Transfer of ich from tank to tank


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Jan 2, 2020
Have you tested your water?
If I did not test my water...
...I recognize that I will likely be asked to do a test, and that water tests are critical for solving freshwater health problems.
Do you do water changes?
What percentage of water do you change?
How frequently do you change your water?
Every two weeks
If I do not change my water...
...I recognize that I will likely be recommended to do a water change, and water changes are critical for preventing future freshwater health problems.
So I’ve been treating my new 125 with a blueish green liquid (premixed bottle from behind the counter no clue what it is) from a really great lfs near me. I kinda freaked out and didn’t even ask what it was. I also forgot to ask about transferring ich/ick from the python siphon I use on most of my tanks. Needed some advice on cleaning it and tips on how to avoid transferring ich to other tanks.
thanks and advice would be fantastic!


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Jun 16, 2020
Sounds like Methalyne blue (however it’s spelled). Harsh stuff and can stain your tank, but does work sometimes. Is the ich gone? How long have you been treating it? Check the sticky threads on ich. Tons of info. Python should be fine as long as you let it dry for a while. I would try to get equipment for each tank. I just use the python for fills.


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Dec 24, 2005
Could be ich but there’s also a copper brand with similar color. Ich is present in most tanks but not active. So even if u don’t transfer ich to the tank it can still develop again.


Jack Dempsey
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Feb 1, 2017
First I am curious as to what you are treating with. Does it smell like formaldehyde? If so you are using Quickcure which is a mix of formalin and malachite green. It works really well, but be careful with it. It is definitely not something you want to get on yourself or around small children. Long term effects of malachite green are not good. The most important thing in treating Ich is don't quit early. Just because the spots are gone doesn't mean other tomonts are still moving around your tank.

Biosecurity is very important and Ich is easily spread by equipment. If separate equipment is not possible I would do your sick tank last and sanitize any equipment in between tanks. This will greatly reduce the likely hood of spreading. I like to use benzalkonium chloride or Virkon, but bleach is fine. With any sanitation regime the contact time is critical. It is equally critical to clean the sanitizing agent off the equipment before introducing it to your tank. These chemicals can be dangerous to your fish.

Here is a great article.