1. B

    Stress In Flowerhorn

    It has been a month since I have got his. He had good Red colour. Now he had turned REALLY DARK, I assume it is because for the inappropriate WATER TEMPERATURE. I have bought a Thermometer from the Local Fish Store and was using it, the water was cold (an approx of 23c or less) I blindly trusted...
  2. B

    Hole In The Head Treatment

    I have got my flowerhorn 2 months ago he was having some stress issues lately. Today I have observed that he is having 2 hole just above his mouth. I did my research on this and found that this is a disease call HOLE IN THE HEAD but I was unable to find a proper treatment for this problem. He...
  3. AlexCR

    Acara with Pop eye

    Hi Everyone, my Acara is showing a really bad pop eye, the first day when i noticed, it was not that bad, i move it to a quarantine tank like 3 hours later, and was showing the cornea a little blurry and red areas. Since last Friday I'm treating him with Melafix, like 3 tablespoons of...
  4. J

    Fire eel bump

    Hey I just purchased a fire eel but didn’t notice it had a pimple like bump on its body. Any ideas what it could be?
  5. PGJE

    Help! HITH that never goes away!

    So, the most recent Christmas, I took a vacation and left one of my friends (who is also in the hobby) in charge. They did a pretty good job, but I think they might’ve over fed a bit. Over the next week, my bluegill develops a nasty case of hole in the head disease, so I put him in a separate 10...
  6. Jacob._.merc

    Paratilapia polleni sickness

    Hey guys, I finally had the opportunity to pick up a paratilapia two days ago. I only payed 8 dollars probably because he has some kind of disease. I don't know what it is. I thought maybe columnarus but he's been alive for a while and I know that it is a quick killer. I'd love to keep this guy...
  7. Vertigon_z

    Help or Advice: Scarlet Pleco Stomach and Anus look weird

    Good Morning All, I noticed one of my Scarlet Plecos currently in my 180 Gallon stomach looks a bit weird and also his anus area has a small protrusion. I tested the water and ph was 7.2, ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, and Nitrate < 30 PPM. I am strict about water changes and Filter maintenance and have...
  8. M

    Trying to identify a gash behind flowerhorns gills

    Long story short made a rookie mistake and forgot to clean my filter during regular maintenance and shot disgusting water into the 30 gallon tank. Cleaned it again after and added an extra sponge filter just to be safe but the next day my flowerhorn had a strange gash behind it’s gills. Assuming...
  9. M

    Geophagus dying

    Hi Please could somebody help with issue and potential treatment for my two Geos that are currently looking ill. No other fish in the tank seem to have any symptoms and everything else continues to feed fine but these two seem to be getting worse each day. Thanks
  10. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Preventing HITH in Piraya?

    So I was scouring through a Piranha group I know of and noticed someone mentioned that overfeeding could lead to HITH. This got me thinking. So I was interested to find out what other ways and what guidelines I should follow to prevent HITH in Piraya. What do you guys do?
  11. AlexCR

    Weird Spots on fish

    Hi everyone. This fish is in a communitarian thank with some American cichlids. First I would like to know if this is an Mbuna, and second, those brown marks in all his body wasn't there according to my colleges. It is a disease or it is normal on them? i assume due to the setup of the aquarium...
  12. Jush

    Datnoid Cloudy Eye

    One of my 3 datnoids in a specific tank has developed a cloudy eye, only on one side, I haven't treated yet due to it being just the one & I don't know whats caused it. I have the tank stocked with silver aro, African aro, stingray, 3 dats and 5 bichir. I've read it can be water parameters, but...
  13. F

    Red Devil Diseases

    Hey guys, I own 2 red devils and only recently has 1 started to grow a large white spot on its jaw (see photos attached) I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is and how to treat it Thanks
  14. G

    Help! what’s wrong with my stingrays spiracles?!

    Hi guys, I’m a newbie to this site but I’m desperate for some advise. My black diamond stingray has some weird growths on its spiracles or gills just Behring it’s eyes! Ive only noticed it today and she hasn’t eaten today either. Any advice?
  15. G

    Help! What’s wrong with my stingrays spiracles?!

    Hi guys, I’m a newbie to this site but I’m desperate for some advise. My black diamond stingray has some weird growths on its spiracles or gills just Behring it’s eyes! Ive only noticed it today and she hasn’t eaten today either. Any advice?
  16. K

    Flowerhon sick

    Hi recently been treating my flowerhorn fish for ich for about a month now with daily water changes of 50% and added salt 1tbsp per 5gallons as well as methylene blue medication. However it seems nothing is working. I notice his skin has some layer of mucus.
  17. Jacob._.merc


    Is this fungus? I have dealt with fungus before but have never had it this severe. I've had this fish for about 5 days and I've been treating him with meds for about 4 with melafix, putting in salt and turning the heat up. Any ideas what to do? Does it go away
  18. Jacob._.merc

    African cichlid floating

    I have a dragon blood African cichlid in a 20g for now. I had to move him from a large terror blood parrot. They used to be housed in a 40 gallon but the blood parrot got mean and chased him around. I didn't see what the problem was, the blood parrot clearly has no way of inflicting damage to...
  19. Jacob._.merc

    Red (blood?) on bichir

    I noticed recently on my delhezi bichir that he has red marks on his underside. The almost look like cuts. He is housed with 3 other bichirs and 2 catfish. Is this something to stress over or will it heal over time?
  20. islandguy11

    Good info about use of salts in aquariums

    This video (from Cory at Aquarium Co-op; love him, hate him or somewhere in between, it's not the point of this thread), contains a lot of useful and imho good sense info about using salts in aquariums. More experienced fish keepers will likely know most of the info already but you still might...