1. mattybecks

    Scatophagus stripping an Anchovy

    I absolutely love the feeding behavior of Scats and Mono's. Although they have dainty mouths, they can make quick work of meaty foods.
  2. S

    SEEKING ADVICE: New Tank (Fish Suggestions and Setup)

    Hi everyone! 🐟 🐠 Since all of you are very knowledgeable, any and all help is appreciated. The tank is a roughly 43 gallon eurobraced acrylic (48in L X 13in W X 16in H). Planning to upgrade in the future, for larger fish. I have a sump setup, but I need advice on a lighting/heating setup...
  3. PGJE

    post pictures of angels

    post pics of your angelfish.
  4. H

    How many angelfish should I get for them to not be agressive with each other

    Just set up a 40 gallon and looking to get some angel fish in the mix. Currently have emperor tetras, red phantom tetras, black phantom tetras, cardinals tetras, platies, guppies, kuhli loaches, amano shrimp and an angelicus plec. Compatibility wise, would an angel fit in with these other fish...