1. M

    Boesmani rainbow fish attacking/killing eachother

    Hey I have set up a 90 gallon planted tank and just added some boesmani rainbows (6) and they all been nipping at eachother for a week. I have added aquarium salt to help heal their wounds but it seems to be getting worse. they have been in the tank for a week now and this morning I noticed one...
  2. P

    Green Terror Trying to Spawn?

    So a week or so ago I posted asking if my GT was male or female. Got mixed responses so unsure where to go from here. Although, GT has just cleared out a spot and is guarding it ferociously, even attacking me when I get down to look st the spot. It is completely on the other side of the tank...
  3. Green Devils-Red Terrors

    Black Convict Cichlid, viable with introducing small babies while in tank??

    Is it safe to introduce my new Green Texas and Blue Acara (half an inch at most), into a tank with 1 1/2 inch convicts (breeding pair)? The convicts are already circulating at the bags, as I'm acclimating. Anyone, have any tips on introduction, of new small babies into a tank while avoiding...
  4. RubyRuby234

    New Addition to the Fish Family

    My new BEAUTIFUL Jaguar Cichlid!! So happy welcome to the family Jet!
  5. T

    Oscar and Green Terror Aggression

    So I'm going to get to the point as fast as I can. I had a 5inch Oscar, 4inch GT, and 6inch Senegal Bichir in a 75 gallon tank. They were in like this for a few months and only the GT and Oscar fought for the first two days and were completely okay after that. Two days ago I came home to a...
  6. L

    Stocking for 400 Gallon concrete pond

    Hello everyone, I have created a 400 gallon concrete pond (6'X3'X3'). I want to stock some predator fishes. In my LFS there are some spotted gars (18inch & 3-4inch), silver arowana (5-8inch), small RTCs (2-3inch), Oscars (small to large). Besides this I have also raised 2 Oscars from baby to...
  7. Oz fish guy

    How big is your bala shark?

    If my red tail bala shark had teeth it would be by far the most agro fish i have. It is already i reckon it just cant seem to hurt anyone. How big have your bala sharks gotten? Go ahead n show them off
  8. O

    What Oscar aggression?

    So I've had one female oscar 14" for going on 7 years now who has been completely intolerant of any tank mates (except for the logdweller catfish) her entire life. about a year ago she laid eggs for the first time and stopped eating feeder guppies so I decided to to try out a school of 10...
  9. jmf

    Aggression Issues with all fish

    Hi People, Sorry for the long post :) I have an aggression issue with all my fish. My baby JD try's to kill any bn pleco I put into his tank His in a 30g grow out tank (he already attacks me and everything in the tank), my 2 baby blood parrots (yes I know) are in a 45g grow out tank and they...
  10. Addi_13

    New Flowerhorn Not Aggressive

    Hello guys, So i purchased a 5-6" Male SRD Flowerhorn from a reputed shopkeeper. He is in a 50 Gallon barebottom tank by himself with a canister filter. I have a little cave too where he can hide to make it feel more comfortable. I bought it 2 days ago and the shopkeeper...
  11. jmf

    Silly me...Listening to LFS instead of you guys

    So today I went out to purchase some Mollies or Swordtails as @duanes, @dan518 etc suggested. So I go to my LFS and let them talk me into purchasing a chocolate Cichlid instead as they kept saying they aren't comfortable selling me Mollies etc with a JD. So I got the chocolate... I think I have...
  12. xDestro

    Aggressive gourami help?!

    I picked up a female opaline gourami a few weeks ago and it's a bit agressive, iv seen it chase some of my other fish and I believe it took a chunk out of my platies tail. I really like the gourami I think it's a good center piece fish but I don't want aggression in the tank. Can I do anything...
  13. S

    Cichlid tank mate

    Hello, first off let me start by saying that I know the conditions aren't ideal. But it's a better life then previously for now. I have acquired an African cichlid (supposively) and it's only like an inch or two long and the previous owner said it barely has grown for months. Anyway for now...