1. C

    Fish with ich

    So I just ordered some blood parrots online and they showed up with ich. I have them in my quarantine tank and I’m thinking of doing the heat and salt treatment for them. I have successfully used copper treatment in the past but I would like to try a different treatment method this time I worry...
  2. Beau_kirch

    My Saratoga is sick…. Pls help!

    Hey guys, my Saratoga has been lethargic for a few days, as soon as I noticed it I checked and the ammonia was high, I assumed it was ammonia burn based off of what I’ve read, it’s just odd that none of the other, less hardy fish didn’t get affected, he’s been floating at the surface with...
  3. C

    Help with white spots on my Oscar’s eye!

    So for the last 2 weeks I have been battling ick in my tank which I have been treating with copper and I have finally got to a point where there are almost no spots left on any of the fish except I’m noticing now white spots on my Oscar’s eye. initially there were white spots all over their...
  4. P

    What’s wrong with the belly of this fish?

    I don’t know what happened. Water parameters are all good, No aggressive tank mates, fish eats and properly and no behavior changes.
  5. J

    What Is Killing My Fish?!

    I have 3 main tanks, a 220gal, a 75gal, and a 72gal bow front...I also have 29gal, a 40gal, a 20gal, and a 10gal hospital tank. My 20gal nursery and 10gal hospital tank are fine. My other tanks are experiencing loss at a fast rate. I want to figure out what is causing it and how to stop it...
  6. Yaponchik

    Pleco Black Stomach; Gets out of the water; Swimming Upside Down on Surface

    Hey guys, I've typed up a very long message but it got lost when on image upload (my stupidity) so I'll make this quick. I've not been very successful as a pleco keeper and have lost maybe 30+ juveniles over the course of the past 4 years. I'd have some that I grew from 1" to larger but they...
  7. T

    Black mark on my flowerhorn

    Pls help 🙏. My flowerhorn has some black ring on his head. I'm changing 75% of water every 2 days but still no effect! It's been 4 days since he got this disease! Pls tell me what disease it is and also the right treatment!
  8. N

    Pleco poisoned by ichX treatment??

    Pleco sick from treatment??? 125gallon freshwater, partially planted, river rock substrate (sparsely covered) currently: (see below for prev details) I THINK the plan is to get a new carbon filter since the water changes seem to upset him and use that to clear the water giving a few days for...
  9. A

    Growth on Venustus’ anal fin

    Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here but I can’t find anything online to help diagnose this issue. My venustus has had this for a few weeks now and it’s gotten bigger. Not sure what it is, and was hoping someone on here can help me determine what it is, and how to cure it...
  10. M

    Transfer of ich from tank to tank

    So I’ve been treating my new 125 with a blueish green liquid (premixed bottle from behind the counter no clue what it is) from a really great lfs near me. I kinda freaked out and didn’t even ask what it was. I also forgot to ask about transferring ich/ick from the python siphon I use on most of...
  11. N

    What kind of medication should I give?

    Hi. I am sorry if I keep asking for help from you guys about my fish health. But I need some help from you guys again. It is about my datz that I ask in previous thread that have a some kind of bump or nodule should I say. I havent give it any medication yet since I havent got any reply and I...
  12. N

    Help! Some kind of nodule appear on my fish!

    Hi. I am sorry if I keep asking for help from you guys about my fish health. But I need some help from you guys again. It is about my indonesian tigerfish. Currently I have one datz that is around 35 or almost 40 cm I guess. Not sure about the exaxt biological ages, but I think I kept it since...
  13. A

    My molly was hit on a rock, now warts appear on the wound. What disease is this?

    Hello guys, I'm new here. I started in the aquarium world only 3 years ago. I try to unite a lot of fish in my aquarium and many plants. This has been very difficult as algae comes with this combination. But I'm trying. My molly was hit on a rock, made a wound. Two weeks later the wound...
  14. S

    Please help... Fenbendazole-resistant Camallanus and I live in Canada

    I’ve come to this forum in hopes of getting some help or advice.. I’ve seen several posts on these awful parasites before and the advice given has been helpful, as people here seem to be knowledgeable and experienced with how parasites work. It’s my worst nightmare.... I noticed red worms in...
  15. N

    Another help! Some black spot appeared on my fish!

    I am sorry for asking again, but can I ask for some help again? Today I just notice something off from my leopard bush fish. Around its snout, there are some white patch that is not cottonlike but more like a lesion (red circle in the photo). But there are also some black dot around the margin...
  16. N

    Sick pleco

    Pleas help. He’s sick and we need help, I originally posted this (link below) in the pleco bottom dweller forum but I thought I might get a better response here Only other notes: 1) we added the plant food yesterday Easy Green from aquarium co-op 2) Nitrates are high, close to 40 doing a water...
  17. R

    2+ Months Battling Reoccuring HITH in Flowerhorn Please Help!!! :(

    Hello All, I know that there is already a sticky thread for HITH, but I feel that I have exhausted all suggested troubleshooting methods so I am really hoping someone with experience can help me. I imported a flowerhorn from MFishHouseThailand (who btw sold me a fish that already had HITH...
  18. B

    Stress In Flowerhorn

    It has been a month since I have got his. He had good Red colour. Now he had turned REALLY DARK, I assume it is because for the inappropriate WATER TEMPERATURE. I have bought a Thermometer from the Local Fish Store and was using it, the water was cold (an approx of 23c or less) I blindly trusted...
  19. B

    Hole In The Head Treatment

    I have got my flowerhorn 2 months ago he was having some stress issues lately. Today I have observed that he is having 2 hole just above his mouth. I did my research on this and found that this is a disease call HOLE IN THE HEAD but I was unable to find a proper treatment for this problem. He...
  20. AlexCR

    Acara with Pop eye

    Hi Everyone, my Acara is showing a really bad pop eye, the first day when i noticed, it was not that bad, i move it to a quarantine tank like 3 hours later, and was showing the cornea a little blurry and red areas. Since last Friday I'm treating him with Melafix, like 3 tablespoons of...