The Biotope Challenge


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Oct 9, 2008
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I need a rules calrification,

I have an amazon tank with only amazon plants/stock and really everything in the tank can be found in Columbia, but not in the same place in Columbia. How stringently are you defining biotope?


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Mar 25, 2010
Just as a side note, Darth Scohin, your tank is quite similar to mine. I have a Senegal Bichir, a Featherfin Synondontis, and Leopard Ctenopoma on the way. I work at a pet shop and the Leopards I ordered for myself are TINY! So, they are chilling out by themselves at the shop until they get big enough for my tank.


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30G Rio Huallaga, Peru - Creek/Ditch Biotope
- 20x20x20" Rimless/Braceless Glass Cube (10mm)
- Grey ADA Style Stand w/ Cubelock Light Mount
- Eheim Classic 2215 w/ JBL Micromec + Standard Media to CAL Aqua Lily Pipes
- 150W 6500K Halide
- Heated by a Hydor ETH 200W Inline Heater

3x Apistogramma baenschi "Inka 50" (1M 2F)
10x Nannostomus marginatus "Dwarf Pencilfish"
5x Otocinclus sp. (Not biotope specific)

Scaped off of these photos from Martin and Tom's Dwarf Page.

50G Rio Tapajos, Brazil - Flooded Woodland Biotope
- 3x18x18" Glass
- Eheim Professional 2228 w/ Standard Media
- 2x39W 6500K Hagen GLO Lighting
- Heated by a Hydor ETH 200W Inline Heater

5x Dicrossus maculatus "Spadetail Checkerboard Cichlid" (1M 4F)
9x Hyphessobrycon heliacus "Kitty Tetra"
5x Otocinclus sp.

It's cleared up now. Scaped and stocked from photographs and video. For the sake of it, here's some screencaps from the AquaNetTV video.



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Sep 19, 2005
Oscar Tummy
Whenever I start thinking how awesome a chunk of the Orinoco drainage would look in my livingroom, I just imagine the mucky fluff seen in the above biotope and ask myself, "Self, how in the world could you siphon that?" Then I wonder about the dissolved organic solid content and remember the sawdust hell that was my panaque experience. I have to ask, "How do you do it?" And. really, what does three hours of maintaining a beautiful biotope like that, complete with leaf litter and dust, look like? How do you separate the poo from the dust, sand and leaf fragments? Why don't your fish jump out of those open tops? It never adds up in my mind and I give up before I start.

I have a Peru Oscar and a handful of big raphaels that I think would be a good start, but the mess scares me.

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Dec 18, 2010
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30G Rio Huallaga, Peru - Creek/Ditch Biotope

50G Rio Tapajos, Brazil - Flooded Woodland Biotope

Wow! That's amazing!

Well here's my attempt at a biotope, not nearly as detailed as some though. Excuse the equipment :D

There's not much tannins on this recent picture since I only dose it with alder cones every first week of the month and this was taken at the last week of June... I would dress it up more for a contest of course but I'm not sure how accurate mine is hahaha :)

P.S. Lee would definitely be a top contender: New Cichlid Magazine



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Apr 10, 2013
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