1. dwsdarius

    Can Arowana live in a tank with flow???

    Hello everyone! I just moved my 9 inch silver arowana from my 125g to my 210g (not its final tank) which has a circulation pump at the surface for better oxygen exchange. The flow pushes the arowana around a lot but when I turn off the pump, the arowana and other fish start breathing hard being...
  2. H

    Monster fish tank design advice

    Hi all, I am close to ordering my first truly big aquarium. It is meant to be underneath the windows of the front of my house so there is no option of putting the tank on a stand. I came up with sort of a "side-sump" design and i would like to have feedback on it. The dimensions are...
  3. Kiryoku

    Brooklyn, Looking For 65G Tank.

    Looking for 65G Tanks With Dimensions Of 18x36. Comment Or PM. Thanks!
  4. rich81090

    photos showing the fish house build

    Hi everyone, after the last video quite a few people asked me how i built the fish house. this video looks at the photos i took from start to finish with me explaining what i did and hopefully some of you will find it interesting. let me know what you think.
  5. A

    Question about lighting my 460 gallon Aquarium

    Hello All, I have recently started building a 460 gallon aquarium (80'x45'x30'), and am wondering what the best light would be to light my aquarium. My plan with the aquarium was to fill it up a little less than 1/2 of the way and create a paludarium with plants growing fully emersed, floating...
  6. F

    Tanks for sale! SFV

    Hey I got a couple of tanks I don’t need anymore. 3 of them come with stands. I cannot deliver, located in Reseda, CA 91335 1) stand included, glass $50 Width is 1 ft Length 4 feet Height 1 foot 6 inches and 3/4 2) No Stand and thick glass $60 I have another At Height 2ft 1 inch and 3/5...
  7. Kiryoku

    90G Tank Stock Ideas!

    Hello, Everyone! I have a 90G aquarium that’s 36x13x50 I know it calculates to 100G but the glass thickness is 1/2 inch so true size would be 35x12x50 which calculates to 90G. But anyways, i was wondering if i could get some insight on what to stock it with for a living room piece. Lace Java...
  8. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    DIY Filtration and media

    Whats your favorite DIY filter and media choice? I'm thinking of making a canister filter out of a 5 gallon pale and hook it up to my 125g for added filtration. I've seen a few different designs and ways to do it but curious to what you guys have came up with for DIY filtration and media ?
  9. Davidiator

    Post Your Favorite Pics

    Please post your favorite pics of YOUR fish or aquarium... Stock and size doesn't matter, (not done i have a large rock and wood getting ready to be put in there i will post a pic when it is finished)
  10. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    - 125g setup -

    This is my 125g setup- Fish: - 5 Myleus Schomburgkii (black bar silver doller), 8 Metynnis Lippincottianus (spotted silver dollar), 1 Metynnis Fasciatus (tiger stripe silver dollar) - 4 Geophagus Tapajos' red head - 1 Hypostomus plecostomus (common pleco) - 1 Calophysus macropterus ( Vulture...
  11. PGJE

    Is it a real convict???

    I got two convict cichlids a few days ago and I heard that they lose their stripes when they are stressed, which is what the female does (but she mainly has the stripes, just loses them if you first walk into the room), but the male never has stripes, and he has a slightly red tail. Is he sick...
  12. PGJE

    Outgoing cichlids for a 23 gallon tank???

    I just recently emptied my 23 gallon tank from any fish and I was wondering what cichlids I could get? I want one that would be outgoing and swimming around a lot and excited to see me for food. I was thinking convicts, but are those too shy?
  13. F

    December 20 2017 Monster Updated Stock list

    BELOW IS OUR CURRENT STOCK LIST~! WE SHIP VIA FEDEX & CARGO ! We got a way better rate now on fedex, try us ! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR WEEKLY UPDATE ! Grade A Platinum Alligator Gar (COMING IN 2 DAYS) Cuban Gar ( Coming in 2 days) Albino Silver...
  14. J

    Need advise/suggestion on cutting glass of already built fish tank

    Hello All, I have built a fish tank of my own of size 24x12x18 Inch. Now for some reason, I have miscalculated the height of tank to 18 Inch instead of 15 Inch. I have some space issue for the height to accommodate the tank and looking to cut the height to 15 from 18 inch. So could you please...
  15. A

    Help regarding UV sterilizer

    Hello I just wanted to ask if UV sterilizers can cause damage to freshwater fish? i have been using a submersible UV sterilizer for a few years now and it has always worked fine for me. But recently my 50G aquarium had an algae bloom so i put the sterilizer from my fish pond into the tank for a...
  16. ukgoffer

    Clearing out some extra fish stuff

    Time to clear it out. I’m a big fan of eheim canisters. I’ve got an XL that runs my 240g and can do it solo with only a small weekly WC. They are easy to service. Eheim 2217 - up to 159 g. 264 gph flow. 8”x8”x16”. $30 Eheim 2213 - up to 55 g. 116 gph. $25 Eheim Ecco 2232 - up to 35 g. 132...
  17. AG458

    What are your dream fish?

    I've realized that, no matter what fish we've got, we realize that there's always more fish on our wish list. Some of the fish we'll be able to purchase, keep, and care for; others, we will have to view at aquariums, hoping for the day we can own one of those fish. Here are my dream fish...
  18. headlessblade

    Super kok red dragon flowerhorn breeding

    kok male and female flowerhorn cichlid
  19. headlessblade

    Red Texas x super red dragon

    They stopped fighting and started to prepare the tank for breeding :) . Red Texas x super red dragon flowerhorn Cichlids
  20. A

    Arowana Aquarium size question

    So. I recently got into arowanas. And i started researching aquarium sized. However i live in an area without alot of aquarium activity, Like Theres some 50 ish gallons, But no big ones But anyways, My question is. Could an arowana fit in a 185gal tank? (You post sizes since i might just build...