1. J

    40 Breeder Stocking help!

    I'm currently cycling a new 40 breeder tank. I'm fairly experienced this being my sixth tank. But I'm extremely indecisive. I wanted to do a Chidongo saulosi colony but there sold out everywhere. I was thinking about a pair of convicts but now I want the tank somewhat planted. In other tanks I...
  2. Whoisjaime

    Fire mouth Breeding 180gallon monster tank

    Just wanted to share a little about about my Firemouth Cichlids. After about a month in my 180 gallon tank we had our first batch of fry that are now swimming freely. Will be moving them and sharing their phases of growth over time in a 10 gallon breeder tank. Please feel free to ask any questions!
  3. rayoddballfish

    Planted tank stock!

    Hey all, so currently I am finalizing my plant stock for my 75 gallon aquarium. Currently it has jungle Val, water wisteria, Anubias nana and barteri, java fern, java moss, and crypt lutea. Everything is exploding in growth besides the crypt lutea which isn’t dead but seldom grows. Im thinking...
  4. rayoddballfish

    Carpeting plants without co2

    Hey guys, I’m considering buying montecarlo to try and carpet my medium light no co2 75 gallon. I dose flourish comprehensive and excel on a weekly basis and currently have Val and water wisteria. I’m planning a rescape and wanted the center to have a carpeting plant. Anyone have experience with...
  5. F

    clear glass weaker than regular glass?

    hi! I'm in the prosses of making my own 200 gallon 6 foot by 2 foot by 2.5 foot tank. i wanted clear / low iron glass in the front pannel and regular glass in all other sides, but my LFS told me that is not possible as "clear glass is weaker than regular glass" and i have to get a full clear...
  6. Blakewater

    For Sale  24"-32" Natural Manzanita Branches | Bay Area, CA

    Hey guys, been redoing some tanks and I have a TON of leftover Manzanita. All natural and already boiled but not tannin free. Branches are anywhere from around 24" to 32". Shipping is possible, buyer pays. Possible bulk deals if you buy a few. Currently have 8 branches around 24", 4 around 32"...
  7. O

    Flowerhorn update

    Here is an update of my flowerhorn. I've had him two weeks today. He is an insane fish. Eats everything right out of my hand and occasionally lets me pet him. Im so happy with him. Did some different aquascape now. Let me know what you think of my fish and scape? Darker substrate is from day...
  8. GraveyardHound

    5g CRS Tank (Plant Advice)

    For some reason in September I decided to set up a high-tech 5g Crystal Red S tank. I guess I forgot how hard it is to maintain a nano tank. Anyways, I have been struggling with this tank since then. There were some bumps in the road but now it is nice and stable. However, some of the plants...
  9. F

    Aquarium Rocks

    Hey, Hobbyists! If you You live in Southern California and are looking for beautiful rocks then go to Jacobi Building Materials in Canoga Park. Just went there and got some AMAZING L/XL flat river rock (a big Tupperware bin) for $14.98!!!! They welcome dish hobbyists and for those of you...
  10. AquaScape

    New African Oddballs Arrivals! 10/14/19

    New arrivals from Africa are here!! -Goliath Tigerfish (Hydrocynus Goliath) 3" $200.oo Ea. 5" $250.oo Ea. -African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus sp. 'Big Eye') 3" $175.oo Ea 5" $225.oo Ea. -African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) 5" $225.oo Ea. -Electric Catfish (Malapterurus electricus) 5"-6" $65.oo...
  11. Blakewater

    Little Piece Of The Amazon

    The 325 finished cycling and getting set up. I transferred over my bois in the growout and they flared up in color from happiness! It’s so nice seeing them be happy. Right now it’s got 2x Xingu, 2x Rio Negro Orinos (the deep red eyed one is named Demon),1x Azul (named Blueberry), and one...
  12. Blakewater

    The Beast Is Finally Almost Ready!

    Finally finished my move to a bigger home yesterday and used most of today to finally get my 325g cycling! I’m super excited, I put so much thought and planning into this. The tank is filtered by, firstly, a 75g sump/wetdry with 12 gallons of bio balls and lots of other mechanical and...
  13. The-Almighty-Zugs

    How should I design my 240 Gallon Tank?

    Looking for internal tank design ideas. I'm getting a 240 gallon (96Lx24Wx24H) acrylic tank built soon and was looking for ideas what it could look like. It will be housing a Piraya Piranha (currently 10"). I can't use live plants as I'm spending enough already to get it setup. I really like...
  14. AquaScape

    New Arrivals!! Piranhas, Oddballs and More!

    3” Red Belly Piranha-----$30.oo Ea. Or 4 for $100.oo 6”-7” Red Belly Piranha-----$150.oo Ea. 2.5”-3” Caribe Piranha----- $35.oo Ea. Or 5 for $150.oo or 10 for $275.oo 3”-4” Caribe Piranha-----$50.oo Ea. 3”-4” Piraya Piranha-----$150.oo Ea. 4”-5” Purple Spilo-----$95.oo Ea. 4”-5” Red...
  15. AquaScape

    Hybrid Stingrays!!

    New Hybrid stingrays in stock! All are about 4"-5" and are currently going for $350.oo Ea.!! We also have motoro Stingrays that will be available next week! I will also be posting up some links to the videos of these guys once I upload them to youtube
  16. AquaScape

    8-7-19 Stock List!!

    -Piranha- Red Bellies (Pygocentrus nattereri) .75”-1” $10.oo Ea. Or 10/$80.oo 1.5”-2” $15.oo Ea. Or 10/$120.oo 2”-3” $25.oo Ea. Or 5/$100.oo Caribe (Pygocentrus notatus) 2.5”-3” $35.oo Ea. Or...
  17. Zak03

    Where do I buy plants and plant ideas

    So, I'm looking into doing a planted low tech aquarium. I'm thinking about using Java fern/moss and Anubias because they don't need to be in soil but can be attached to rock and wood. That's basically what I'm looking for. I don't want to use plant soil because I want to keep gravel for...
  18. AquaScape

    Monster Fish! Golden Dorado, Goonch Cats & MORE!

    Goonch Catfish(Bagarius yarrelli) 3"-4" $65.oo Ea. 7” $200.oo Ea. Golden Dorado(Salminus brasiliensis) 2”-3” $65.oo Ea. Redtail Barracuda(Acestrorhynchus falcatus) 6”...
  19. A

    What plant is this?

    I ordered some more plants online the other day. One of the plants that were sent was not the right plant at all considering it was supposed to have a rhizome but was stems instead. I really like the plant and decided to keep it but the people couldn't tell me what it was. Can anyone identify...
  20. AquaScape

    NEW STOCK-LIST 12/14/18

    -Piranha- Red Bellies (Pygocentrus nattereri) .75”-1” $10.oo Ea. Or 10/$80.oo Caribe (Pygocentrus notatus) 3”-4” ON SALE **$65.oo Ea.** 5”-6” ON SALE **$85.oo Ea.** Piraya (Pygocentrus piraya) 5”-6”...