Pet shops with snakeheads in aquaria can no longer sell them and are encouraged to
dispose of them appropriately. Information of appropriate methods of disposal is available
on the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters Invasive Species Hotline at 1-800-563-
7711. Pet Shop owners are reminded that it is illegal to dispose of these fish into Ontario

The regulation changes do not prohibit possession of these fish live. However, MNR intends
to seek a ban on live possession of these same fish through amendments to federal
legislation as outlined in the EBR posting mentioned below. If the federal government
proceeds with the regulatory changes for possession, MNR will notify you of the change end,
upon implementation of the regulations, the fish will have to be destroyed and disposed of in
an appropriate manner.
The decision notice can be accessed by searching for Registry Number RB04E6005 at


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All States:

AQIS- Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service; Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry

List of permitted Live Freshwater fish suitable for Import

Common ame

Abramites hypselonotus
Marbled Headstander

Acanthophthalmus spp.
Kuhlii Loach

Aequidens maronii

Aequidens pulcher
Blue Acara

Anostomus spp.

Aphyocharax spp.
Bloodfin Tetras

Aphyosemeion spp.
Killie Fish

Apistogramma spp.
Dwarf Cichlid

Aplocheilus spp.

Apteronotus albifrons
Black Ghost Knife Fish

Apteronotus leptorhynchus
Long Nose Brown Ghost Knifefish

Arnoldichthys spilopterus
Arnold?s Characin, Red-eye Characin

Astronotuso cellatus

Astyanax fasciatus mexicanis ?jordani? (Albino form only)
Blind Cave Fish

Aulonocara nyassae of length 5cm and over
African Peacock Cichlid

Aulonocara spp.
African Cichlids

Males onlyBagrichthys hypselopterus
Black Lancer Catfish

Balantiocheilus melanopterus
Silver Shark minnow

Barbodes everetti
Clown Barb

Barbodes fasciatus
Striped Barb

Barbodes hexazona
Tiger Barb

Barbodes lateristriga

Barbodes pentazona
Banded Barb

Bedotia geayi
Madagascar Rainbow

Benthochromis tricoti

Betta spp.
Fighting Fish

Boehlkea fredcochui
Chochui?s Blue Tetra

Botia lohachata of length 1.5 cm and over
Reticulate loach

Botia macracantha
Clown Loach

Brachydanio albolineatus
Pearl Danio

Brachydanio frankei
Leopard Danio

Brachydanio kerri
Kerr?s Danio

Brachydanio nigrofasciatus
Spotted Danio

Brachydanio rerio
Zebra Danio

Brachygobius spp.
Bumble Bee Fish

Brochis spp.
Blue Catfish

Brycinus longipinnis
African Tetra

Campylomormyrus cassaicus
double-nose elephant nose

Campylomormyrus rhynchophorus
double-nose elephant nose

Capoeta arulius
Longfin Barb

Capoeta oligolepis

Capoeta partipentazona
tiger barb

Capoeta semifasciolatus
Golden Barb

Capoeta tetrazona
tiger barb

Capoeta titteya
Cherry Barb

Carassius auratus

Carnegiella spp.
Hatchet Fish

Chalinochromis brichardi, bridles morph only, with minimum length 5cm
Lake Tanganyika Cichlid

Chalinochromis spp.
Lake Tanganyika Cichlids

Chanda spp.

Chilodus punctatus
Spotted Headstander

Chilotilapia rhoadesii with minimum length 5cm
Rhoadesii Cichlid

Cichlasoma nicaraguense with minimum length 5cm
Nicaraguan Cichlid

Coelurichthys microlepis
Croaking Tetra

Colisa chuna
Honey Dwarf Gourami

Colisa fasciata
Giant Dwarf Gourami

Colisa labiosa
Thick-lipped Gourami

Colisa lalia
Dwarf Gourami

Copeina Arnoldi
Splash Tetra, Characin, Jumping Tetra

Copeina guttata
Red Spotted Copeina

Corydoras spp.
Armoured Catfish

Males only ofCorynopoma riisei
Swordtail Characin

Crenicara filamentosa
Checkerboard Lyretail

Crenicara maculate with minimum length 5cm
Checkerboard Cichlid

Cyathopharnx furcifer
Thread Fin Furficer

Cyphotilapia frontosa of length 12cm and over
Humphead cichlid

Cyprichromis leptosoma
Yellowtail Cyprichromis

Cyrtocara moorii
Lake Malawi Cichlid

Danio devario

Danio malabaricus
Giant Danio

Dekeyseria pulcher of length 1.5cm and over
Pretty pleco

Dermogenys pusillus
Half Beak

Dianema urostriata
Stripe Tailed Catfish

Epalzeorhynchus kallopterus
Flying Fox

Epalzeorhynchus siamensis
Siamese Flying Fox

Epiplatys spp.
Killie Fish

Eretmodus cyanostictus
Dwarf Goby Cichlid

Eretmodus maculatus
Tangyanikan Clown Cichlid

Esomus malayensis
Flying Barb

Farlowella acus
Twig Catfish

Gasteropelecus spp.
Hatchet Fish

Gnathochromis permaxillaris
african cichlid

Gnathonemus macrolepidotus
elephant nose

Gnathonemus petersi
elephant nose

Gymnocorymbus ternetzi
Black Widow Tetra

Gyrinocheilus aymonieri
Sucking Asian Catfish

Hasemania nana
Silver Tip Tetra

Helostoma rudolfi
Pink Kissing Gourami

Helostoma temminckii
Green Kissing Gourami

Hemigrammopetersius caudalis
Yellow-tail Congo Tetra

Hemigrammus spp.

Hemiodopsis sterni
Striped Hemiodopsis

Homaloptera orthogoniata
Indonesian Lizard Fish

Hyphessobrycon spp.

Inpaichthys kerri
Blue Emperor Tetra

Iodotropheys sprengerae
African Cichlid

Julidochromis spp.
Dwarf Cichlid

Kryptopterus bicirrhis
Glass Catfish

Kryptopterus macrocephalus
Poormans Glass Catfish

Labeo bicolour
Redtail Shark

Labeo erythrurus
Red Fin Shark

Labeo frenatus
Rainbow Shark

Labeo variegatus
Variegated Shark

Laetacara curviceps

Laetacara dorsigerus

Laubuca laubuca
Indian Hatchet Fish

Males only Leiocassis siamensis
Siamese Catfish, Bumble Bee Catfish

Lepidarchus adonis
Flagtail Tetra, Adonis Tetra

Leporinus arcus
Lipstick Leporinus

Leporinus fasciatus
Banded Leporinus

Leporinus maculatus
Spotted Leporinus

Leporinus multifasciatus
Multi-banded Leporinus

Loricaria filamentosa
Whiptail Catfish

Macrognathus aculeatus
Spiny Eel

Males only Macropodus opercularis with minimum length 6cm
Paradise Fish

Megalamphodus spp.

Melanochromis auratus

Melanochromis simulans

Non-Albino form only ofMesonauta festivus

Metynnis spp. minimum length 4cm
Silver Dollars

Moenkhausia spp.

Monodactylus argenteus
Angel Mono, Malayan Mono, Batfish

Monodactylus sebae
African Mono

Morulius chrysophekadion
Black Shark

Males only Myleus rubripinnis with minimum length 8cm
Red Hook

Nannacara anomala
Golden Dwarf Acara

Nannacara aureocephalus
Golden Head Cichlid

Nannacara taenia
Dwarf Lattice Cichlid

Nannostomus spp.
Pencil Fish

Nematobrycon spp.
Emperor Tetra

Neolamprologus brichardi
Princess of Burundi

Neolamprologus cylindricus
Tanganyikan Cichlid

Yellow morph only Neolamprologus leleupi with minimum length 5cm
Lemon Cichlid

Neolamprologus meeli minimum length 5cm
African cichlid

Neolamprologus mustax minimum length 5cm
Mustax, Mask Lamprolagus

Neolamprologus ocellatus minimum length 5cm
African cichlid

Ophthalmotilapia spp.
Blacknosed Threadfin Cichlid

Oryzias latipes
Golden Medaka

Osteochilus hasselti
bony lipped barb

Osteochilus vittatus
bony lipped barb

Otocinclus arnoldi
Sucker Catfish

Oxygaster oxygastroides
Glass Barb

Pantodon buchholzi
Butterfly Fish

Papiliochromis altispinosa
Bolivian Butterfly Cichlid

Papiliochromis ramirezzii

Paracheirodon axelrodi
Cardinal Tetra

Paracheirodon innesi
Neon Tetra

Paracyprichromis nigripinnis
Blue Neon Cyprichromis

Males onlyParauchenipterus fisheri minimum length 7cm

Males onlyParosphromenus deissneri minimum length 4cm

Pelvicachromis pulcher

Pelvicachromis subocellatus

Pelvicachromis taeniatus

Petitella georgiae
False Rummy Nose

Petrochromis trewavasae minimum length 5cm
?Texas? Cichlid, White Spotted Peerchromis

Phenacogrammus interruptus
Congo Tetra

Pimelodella pictus
Pictus Catfish

Pimelodus ornatus

Poecilia latipinna
Sailfin Mollie

Poecilia reticulata

Poecilia sphenops
Black Mollie

Poecilia velifera
YucatanSailfin Mollie

Males onlyPoecilocharax weitzmani
Shining Tetra

Prionobrama filigera
Glass Bloodfin

Pristella maxillaris

Pseudogastromyzon myersi
Dwarf Stone Sucker

Pterophyllum spp.
Angel Fish

Puntius asoka
Asoka Barb

Puntius bimaculatus
Two Spot Barb

Puntius conchonius
Rosy Barb

Puntius cumingi
Cummings Barb

Puntius filamentosus
Black Spot Barb

Puntius lineatus
Striped Barb

Puntius nigrofasciatus
Ruby Barb

Puntius ticto
Ticto Barb

Puntius vittatus
Kooli Barb

Rasbora argyrotaenia
Silver Rasbora

Rasbora borapetensis
Red Tail Rasbora

Rasbora caudimaculata
Red Tail Rasbora

Rasbora dorsiocellata
Emerald Eye Rasbora

Rasbora dusonensis
Yellow Tail Rasbora

Rasbora einthoveni
Blue Line Rasbora

Rasbora elegans
Two Spot Rasbora

Rasbora hengelii
harlequin rasbora

Rasbora heteromorpha
harlequin rasbora

Rasbora kalochroma
Clown Rasbora

Rasbora leptosoma
Copper Striped Rasbora

Rasbora maculata
Dwarf Spotted Rasbora

Rasbora pauciperforata
Red Line Rasbora

Rasbora sarawakensis

Rasbora steineri
Gold Line Rasbora

Rasbora taeniata
Blue Line Rasbora

Rasbora trilineata
Black Scissortail

Rasbora vaterifloris
Flame Rasbora

Rhodeus amarus

Rhodeus sericeus

Sawbwa resplendens minimum length 1cm
Sawbwa barb

Semaprochilodus insignis

Semaprochilodus taeniurus

Spathodus erythrodon
Blue Spotted Goby Cichlid

Sphaerichthys osphronemoides
Chocolate Gourami

Females only Sturisoma panamense minimum length 8cm
Armoured Catfish

Symphysodon spp.

Males only Synodontis decorus minimum length 10cm

Synodontis multipunctatus
African Catfish

Synodontis nigriventris
Upsidedown Catfish

Tanganicodus irsacae
Goby Cichlid

Tanichthys albonubes
White Cloud

Tateurndina ocellicauda
Peacock gudgeon

Telmatherina ladigesi
Celebes Rainbow

Thayeria spp.
Hockey stick Tetra

Thoracocharax spp.
Hatchet Fish

Toxotes jaculator

Trichogaster leeri
Pearl Gourami

Trichogaster microlepis
Moonbeam Gourami

Trichogaster trichopterus
Golden Gourami

Trichopsis pumilus

Trichopsis vittatus

Trinectes maculatus

Triportheus spp.
False Hatchet

Tropheus spp.
African Cichlids

Xiphophorus halleri

Xiphophorus maculatus

Xiphophorus variatus
Variegated Platy

Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki of length 1.5cm and over
Dwarf chain loach

Live freshwater fish may only be imported from approved countries listed below.

Federated States of Micronesia
French Polynesia
Hong Kong
New Caledonia
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
Solomon Islands
South Africa
Sri Lanka
United States of America (USA)

Fish Species Restricted for Importation into Western Australia

Under Regulation 176 of the Fish Resources Management Regulations 1995 , a person must not bring into the State a species of fish not endemic to the State without the written approval, or written authority, of the Executive Director of the Department of Fisheries.

Please contact the Translocation Officer at the Department of Fisheries Head Office for further information and to request a Translocation Application Pack.

PLEASE NOTE: This list does not relate to aquatic snails or plants. The importation of aquatic snails, plants or declared plants are covered under the Plant Disease Act 1914, the Plant Diseases Regulations 1989 and the Agriculture and Related Resource Protection Act 1976. For further information on these matters, please contact the WA Quarantine and Inspection Service on (08) 9311 5333.

Class 1

Species listed as noxious under Schedule 5 of the Fish Resources Management Regulations 1995 and prohibited to be imported into the State.

Noxious Fish:
Grass carp Ctenopharyngodon idellus
Nile perch Lates niloticus
Parasitic catfish Family: Trichomycteridae
Pike cichlid Crenicichla lepidota
Piranha Serrasalmus spp.
Snakehead Channa spp.
Tiger catfish Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum
Tigerfish Hydrocynus goliath
Walking catfish Clarias batrachus
Weatherloach Misgurnus anguillicaudatus

Under the Fish Resources Management Act 1994 a person must not:

* keep, breed, hatch or culture any noxious fish;

* have in the person's possession any noxious fish;

* consign or convey any noxious fish;

* release any noxious fish into any waters; or

* put any noxious fish into a container or receptacle in which it might remain alive.

In addition, a person must not bring any fish into the State, if the fish is prescribed to be noxious.

Class 2

Species of fish not to be imported into the State without the prior written approval or written authority of the Executive Director of the Department of Fisheries, and species of fish that may only be imported into WA with the written approval of the Executive Director, in accordance with a policy relevant to that species.

Freshwater Fish
Salmonids Oncorhynchus mykiss,
Salmo trutta,
Salmo salar
Australian bass Macquaria novemaculeatas
Estuary perch Macquaria colonorum
Barramundi Lates calcarifer
Murray cod Maccullochella spp.
Golden perch Macquaria ambigua
Eels Anguilla australia
A. obscura
A. reinhardtii
Catfish Tandanus tandanus (greater than 8cm in length)
Gambusia Gambusia affinis,
Gambusia holbrookii
Redfin perch Perca fluviatilis
Silver perch * Bidyanus bidyanus

* Silver perch may only be imported in accordance with Fisheries Management Paper No 145, ?The aquaculture of non-endemic species in Western Australia, silver perch', October 2000.

Marine Fish
Cods Epinephelus spp.
Dolphinfish Coryphaena hippurus
Coral trout Plectropomus spp.
Spariids Sparidae spp.

Edible oysters Ostreidae spp.
Scallops Pectinidae spp.
Mussels Mytilus edulis planulatus
M galloprovincialis
Clams Tridacnidae spp.
Abalone Haliotis spp.
Trochus Tectus niloticus

Marron Cherax tenuimanus
Yabbies Cherax albidus
Cherax destructor
Cherabin Macrobrachium spp.
Western rock lobster Panulirus cygnus
Prawns Penaeus spp.
Redclaw * Cherax quadricarinatus

* Redclaw crayfish may only be imported in accordance with Fisheries Management Paper No. 100, ?The aquaculture of non-endemic species in Western Australia, Redclaw crayfish', June 1997.

Prohibited fish
Certain introduced fish are declared noxious in Queensland. Noxious fish can not be brought into

The list of prohibited fish is subject to change and includes:

European carp
Mosquito fish
Largemouth bass

For further information contact the Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Fisheries and
Forestry or the Queensland Fisheries Management Authority.


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Apr 27, 2005

Inland Fisheries (Controlled Fish) Order 2007

Family Specific name Common name
1.* Acestrorhynchidae Acestrorhynchus microlepis Smallscale characin
2.* Alestiidae Hydrocynus spp. Pike characin
3.* Alestiidae Hydrocynus spp. Giant tigerfish
4.* Amiidae Amia calva Bowfin
5.* Anabantidae Anabas testudineus Climbing perch
6.* Bagridae Anaspidoglanis macrostoma Flatnose catfish
7.* Bagridae Bagrus ubangensis Ubangi shovelnose catfish
8.* Cambaridae Procambarus clarkii Red swamp crayfish
9.* Centrarchidae (entire family) Lepomis spp. and Micropterus spp. Sunfish, basses and bluegills
10.*Centropomidae Centropomus spp. (12) Snooks
11.*Centropomidae Lates microlepis Forktail lates
12.*Centropomidae Lates niloticus Nile perch
13.*Chacidae Chaca chaca Angler catfish, frogmouth catfish and squareheaded catfish
14.*Channidae Channa spp. Snake head
15.*Characidae Colossoma spp. Tambaqui
16.*Characidae Serrasalmus spp. Redeye piranha
17.*Characidae Pygocentrus spp. Red piranha
18.*Cichlidae Boulengerochromis microlepis Giant cichlid and yellow belly cichlid
19.*Cichlidae Oreochromis spp. Tilapia
20.*Cichlidae Hemichromis fasciatus Banded jewelfish
21.*Cichlidae Sargochromis spp. Happys
22.*Cichlidae Sarotherodon spp. Tilapias
23.*Cichlidae Melanotheron melanotheron Blackchin tilapia
24.*Cichlidae Serranochromis spp. Largemouths and happys
25.*Cichlidae Tilapia spp. (all except T. buttikoferi) Redbelly tilapia
26.*Citharinidae Ichthyborinae (entire subfamily) African pike-characin, tubenose poacher and fin eater
27.*Clariidae Clarias spp. Walking catfish
28.*Cobitidae Misgurnus anguillicaudatus Weatherloach
29.*Cyprinidae Aristichthys nobilis Bighead carp
30.*Cyprinidae Barbodes hexagonolepis Copper mahseer
31.*Cyprinidae Catla catla Catla
32.*Cyprinidae Catlocarpio siamensis Giant barb
33.*Cyprinidae Cirrhinus cirrhosus Mrigal
34.*Cyprinidae Ctenopharyngodon idella Grass carp
35.*Cyprinidae Cyprinus carpio European carp
36.*Cyprinidae Labeo calabasu and L. rohita Rohu and orange fin labeo
37.*Cyprinidae Zacco platypus Freshwater minnow
38.*Cyprinidae Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Silver carp
39.*Cyprinidae Tor spp. (17) Mahseers and river carp
40.*Cyprinidae Notropis spp. Shiners
41.*Cyprinidae Phoxinus erythrogaster Southern redbelly dace
42.*Doradidae Oxydoras spp. (4) Ripsaw catfish, black doras and black shielded catfish
43.*Elassomatidae Elassoma spp. Pygmy sunfish
44.*Eleotridae Oxyeleotris marmorata Marble goby
45.*Erythrinidae Erythrinus spp. Trahiras
46.*Erythrinidae Hoplerythrinus spp. Aimara
47.*Erythrinidae Hoplias spp. Trahira
48.*Esocidae Esox spp. Pikes
49.*Gasterosteidae Pungitius pungitius Ninespine stickleback
50.*Gasterosteidae Apeltes quadracus Four-spined stickleback
51.*Gasterosteidae Culaea inconstans Brook stickleback
52.*Gobiidae Acanthogobius flavimanus Yellow fin goby
53.*Gobiidae Tridentiger trigonocephalus Chameleon goby and striped goby
54.*Gymnarchidae Gymnarchus niloticus Aba aba
55.*Gymnotidae Electrophorus electricus Electric eel
56.*Hepsetidae Hepsetus odoe African pike
57.*Heteropneustidae Heteropneustes fossilis Stinging catfish
58.*Lepisosteidae Atractosteus spp. (3) American gar, Cuban gar, armoured gar, tropical gar and alligator gar
59.*Malapteruridae Malapterurus spp. Electric catfish
60.*Mormyridae Mormyrops anguilloides Cornish jack and bottlenose
61.*Parastacidae Cherax spp. Freshwater crayfish or yabby of the genus Cherax
62.*Poeciliidae Belonesox belizanus Pike minnow and pike killifish
63.*Poeciliidae Gambusia holbrooki Eastern gambusia
64.*Poeciliidae Gambusia spp. Mosquito fish
65.*Polyodontidae Polyodon spathula Mississippi paddlefish
66.*Polyodontidae Psephurus gladius Chinese swordfish
67.*Protopteridae Protopterus annectens African lungfish
68.*Schilbeidae Schilbe mystus African butter catfish
69.*Siluridae Silurus spp. European catfish and wels catfish
70.*Trichomycteridae Paravandelia oxyptera Parasitic catfish
71.*Valenciidae Valencia hispanica Valencia toothcarp


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MFK Member
Apr 27, 2005
South Africa Blacklist:

Abramis Ballerus Zope Blue Bream
Abramis Brama Bream
Abramis Sapa Bream
Abramis Vimba Bream
Acantharcus Pomotis
'Cantharcus SPP
Carichtys Geayi Bandit Cichlid
Acarichtys Heckeli Elusive Cichlid
Acaronia Nassa Big-Eyed Cichlid
Acaronia Cernua Ruff Pope
Acerina Schraetzer Gymnocephalus Schraetzer Schraetzer
Acerina Spp
Acestrorhamphus Hepsetus Sharp Toothed Tetra
Acestrorhynchus Cacharo Cacharo
Acestrorhynchus Falcatus Spotted Cachorro
Acestrorhynchus Grandoculis Big Eyed Cachorro
Acestrorhynchus Isalinae Acestroshynchus Microlepis Isaline's Cachorro
Acheilognathus Lanceolatus Yaritanago
Acheilognathus Longipinnis Yaritanago
Acheilognathus Mariokae Tanago
Acheilognathus Rhombae Kanchira
Acheilognathus Tibiria Tibiria
Chirrus Errans Brazilian Freshwater Sole
Chirrus Lineatus Freshwater Flounder
Acipenser Bevirostrum Shortnose Strugeon
Acipenser Oxyrhynchus Atlantic Sturgeon
Acipenser Spp
Acipenser Struio Common Sturgeon
Acipenser Ruthenus Sterlet Strugeon
Aequidens Mariae Tilapia Mariae Mary's Cichlid
Oreochromis Mariae
Aethiomatacembelus Frenatus
Aethiomatacembelus Moorii Mottled Spiny Eel
Aethiomatacembelus Ophidium Snakey Spiny Eel
Aethiomatacembelus Tanganyicea Tanganyika Spiny Eel
Aethiomatacembelus Vanderwaalii
Alburnoides Bipunctatus Rissle Minnow Tailor
Alburnus Alburnus Bleak
Alburnus Bipunctatus Schneider
Alestes Afinnis
Alestes Imberi (See Brycinus Imberi)
Alestes Lateralis Brycinus Lateralis Striped Robber
Allodontichthys Tamazulae Tamazula Darter Goodeid
Allophorus Robustus Bulldog Goodeid
Alosa Alosa Alice Shad
Alosa Fallax Twaite Shad
Amarginops Platus
Ambloplites Spp Rock Bass
Amblyopsis Spelaeus Blind Fish
Ameca Splendens Butterfly Goodeid
Ameiurus Melas Black Bullhead
Ameiurus Natalis Yellow Bullhead
Ameiurus Nebulosus Bullhead
Ameiurus Nebulosus Marmoratus Marbled Bullhead
Ameiurus Nebulosus Nebulosus Brown Bullhead Dwarf Barbel
Ameiurus Spp
Amaia Calva Bowfin Mudfish/Dogfish
Amirginops Platus
Amnocrypta Spp Sand Darters
Amniataba Percoides Black Striped Grunter
Amphilius Ateruiensis Golden African Kuhli
Amphilius Platychir Mountain Catlet
Amphpnous Cuchia Cuchia
Anabas Testudineus Climbind Perch Climbing Fish
Anguilla Anguilla Common Eel
Anguilla Rostrata American Eel
Anguilla Spp
Apeltes Quadracus American/Fourspine Stickleback
Aphanius Burduricus
Aphanius Chantrei
Aphanius Dispar Ruppel/Long-finned Arabian Minnow
Aphanius Fasciatus Banded Minnow
Aphanius Iberus Spanish Minnow
Aphanius Mento Persian Minnow
Aphredoderus Sayanus Pirate Perch
Aphyocypris Pooni Venus Fish Red Finned Wonder Fish
Aplocheilichtys Katangae Stiped Topminnow
Aphlocheilichtys Meyersi Aplocheilichtys Normani Meyers Lampeye
Aphlocheilichtys Normani
Aphlocheilichtys Pumilus Tanganyika Lampeye
Aphlocheilichtys Rancureli Filamentous Lampeye
Aphlocheilichtys Schoelleri Egyptian Lampeye
Aphlocheilichtys Spilauchena
Arapaima Gigas Araprina Pirarucu
Aristichthys Nobilis Bighead Carp Large Headed Carp
Arius Jordani Pear Catfish Jordan's Catfish
Asius Aspius Rapfen
Aspro Spp
Aspro Aspro
Aspro Streber
Aspro Zingel
Asprotilapia Spp
Astatotilapia Burtoni Haplochromus Burtoni Burton's Mouthbrooder
Astatotilapia Calliptera Eastern Happy
Astatoreochromis Straeleni Blue Lipped Haplo
Auchenoglanis Occidentialis Giraffe-Nosed Catfish Conco Grunther
Aichenoglanis Spp
Aulonocranus Dewindti Gold-Striped Alonochanus
Austroglanis Spp
Austromenidia Bonariensis King Fish
Bagrus Docmac Nile Catfish
Bagrus Spp
Bagrus Ubangensis Shovel Nose Catfish
Barbodes Eutaenia Red Barb African Red-Finned Barb
Barbus Spp
Barbodes Fasciolatus African Banded Barb
Barbodes Trevelyani Big-Head Barb
Barbodes Unitaeniatus Slender Barb Red Finned Barb
Barbodes Viviparus Gold Striped Barb
Barbus Barbus Barilius Barna Barbel
Barbus Lineomaculatus Line Spotted Bard
Barbus Meridionalis Southern Barbel
Barbus Radiatus Beira Barb
Barilius Barna Barbus Barbus Barbel
Barilius Christyi Cooper-Nose Minnow
Barilius Neglecticus
Barilius Spp
Bariobia Spp
Batgybates Ferox Mackerel Cichlid
Bathybates Spp
Bathuclaria Spp Catfish
Batrachops Spp Black Pike
Belonesox Belizanus Pike-Top Minnow Pik Livebearer
Biotoecus Opercularis Green Dwarf Cichlid
Blicca Bjoerkna Silver Bream White Bream
Boleosoma Nigrum
Boleosoma Spp
Boulengerella Lateristriga Striped Pike Characin
Boulengerella Maculata Spotted Pike Characin
Boulengerella Spp
Boulengerochromis Batensoda
Branchioica Bertoni (Parasitic)
Brycinus Affinis
Brycinus Imberi Imberi
Brycinus Brevis Macrolepidotus Silver
Brycinus Lateralis Alestes Lateralis False Alestes Striped Robber
Butis Butis Crazyfish Cabag/Ca Bong
Caecobarbus Geertsi African Blind Barb
Callochromis Macrops Big Eyed Callochromis
Callochromis Melanostigma Blackspot Callochromis
Callochromis Pleurospilus Redspot Callochromis Paste Cichlid
Chrysichtys Brevinarsis
Chrysichtys Ornatus
Chrysichthys Sianenna Olive-Silver Catfish
Chrysichthys Spp
Cichla Ocellaris Peakock Cichlid
Cichla Timensis Spotline Peacock Cichlid
Cichlasoma Alfoi Pastel Cichlid
Cichlasoma Cyanoguttatum Herichthys Cynaguttatus Texas Cichlid
Cichlasoma Diocellatum
Cichlasoma Fenestratum
Cichlasoma Friedrichsthali Friedrichthal's Cichlid
Cichlasoma Haitiensis Haiti Cichlid
Cichlasoma Maculicauda Spotted Cichlid Blackbelt Cichlid
Cichlasoma Octofasciatum Eight Banded Cichlid
Cichlasoma Trimaculatum Three-Spot Cichlid
Cichlasoma Urophthalmus Eight-Barred Cichlid
Cirrhina Mrigala Mrigal
Clariallabes Spp
Clarias Spp Catfish
Clinostomus Vandoisilus N. American Minnos
Cobitis Teania Weather Loach Spined Loach
Cobitis Takatsuenisis Chogoko Loach
Colossoma Brachypomum Black Pacu
Colossoma Macropomum Black Finned Colossoma
Colossoma Pacu Conta Conta Pacu
Colossoma Spp
Conta Conta Colossoma Pacu Pacu
Copella Compta Red-Bellied Copella Rainbow Characin
Coptostomanarbus Wittei Upjaw Barb
Coregonus Acronius
Coregonus Albula Vendace
Coregonus Lavertus White Fish
Coregonus Spp
Coregonus Warthmanni
Corematodus Spp
Cottus Bairdii Mottled Sculpin Millers Thumb
Cottus Gobio Bullhead Millers Thumb
Cottus Poecilopterus
Cottus Scorpius
Cottus Spp
Crenicichla Dorsocellata Two-Spot Pike Cichlid
Crenicichla Greayi Half Banded Pike Cichlid
Crenicichla Lepidota Pike Cichlid
Crenicichla Saxatilis Ring-Tailed Cichlid
Crenicichla Lenticulata Spotfaced Pike Cichlid
Crenicichla Strigata Blackstripe Pike Cichlid
Crenicichla Wallacei Slender Pike Cichlid
Croilia Spp
Ctenolucius Hujeta Hujeta Blunt-Nose Gar
Ctenopharyngodon Idella Grass Carp White Amur
Ctenopoma Argentoventer Silver-Bellied Climbing Perch
Ctenopoma Multispinis Many-Spined Climbing Perch
Ctenopoma Petherici Blunt-Headed Ctenopoma
Culaca Inconstans Fine-Spined Strickler Brook Strickler
Cunningtonia Spp
Cyathopharynx Furcifer Furcifer
Cyathotilapia Spp
Cynolebias Constanciae Pearl Fish
Cynolebias Ladigesi Cynolebias Minimus Minute Pearl Fish
Cynolebias Marmoratus Ginger Pearl Fish
Cynolebias Minimus Cynolebias Ladigesi Minute Pearl Fish
Cynolebias Opalescens Opalescent Pearl Fish
Cynolebias Splendens Splendid Pearl Fish
Cynoprinodon Variegatus Sheephead Minnow
Cynoshion Macdonaldi Totoaba
Cyprinodon Macularius Desert Pupfish
Cyprinodon Nevadensis Dessert Minnow Anargo Pupfish
Cyprinodon Variegatus
Cyprinus Caprio Common Carp
Datnoides Microlepis Siamese Tiger Fish
Datnoides Quardrifasciatus Many Barred Tiger Fish
Dinotopterus Spp
Diplotazodon Spp
Distichodus Antonii
Distichodus Atrovenfralis
Distichodus Mossambicus Nkupe
Distichodus Rostratus
Distichodus Schenga Shessa
Docimodus Spp Catfish
Elassoma Everladei Dwarf Sunfish Pgimy Sunfish
Elassoma Zonatum Banded Pigmy Sunfish
Elassoma Spp
Electrophorus Electricus Electric Eel
Eleotris Melanosoma Broadhead Sleeper
Engraulicyprus Spp
Enneacanthus Chaetodon Blackbanded Sunfish
Eneacanthus Gloriosus Diamond Sunfish Blue Spotted Sunfish
Enneacanthus Obesus Banded Sufish
Enneacanthus Spp
Entosphenus Tridentans Lamprey
Entosphenus Spp
Eretmodus Cyanostictus Striped Goby Cichild
Erimyion Sucetta Lake Chubsucker
Erimyion Spp
Ertodus Spp
Erythrinus Erythrinus Short-Finned Trahira
Esox Americanus Redfin Pickerel
Esox Lucius Common Pike
Esox Spp
Etheostoma Caeruleum Rainbow Darter
Etheostoma Ditrema Coldwater Darter
Etheostoma Pallididorsum Paleback Darter
Etheostoma Radiosum Ornagenelly Darter
Etheostoma Spectabile Ornagethroat Darter
Etheostoma Spp
Etheostoma Whipplei Redfin Darter
Etroplus Suratensis Green Chromide Banded Chromide
Eutropius Grenfelli
Eutropius Depressirostris Schilbe Depressirostris Butter Barbel
Eutropius Niloticus
Eutropius Spp
Fundulus Catenatus Chained Top Minnow
Fundulus Chrysotus Golden Ear
Fundulus Cingulatus Banded Topminnow
Fundulus Diaphanus Menona Banded Killifish
Fundulus Dispar Dispar Starhead Top Minnow
Fundulus Grandis Texas Killie
Fundulus Heteroclitus Zebra Killie Common/Bait Killie
Fundulus Majalis Striped Killifish
Fundulus Notatus Black-Striped Killie
Fundulus Notti Starhead Top Minnow
Fundulus Spp
Fundulus Theirryi Ghana Killfish
Galaxias Cleaveri Mud Galaxias
Galaxias Fuscus Jellybean Jollytail
Galaxias Maculatus Common Jollytail
Galaxias Nigostriata Striped Galaxias
Galaxias Spp
Galaxias Tanyacephalus Saddled Galaxias
Galaxias Truttaceus Spotted Mountain Trout
Galaxiella Munda Swan Galaxias
Gambusia Affinis Affinis Gambusia Wrayi Spotted Gambusia Texas Gambusia
Gambusia Affinis Holbrooki Mosquito Fish
Gambusia Domingensis Domingo Gambusia
Gambusia Marshi Pellucid Mosquitofish
Gambusia Nicaraguesensis Nicaraga Gambusia
Gambusia Punticulata Spotted Masquitofish
Gambusia Sexadiata Tropical Mosquitofish
Gambusia Spp
Gambusia Wrayi Gambusia Affinis Affinis Jamaican Gambusia Syn
Gambusia Yucatana Yucatan Gambusia
Gasterosteus Aculeatus Three Striped Sticlkleback
Gasterosteus Spp
Senyochromis Mento Malawian Scale Eater
Genyochromis Spp
Geophagus Australis Southern Earth-Eater Australian Earth Eater
Geophagus Cupido Cupido
Geophagus Gymnogenys Squarehead Geophagus
Gephyroglanis Longipinis
Gephyroglanis Spp
Glossogobius Callidus
Glossogobius Giuris Tank Goby
Gnathonemus Macrolepidotus Marcusenius Macrolepidotus Bulldog
Gobio Gobio Gudgeon
Gobio Kessleri Kesslers Gudgeon
Gobio Uranoscopus Steingessling
Gobio Spp
Gobiochromis Tinati Dwarf African Cichlid
Gymnalabes Heterocercalis Fathead Eel Catfish No. 2
Gymnalabes Spp
Gymnalabes Typus Fathead Eel Catfish
Gymnarcnus Niloticus Aba Aba
Gymnocephalus Cernum Stone Perch Pope/Ruff
Haplochromis Annectens Annectens
Haplochromis Benthicola Orange Hap
Haplochromis Burtoni Astatotilapia Burtoni Burton's Mouthbrooder
Haplochromis Callipterus Astatotilapia Calliptera Callipterus
Haplochromis Desfontaines Desert Mouthbrooder
Haplochromis Multicolor Pseudocrenilabtis Multicolor Small Egyptian Mouthbrooder
Haplotaxodon Microlepis Bulldog Cichlid
Haplotaxodon Spp
Hemibates Spp
Hemichromis Bimaculatus Jewel Cichlid
Hemichromis Cristatus Crown Jewel Cichlid
Hemichromis Elongatus Elongate Hemichromis
Hemichromis Fasciatus Five-Spotted Jewel Cichlid Banded Jewel Cichlid
Hemichromis Payneri Faded Jewel Cichlid
Hemigraffis Bimaculatus Hewelfish
Hemigrammocharax Multifasciatus Multibar Citharine
Hemigrammocharax Spp
Hemigrammonetersius Barnrardi Barnardi's Robber
Hemmigrammes Caudovitatus Buenos Aires Tetra
Hemihaplochromis Multicolor Pseudocrenilabrus Multicolor Egyptian Mouthbrooder
Hemihaplchromis Philander Pseudocrenilabrus Philander Southern Mouthbrooder
Hemihaplochromis Spp
Hemititlapia Oxyrhynchus Oxyrhynchus
Hemitilapia Spp
Hepsetus Odoe African Pike
Herichtys Cyanoguttatus Chichlasoma Cyanoguttatum Texas Cichlid
Heterobranchus Longipilis Vundu
Heterobranchus Spp
Heteropneustes Spp
Heterotilapia Multispinosa Rainbow Cichlid
Hilsa Kelee Kelee Shad
Hippopotamyrus Ansorgii Slender Stonebasher
Hippopotamyrus Discorhynchus Zambezi Parrot Fish
Hoplias Malabaricus Tiger Fish
Hoplotilapia Spp
Hucho Hucho Huchen
Huso Huso Beluga Sturgeon
Hydrocynus Spp African Tiger Fish
Hydrocynus Cuvieri
Hydrocynus Maculatus
Hydrolycus Scomberoides Tiger Characin
Hypophthalmichthys Molitrix Silcer Carp
Hypseleotris Dayi Golden Sleeper
Hypsopanchax Spp Killfish
Ictalurus Ameiurus Nebulosis Bullhead Brown Catfish
Ictalurus Catus White Catfish
Ictalurus Furcatus Blue Catfish
Ictalurus Lacustris Albino Channel Catfish
Ictalurus Melas Black Bullhead
Ictalurus Natalis Yellow Bullhead
Ictalurus Nebulosus Ictalurus Ameiusus Nebolosis Brown Bullhead Catfish
Ictalurus Punctatus Spotted Catfish Banded Catfish
Channel Catfish
Ictalurus Spp
Idus Idus Silver Orf Golden Orf
Jenynsia Lineata One Sided Livebearer
Jordanella Floridea American Flagfish
Kneria Spp Snell-Ear
Kosswigichtys Asquamatus
Labeo Altivelis Mynyani Labeo
Labeo Capensis Orange River Labeo
Labeo Congora Purple Labeo
Labeo Cylindricus Redeye Labeo
Labeo Forskali Plain Shark
Labeo Lunatus Upper Zambezi Labeo
Labeo Molybdinus Leaden Labeo
Labeo Rosea Rednose Labeo
Labeo Rubropunctatus Red-Spotted Labeo
Labeo Ruddi Silver Labeo
Labeo Seeberi Clanwilliam Sandfish
Labeo Umbratus Moggel
Lampetra Fluviatilis River Lamprey
Lampetra Planeri Brook Lamprey
Lampetra Spp
Lates Microlepis Small Scaled Nile Perch
Lates Niloticus Nile Perch
Lates Spp
Latimeria Chalumnae Coelacanth
Leiciscus Cephalus Chub Skelly
Leipotherapon Unicolor Jewel Perch
Lepidosiren Paradoxa South American Lungfish
Lepisosteus Platostomus Shortnose Gar
Lepisosteus Oculatus Spotted Gar
Lepisisteus Osseus Common Gar Pike Longnose Gar
Lepisisteus Spp
Lepisisteus (Litholepis) Tristoechus Alligator Gar
Lepomis Auratus Red Bellied Sunfish
Lepomis Cyanellus Green Sunfish
Lepomis Gibbosus Pumpkinseed Sunfish
Lepomis Gulosus Warmouth
Lepomis Humilis Orange-Spotted Sunfish
Lepomis Macrochirus Bluegill Sunfish
Lepomis Megalotis Long-Eared Sunfish
Lepomis Spp
Leptochromis Spp
Leptoglanis Spp
Leptolucania Ommata Swamp Killie
Leptotilapia Tinati Dwarf African Cichlid
Lestradea Spp
Lethrinops Aurit Golden Lethrinops
Lethrinops Christyi Christyi
Lethrinops Furcicauda Yellow-Faced Lethrinops
Lethrinops Spp
Leucaspius Delineatus Moderlieschen
Leusiscus Cephalus Chub
Leuciscus Idus Ide Orf
Leuciscus Leuciscus Dace
Leuciscus Spp
Limnothrissa Miodon Lake Tanganyka Sardine
Lota Lota Burbot
Luciocephalus Pulcher Pikehead
Luciolates Spp
Lucioperca Lucioperca Pike Perch
Luciosoma Setigerum Apollo Shark
Maccullochella Macquariensis Trout Cod
Macculochella Peeli Murray Cod
Macquaria Australasica Maquarie Perch
Macquaria Colondrum Estuary Perch
Macrodon Triara Houri
Macropleurodus Spp
Macuquaria Colonorum Estuary Perch
Malaterus Electricus Electric Catfish
Malapterurus Spp
Marcusenius Macrolepidotus Gnathonemus Macrolepidotus Bulldog
Marcusenius Angolensis Spotted Elephant
Marcusenius Macrolepidotus Seally Mormyrid
Marcusenius Spp
Mastacembelus Mellandi Longtail Spinveel
Mastacembelus Mutombotombo Short Tail Spinveel
Melanotaenia Elviatins Giant Australian Rainbow
Mesobola Spp
Meso Chaeodon Sunfish
Mesogonistius Chaetodon Black Banded Sunfish
Mesogonistius Spp Sunfish
Micralestes Acutidens Silver Robber
Microphis Brachyurus (Oostetnus)
Micropterus Dolomieu Small Mouth Bass
Micropterus Punctulatus Spotted Bass
Micropterus Salmoides Large Mouth Bass
Micropterus Spp Bass
Misgurnus Anguillicaudatus Japanese Weather Fish
Misgurnus Fossilis Boug Fish Weather Fish
Misgurnus Spp Bough Fish Weather Fish
Monodactylus Argenteus Natal Moony
Monopterus Alba
Mormyrops Boulengeri Slender-Nosed Elephant
Mormyrops Engystoma Torpedo Mormyrid
Mormyrus Longinostris Eastern Bottlenose
Myleus Pacu Brown Metynnis
Myleus Rubripinnis Redhook Metynnis
Myleus Schomburgki Black-Barred Metynnis
Myleus Ternetzi Ternetz's Silver Dollar
Mylopharyngodon Piceus Black Carp
Nannaperca Vittata Australian Pigmy Fish Pigmy Perch
Neoceratodus Porsteri Australian Lungfish Barramuda
Neoceratodus Spp
Neochanna Apcoa Brown Mudfish
Neochanna Diversus Black Mudfish
Neomacheilus Barbatus Stone Loach
Neomacheilus Barbatulus Loach Stone Loach
Neomacheilus Orthonotus
Neomacheilus Botia Striped Loach
Neomacheilus Fasciatus Barred Loach Stone Loach
Neomacheilus Notostigma Fighting Loach
Neomacheilus Spp Loaches
Notemigonus Crysoleucas Golden Shiner
Nothobranchius Kirki Redbelly Nothobranch
Nothobranchius Kuhntae Beira Killfish
Nothobranchius Orthonotus Dusky Notro Spotted Killfish
Nothobranchius Rachovii Blueband Killifish
Notropis Atherinoides Emerald Shiner
Notropis Common Shiner
Notropis Nypselopterus Sailfish Shiner
Notropis Lutrensis Red Horse Minnow
Notropis Welaka Blue-Nose Shiner
Ompok Bimakulatus One-Spot Glass Catfish
Ompok Pabda
Oncorhynchus Kisutch Coho Salmon Silver Salmon
Oncorhynchus Nykiss Rainbow Trout
Oncorhynchus Spp Salmon
Oostethus Brahcyurus (Microphis) Short Tail Pipe Fish
Ophicephalus Africanus African Snakehead
Ophicephalus Channa Snakehead
Ophicephalus Marulius Murrul
Ophicephalus Spp Snakehead Murrul
Ophicephalus Striatus Snakehead
Opsaridium Chrystii Copper-Nose Barilius
Opsaridium Microcephalum Small-Headed Barilius
Opsaridium Ubangensis Green Barred Barilius
Oreochromis Spp = Tilapia Tilapia
Oreochromis Mossambicus Tilapia Mossambica [Blue Kurper]
Oreodaimon Quathlambae Pseudobarbus Quathlambae Drakensberg Minnow
Orthochromis CF Machadoi Black Scaled Orthochromis
Orthochromis Spp
Oryzias Celebensis Celebes Rich Fish
Oryzias Javanicus Blue Eyes
Oryzias Latipes Rich Fish/Geisha Girl Golden Medeka
Oryzias Melastigna
Oryzias Spp Rich Fish/Geisha Girl Golden Medeka
Osmerus Eperlanus Smelt
Oxygaster Anomalura Knife Barb
Oxygaster Atpar
Oxygaster Bacaila
Oxygaster Oxygastroides Glass Barb
Pandaka Spp
Pangasionodon Gigas Giant Catfish
Papyrocranus Afer African Featherfish
Paragalaxias Mesotes Arthur's Paragalaxias
Paragalaxias Spp Paragalaxias
Parakneria Spp
Parauchenoglanis Guttatus
Parauchenoglanis Spp
Paralabuichromis Spp
Pelmatochromis Ansorgi Five-Spot African Cichlid
Perca Flavenscens Yellow Perch American Perch
Perca Fluviatilis Perch
Perca Spp Perch
Percina Spp Percina Darters
Perissodus Microlepis Blue-Spotted Perissodus
Perissodus Spp
Perissodus Straeleni Mimic Perissodus
Petenia Splendida Red Snook
Petrocephalus Catostoma Black Spot Mormryd
Petrocephalus Simus Churchil Mormyrid
Petrocephalus Spp Mormyrid
Petrochromis Polyodon Brown Petrochromis
Petromyzon Marinus Lamprey
Phago Loricatus Pike Characin
Phago Maculatus Pike Characin
Phalloceros Caudomaculatus Caudo Striped Millions Fish
Phalloptuchus Januarius Barred Millions Fish Striped Millions Fish
Phoxinus Erythrogaster Southern Redbelly Dace
Phoxinus Neogaeus American Minnow
Phoxinus Phoxinus Minnow
Phoxinus Spp Minnow
Piaractus Nigripinnis Spotted Piranha
Pimelodella Gracilis Slender Catfish
Pimelodus Clarias Banded Pimelodid
Platichthys Flesus Flounder
Platygobius Spp
Platytaeniodus Spp
Plectodus Spp
Pollimyrus Castelnaui Dwarf Stonebasher
Pollimyrus Nigripinnis Dusky Whale
Polyodon Spathula
Pomoxis Annularis White Chapple
Pomoxis Nigromaculatus Black Chapple
Pomoxis Spp
Potamotrygon Hystrix Mottled Freshwater Stingray
Potamotrygon Laticeps Freshwater Stingray
Potamotrygon Motoro Ocellated Freshwater Stingray
Potamotrygon Reticulatus Reticulated Freshwater Stingray
Probarbus Jullieni Ikan Temolen
Protopterus Aethiopicus Speckle-Bellied Lungfish
Protopterus Amphibius
Protopterus Annectens African Lungfish
Protopterus Spp Lungfish
Pseudobarbus Quathlambae Oreodaimon Qutahlambae Drakensberg Minnow
Pseudocrenilabrus Multicolor Haplochromis Multicolor Egyptian Mouthbrooder
Pseudocrenilabrus Philander Neminaplochromis Philander Southern Mouthbrooder
Pseudocrenilabrus Spp
Pseufoscaphirynchus Kaufmani Whiptail Sturgeon
Pungitius Pungitius Lesser Stickleback
Puntius Maasianus Sickle-Fin Barb
Pygocentrus Calmeni Dusky Piranha
Pygocentrus Piraya Black Tailed Piranha
Pygocentrus Spp Piranha
Pygusteus Pungitus Ten Spiked Stickleback
Rhabdalestes Spp Dwarf Tiger Fish
Rhamdia Quelin
Rhamdia Sapo
Rhamdia Sebae
Rhamprochromis Spp
Rhinichtys Atratulus Atatulus Black-Nose Dance
Rhinichtys Atratulus Obtusus
Rhodeus Ocellatus Baratanago
Rhodeus Sericeus Amarus Bitterling
Rhodeus Spp
Rhodeus Suigensis Zenitanago
Rooseveltia Nattereri Serrasalmus Nattereri Red-Breasted Piranha
Rooseveltia Spp Piranha
Rutilus Rutilus Roach
Salmo Gairdneri Irioeus Onchroruncrus Mykiss Rainbow Trout/Golden Trout Steelhead Trout
Salmo Salar Atlantic Salmon
Salmo Trutia Lacustris Lake Trout
Salmo Trutia Morha Fario Brown Trout
Salmo Trutta Trutta Sea Trout Salmon Trout
Salvelinus Alpinus Salvelinus Arctic Char
Salvelinus Fontinalis Brook Trout
Salvelinus Namaycush Lake Charr Lake Trout
Salvelinus Spp
Sandelia Capensis Cape Kurper
Sandelia Spp
Sargochromis Spp
Sarotherodon Leucostictus Oreochromis Leucostictus Iridescent Tilapia
Sarotherodon Mossambicus Oreochromis Mossambicus Mosambique Mouthbrooder
Sarotherodon Spp
Scardinius Erythophthalmus Red Eye/Rud Red Feather
Schilbe Depressirostris Eutrophius Depressirostris Butter Barbel
Schilbe Marmoratus African Shoulder-Spot
Schilbe Mystus Butter Catfish
Schilbe Spp
Schilbe Uranoscopus Silver Schilbe Catfish
Schilbecces Gyrinus Tadpole Matodon
Schilbecces Spp
Schubotzia Spp
Scleropages Formosus Asian Bony-Tongue
Semotilus Spp Fall Fish/Cubb Dace
Serranochromis Robustus Newbwe
Serranochromis Spp Largemouth Breams
Serrasalmus Antoni Anton's Piranha
Serrasalmus Calmoni Dusky Piranha
Serrasalmus Denticulatus Big-Toothed Piranha
Serrasalmus Eigemani Eigemann's Piranha
Serrasalmus Elongatus Elongate Piranha
Serrasalmus Gibbus Silver-Scaled Piranha
Serrasalmus Hollandi Holland's Piranha
Serrasalmus Manueli Manuel's Piranha
Serrasalmus Nattereri Rooseveltiella Nattereri Natter's Piranha Red Billed Piranha
Serrasalmus Nigeri Piranha
Serrasalmus Notatus Black-Eared Piranha
Serrasalmus Rhombeus White-Spotted Piranha
Serrasalmus Sanchezi Sanchez's Piranha
Serrasalmus Serrulatus Serrated Piranha
Serrasalmus sp "Iridescent" Iredescent Piranha
Serrasalmus Spp Piranha
Serrasalmus Spiloleura White Piranha
Serrasalmus Striolatus Black-Tailed Piranha
Silhouettea Spp
Siluris Glanis European Wels Waller Catfish
Siniperca Chuatsi Chinese Perch
Squalis Cephalus Chub
Stizostedion Lucioperca Pike Perch Europian Pikepearch
Stizostedion Spp Pike Perch
Stomatepia Spp
Synbranchus Marmoratus Marbled Swamp Eel
Synodontis Leopardinus Leopard Squeaker
Synodontis Macrostigma Large-Spot Squeaker
Synodontis Nebulosus Clouded Squeaker
Synodontis Nigromaculatus Spotted Squeaker
Synodontis Woosnami Upper Sambezi Squeaker
Synodontis Zambesensis Brown Squeaker
Tancardoxus Spp
Tetraodon Lineatus Arab Puffer Fish Nile Puffer Fish
Tetraodon Mbu Gaint Puffer
Tetraodon Miurus Congo Puffer
Thymallus Thymallus Grayling
Tilapia Spp Oreochromis Spp
Tilapia Aurea
Tilapia Buttikoferi Hornet Tilapia
Tilapia Galilaea Galilee Cichlid
Tilapia Guinasana Otjikoto Cichlid
Tilapia Guineensis Guinea Cichlid
Tilapia Heudeloti Senegal Cichlid
Tilapia Macrocephala African Cichlid Black-Chinned Cichlid
Tilapia Mariae Aquidens Mariae Tiger Cichlid Zebra Cichlid
Tilapia Mossambica Oreochromis Mossambicus Mozambique Tilapia
Tilapia Nilotica Nile Mouthbrooder
Tilapia Ovalis Round-Tailed Tilapia
Tilapia Rendalli Red-Breast Tilapia
Tilapia sp "Orange" Orange Tilapia
Tilapia sp "Rose-Breasted" Rose-Breasted Tilapia
Tilapia Stornsii
Tilapia Tholloni Thollon's Tilapia
Tinca Tinca Tench
Tor Tor
Tyohlichtys Subterraneus Blind Fish
Umbra Krameri Dogfish
Umbra Limi Mud Minnow
Umbra Pygmaea Striped Mud Minnow
Valencia Hispanica Spanish Tooth Carp
Vandellia Cirrhosa Candiru
Varicorhinus Spp Chiselmouths
Varicorhinus Damascinus
Vimba Vimba
Xenetodon Cancila Silver Needle Fish
Zingel Spp Singer Streber
List of Plant Species Not to be Imported
Azolla Spp Azolla
Egeria Densa Pond Weed
Myrophyllum Aquaticum Parrots Feather
Salvinia Molesta Kariba Weed
Pistia Stratiotes Water Lettuce
Eichornia Crassipes Water Hyacinth
All spp. Of Freshwater Crustaceans
(Crabs, Prawns, Shrimps etc.)
All spp. Of Terrapins and Turtles
All spp. Of Amphibians, including Axolotls,
Newts, Salamanders and Frogs.
Please note that the import of plant species and seed thereof must comply with the provisions of the Agricultural Pest Act, 1983 (Act 36
of 1983), and that no consignment may contain any genetically manipulated organisa. Enquiries in this regard should be addressed tothe directorate: Plant and Quality control, Private Bag x258 Pretoria 00001, telephone number 319 6104


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Apr 27, 2005

 Conditions of Importation of Freshwater Fish into Bermuda

o The Conditions of Entry are subject to change at short notice in response to changes in disease status of country of origin.
o The Department of Environmental Protection has the right to inspect the property where the animals will be kept prior to issuing an Import Permit.
The following conditions must have been met before an Import Permit can be issued: CONDITIONS OF ENTRY
3. An application for permission to import must be filed in advance with the Bermuda Department of Environmental Protection.
4. The importer must file with the Bermuda Department of Environmental Protection, a certificate of health issued by a veterinarian or a qualified fish examiner. The certificate of health must have been issued within 10 days of the animal's arrival, and must include the following statements:
 The fish is/are free from visible signs of disease and parasites.
 The fish are of freshwater species only.
 No plant material or invertebrates are included in shipment.
o Within 10 days of the animal's arrival into Bermuda, have the animal(s) examined by your aquatic veterinarian or qualified fish examiner to obtain a health certificate.
o Send the veterinary documents to this office via fax (441-232-0046) or email ( We will reply with an Import Permit by return FAX or Email, usually within 1-2 business days. Ensure that your FAX number or Email address is shown on the application. The faxed or emailed copy of the Import Permit and the ORIGINAL veterinary certificates MUST accompany the fish on arrival.
Live animals may be subject to a Customs import duty, generally 25% of their true value. Duty is payable to Bermuda Customs at the port of entry, at the time of the animal's arrival.