The biggest RTC raised in captivity is 160 cm or 5'4", 41 years old (in 2013)


Feeder Fish
Dec 6, 2019
Whoa almost 50 years old. I would start worrying about small children disappearing around the tank with an rtc that size...

The amazonia exhibit at smithsonian zoo in DC has a couple big RTCs, maybe 40-45" but not as big as that hoss.
Wow, its kind of crazy to read this. One of those giant redtails was a fish my childhood friend picked up in the 90s. I spent a few years of my life watching him grow from a little guy into a big beefy chonker too big for anything my friend or I could come up with. Since we volunteered at amazonia, my friend convinced the head guy their at the time, don't want to name him, to let us throw him in their because what else were we going to do with him? There is also a rtdxshovelnose in their from my buddy. I am no longer friends with the guy who owned them, but its kinda awesome to hear someone talk about them. He got them around 93ish.