ADA Aqua Design Amano Nature Aquarium Workshop 2017

Aqua Nut

Jack Dempsey
MFK Member
Oct 15, 2016

Today we bring everyone along for the nature aquarium workshop we attended recently in our local town hosted by the Canadian distributor for ADA - Aqua Design Amano.Together with our local ADA retailler, Phil, we were able to attend this cool aquascaping introduction workshop. This was a very interesting look into what nature aquarium is and how to start aquascaping a nature aquarium of your very own.

Mr. Joseph, the Canadian distributor for ADA products was trained by Mr. Takashi Amano himself. He shows the basics of how to go about starting a nature aquarium and the products ADA offers to accomplish this. Mr. Joeseph explains why ADA is so well known for their products and the principles behind them. With this brand, it is all about elevating your aquarium to have it fit seamlessly and stylishly in any room. Everything in a nature aquarium is well planned out and it takes time to master the art and achieve the results we hope for when setting up an aquascape.

Mr. Joeseph shows several basic aquascape layouts used in Nature Aquariums. First, he starts with a solid substrate. He adds ADA Power Sand to the back and away from the sides of the tank. He then covers this with a layer of ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia in a thick layer. It is slightly banked towards the back and placed to accentuate the base of the scape. He then adds ADA Bacter 100, ADA Clear Super and ADA Tourmaline BC to add beneficial bacteria , activate and feed essential nitrifying bacteria. It is added dirsctly to the substrate to help quickly seed the soil and help establish the aquarium more quickly.. Mr. Joeseph explains the sizing of the soil and substrate as well as the products that are used to aid in establishing the aquarium.

First, he shows a rockscape of a mountain known as Iwagumi. He shows how using the rule of thirds and other design principles one can really achieve beautiful natural results.

Next, he goes over another style of aquarium aquascape used in nature aquariums, using a bonsai tree. He shows how this simple decoration can very quickly add beauty to any aquarium. This gorgeous design is simple and versatile. It really is like taking a living tree and having it grow underwater after the mosses are added.