1. M


    Hi guys, I have a couple fish that are on the verge of outgrowing their 180 gallon aquarium - my first friend is an alligator gar (approx 12 in long) and the other fish is a tiger shovel-nose catfish (approx 10 in long). I also have some little catfish that are always hiding in the driftwood...
  2. B

    Just bought an Alligator Turtle. Help!

    Hello Monster Fish Keepers, I went to a reptile expo yesterday and bought an Alligator Turtle. The breeder said it was 2 years old but it looks much younger. It is about 2 inches long not including the tail. He said it was his last one and I noticed a few things and while I tried researching...
  3. R

    Alligator Gar - broken back?

    Hello folks, I came home today to a rather unpleasant site - my 8" alligator seems to have injured itself. It's back is now bent, and it seems like it cannot function any part behind the bent portion - it is getting around a little bit using only it's pectoral fins whilst flailing it's whole...
  4. Miks786

    Lost my Alligator Gar

    hey guys Today sucks big time lost my Alligator Gar, don’t know what happened to him as he was very healthy
  5. Joe2433

    Alligator got my frog while fishing in FL

    On two differ occasions I had a small gator grab my fake I brought them in for a quick photo
  6. Dgmannn412

    I know it's an alligator.

    1st and formost keeping an alligator as a pet is just plain dum. Its a 10ft 500lb killing machine with natural body armor and bite force strong enough to liquify your skull. It runs at almost 20mph in a sprint and can transistion from land to water seemlessly. However i recently decided to...
  7. B

    FREE  Alligator Gar for pickup in Orangeville, Ont.

    Gar is roughly 12" and doing very well, bringing in a much larger pred and has to go. Email me at if interested. Free is a good deal! Regards, Bry
  8. H

    Damn White Tanks!!

    Pick up a video in facebooks.. i think would be nice to share this crazy tanks :)
  9. swomley93

    juvenile alligator gar

    Hello, I have a 4 inch alligator gar that I have had for 5 days now, I am aware of their size and requirements and what it entails to keep this monster. My question is their eating habits, coloration, and characteristics. I keep about 5 small guppy in the tank normally and I really don't...