Super Oranges


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Oct 13, 2005
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What makes a "super white" a super white? Years ago they were They have bigger whiter spots. SO wouldn't the same apply to all other rays that have bigger brighter spots? Why do onloy the blackies get to have all the names?

Not aimed at any vendors in particular.... But the name thing just keeps going on and on and I think its friggin hilarious. We used to make fun of these stupid names but now even the mutts have fancy names.....

The thing i don't understand is why people would take a top shelf ray and breed it to a much lesser quality ray..... Wouldn't you want to improve the traits? Isn't the goal to produce nicer? BD x Leo would be a perfect example. You want me to believe that you muddied up a BD line by breeding it to a plain Leo? How bout your 2 Leos produced nice pups - so call them BDxLeo and sell for more money then just "nice" Leos? Makes a whole lot more sense doesn't it? My theory is this is EXACTLY why ALL black rays are now "BD"s. "If that's a BD mine must be one too" lol....
Amen to that. Great healthy looking litter Al. Congrats!