Snowflake Eel setup?


MFK Member
Oct 31, 2017
So, I noticed that in the lfs that they tend to put the young snowflake eels in freshwater tanks and sell them as such, even though they SHOULD be kept in brackish water.

I have a snowflake eel being ordered in, but I was wondering how exactly I should make the switch from freshwater to brackish. The eel itself will be used to freshwater, so I have a freshwater tank set up for him that I plan on slowly changing the salinity of, since I know freshwater isn't really good for them.

But... how exactly do I make the switch properly? I've never altered a tank from fresh to brackish before, and I was wondering if there are any good tips for it. Anything helps!
there are two kinds of moray eels which are given the name "snowflake eels". The first one is Echidna Nebulosa, which really is a full marine eel and only in some places certain subpopulation of them made ventures to high brackish water. The second one is Gymnothorax Tile, which is a brackish to marine eels, that are its most happiest in 1.008sg to 1.018sg brackish water. Yes, they do made adventures deep into freshwater, but it's not their optimal habitat. AFAIK, only a certain subpopulation of these eels (the ones from Borneo/Kalimantan) are known to live equally well in near brackish FW or near FW brackish, but the ones sold globally are from India, and the Indian subpopulation are mostly marine to medium brackish.