1. R

    Help find pink sand-freshwater

    hey guys! I'm upsizing my setup soon, and am having a hard time finding the right sand for the aesthetic im going for. I want a nice soft pink sand, but the only ones I can find in the right color are live sands, not freshwater-fri
  2. PatrickMW36

    Anyone use sand with eco complete for substrate?

    I would Like to have all my substrate be eco complete. The problem is the tank is 240 gal so it would cost a lot. So I'm thinking of using mainly pool filter sand and then sprinkling some EC on top for aesthetics and also using mainly EC in areas that are planted. Just wanted to see if anyone...
  3. Jexnell

    Manzanita driftwood

    So my manzanita driftwoid showed up today. I got it from Manzman in the vendors section of the forums. My question is does this have to be boiled before use?
  4. Aqua Nut

    ADA Aqua Design Amano Nature Aquarium Workshop 2017

    Today we bring everyone along for the nature aquarium workshop we attended recently in our local town hosted by the Canadian distributor for ADA - Aqua Design Amano.Together with our local ADA retailler, Phil, we were able to attend this cool aquascaping introduction workshop. This was a very...
  5. N

    Driftwood preferences? also anyone near me? Utah?

    so i want to buy more driftwood specifically somewhere that sells it buy the pound or on ebay buying single larger pieces... but my main question is what do you guys prefer to use in predominantly new world cichlid tanks i want some long branching pieces like Manzanita that i can then lean in...
  6. B

    Talk me out of being an idiot, if i am being one.. [slider / paludarium / diy build]

    Hi. I thought i would come back to using these forums again to get some experienced advice. Lets just say the standard response from family is always 'you shouldn't have that much water in the house'. Pfft, they don't live here and that's no concern to me. I need informed opinion if i am to...
  7. Bubbles_n_worms

    150g need ideas :)

    Hey folks! I am the proud new owner of a gorgeous 150g! In keeping with my freshwater fanaticism, i'm looking for ideas, pictures, or items. I have so many ideas floating around in my head it's hard for me to figure out what's going to work. I'll start out by saying that I love the look of...
  8. M

    Manzanita Driftwood - Premium Grade Aquascaping Branches

    Hi guys, my name is David! I joined this community here to let you know that you can get great custom manzanita driftwood pieces, and you can hand pick the ones you want directly from us! You can view our stuff right here: and we are always...