alligator gar

  1. xenacanth9

    Does anyone have experience with albino gars?

    I am somewhat familiar with platinum, melanistic, and xanthic gars (never kept them, but I've seen plenty for sale over the years,) but weirdly enough I've never seen albino gars, in the wild or the trade, other than this old picture from Big Aqua, an Indonesian wholesaler, of what is said to be...
  2. N

    Looking for alligator gar in Europe (Denmark)

    Hi I am looking to purchase 2 (maby 3) gator gars. I live in Denmark and I have gotten a couple of fish dealers working on finding some. I was just wondering if anyone in here knew a company that might be able to ship gator gars to Denmark 🙂
  3. G

    Can anyone help with my gar

    Hi.. I have had George my gar for 10 plus years - he would very randomly bank into tank and I mean very rarely however the last few weeks it has seemed to become a regular thing he speeds up and crashes even has a little white on his nose - I also know they tend to jump he never did attempt to...
  4. R

    I just got a clown knife, can he stay with this 10" gator gar?

    Can this knife fish survive this 10" gar? Please guide me.
  5. F

    Gar and arowona

    The gar is a bit big like twice size of arowona will it be fine to keep them together or to seperate.the tank is 90 gallon and when they do get big I will replace them to bigger tank.
  6. W

    Alligator Gar Illness Unknown

    Hello all! I recently got an alligator gar. It is around 15 inches but he seems to be developing some holes and whiteness on the tip of its nose. I moved him to the quarantine tank and started treating for HITH. I wanted to know if anyone has seen this before and know of a way to treat it...
  7. Jush

    Different Gar?

    Hi, I own 3 florida, 3 spotted & 1 alligator gar. However I have come across a melanistic tropical gar, what is a tropical gar, max size; etc? From a quick google search the tropical gar looks like a cuban gar with an alligator gar mouth/ headshape? But presuming theyre all their own kind? I...
  8. Jush

    Long Nosed Gar MAX Size in Captivity?

    What is a Long Nosed Gar MAX Size in Captivity? I've been told 6-7 foot, but I thought they stuck around 30 inch max similar sizes to Floridas/ Spotted gars
  9. AquaScape

    New Arrivals!! Piranhas, Oddballs and More!

    3” Red Belly Piranha-----$30.oo Ea. Or 4 for $100.oo 6”-7” Red Belly Piranha-----$150.oo Ea. 2.5”-3” Caribe Piranha----- $35.oo Ea. Or 5 for $150.oo or 10 for $275.oo 3”-4” Caribe Piranha-----$50.oo Ea. 3”-4” Piraya Piranha-----$150.oo Ea. 4”-5” Purple Spilo-----$95.oo Ea. 4”-5” Red...
  10. L

    Baby Gar swim bladder disease? HELP

    Just found my 4" Florida Gar floating on top of the tank. Looks like a swim bladder problem since it can't swim down at all. Just did a 30% water change. Tank is at 80F. What do I do? He looks so lifeless. I don't want to lose the lil guy.
  11. L

    Is this normal for a Gar?

    I just got a 4-5" Gar sold to me as a Spotted Gar, but after reading a bit here, it's most likely a Florida. Anyways, I just watched the lil guy go for 0/15 in his attempts to catch the 20 feeder guppies i have in the 30g tank with him before I lost patience and left haha. Dude sucks at...
  12. J

    Is it possible that an alligator gar can eat another gar?

    i have 3 alligator gar the biggest is about 8 — 9´´ and the two is about 5 — 6 inches. Last I saw them complete was around 8pm and an hour later my sisters boyfriend saw 2 left. I was wondering if it’s possible that the biggest alligator gar ate the smallest one or not? And the now smallest gar...
  13. J

    Do gars need a substrate?

    Do I need a substrate for my gar tank or can I just leave it bare bottom? Thanks in advance!! - Chris
  14. Miks786

    Lost my Alligator Gar

    hey guys Today sucks big time lost my Alligator Gar, don’t know what happened to him as he was very healthy
  15. Manas

    Alligator gar

    Today i bought a spotted alligator gar. I have 2 questions. 1st) how do i get my gar eat pellets. 2nd) can they live in a 200 litres pond without air pump?
  16. M

    Wanted Gar

    Looking to add an Alligator Gar or Spotted Gar to my collection. If you’re selling one, feel free to message me. Located in Riverside, CA. Thanks for looking!
  17. adamjavaguy

    Biggest captive arapaima?

  18. greenerinks

    My humble outdoor pond :)

    Just sharing my humble outdoor pond of which I hardly have time to take care of. Surprisingly though, the inhabitants flourish in there regardless of the lack of filtration. All I have in there is a 2.5hp water pump for constant water flow over some japmats for bio. Other than that, a bi monthly...
  19. mapledalemolossers


    About a year ago, my wife and I were browsing a fish shop that we frequent, looking for a nice bichir or even an eel to put in our beloved glass box of beautiful creatures, when I saw a sad little fella with big eyes all alone in a murky 10 gallon. Written on the tank in marker was "alligator...
  20. mapledalemolossers

    Filter media Inside Overflow

    Has anyone considered increasing your filter surface area by installing media of some kind in your overflow? I just setup my new aquarium and feel that the space is wasted. I measured out about 4 gallons in each overflow box. Seems like I could put a couple of gallons of 10ppm sponge in there...