1. AquaScape

    Cichla melaniae

    We got a beauty of a Xingu Peacock Bass here looking for a great tank to go in! It is currently about 9''-10" and going for $250.oo
  2. AquaScape

    Current Stock-list! 12/22/17

    -Piranha- Red Bellies(Pygocentrus nattereri) .75”-1” $8.oo ea. Or 10/$70.oo 3" $30.oo ea. 4”-5” $40.oo ea. Or 4/$140.oo 5"-6" $75.oo ea. Caribe(Pygocentrus notatus) 5”-6”...
  3. AquaScape

    Stingray Specials (Christmas Gift from AquaScapeOnline to you)

    Happy Holiday Specials Pearl Stingray Pups 4" (Captive Bred) Males 300.00 ea Females 350.00 ea. 550.00 Pair Motoro Pups 4" (Captive Bred) Males 150.00 Females 150.00 Black Diamond 7" (Captive Bred) Males 500.00 Females 600.00 1000.00 Pair Pics up soon, Limited quantity available
  4. AquaScape

    Hydrolycus armatus up for grabs!

    We have some beautiful looking Armatus here at aquascapeonline going for $150 at 4"-5" & 6"-7" going for $200!
  5. Hybridfish7

    Bamboo forest (aquascape) goldfish tank

    I'm planning on making an aquascaped tank based on a bamboo forest with panda butterfly goldfish, lucky bamboo, riccia and weeping moss, and maybe some anubias. size will be a 40 gallon long, (36" x 18" x 13") with a sponge filter. I already calculated the costs and all that, cost for the tank...
  6. AquaScape

    Serrasalmus Geryi!

    Got some awesome Geryi in-stock and on sale around 5 inches for $225!
  7. AquaScape

    Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale!!!!!

    Hey everyone! Since we're all in the Holiday spirit from Thanksgiving, now awaiting Christmas to come and given we have Black Friday today and Cyber Monday on the 27th we figured we'd do something that would give everyone something to cheer about this weekend, for orders placed today through...
  8. K

    Introductions and Inspirations

    Hello all! I am Keen and I have been a turtle keeper for going on 5 years now. I have a Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina) who has a roughly 6" carapace. He enjoys long walks on the beach and burrowing down in the sand to talk about his day. His name is Adamantoise, or just Adam for...
  9. AquaScape

    **Albino Notopterus Notopterus For Sale**

    Beautiful albino Bronze Knifefish (Notopterus notopterus) These little guys haven't been seen too often for sale here in the state as of lately If anyone is interested just shoot us a message on here or give me a call on one of the numbers below
  10. AquaScape

    New & Updated Stock-List 10/25/2017

    -Piranha- Red Bellies(Pygocentrus nattereri) .75”-1” $8.oo ea. Or 10/$70.oo 3”-4” $30.oo ea. Or 4/$100.oo 4”-5” $40.oo ea. Or 4/$130.oo Caribe(Pygocentrus notatus) 3.5”-4.5” $45.oo ea. 5”-6”...
  11. AquaScape

    NGT Datnoides Campbelli!

    We just got in two 10"-11" NGT that are looking amazing up for sale for $500
  12. Aqua Nut

    The Making of a ADA Nature Aquarium for a Monster Fish

    Today we finally reveal the 75 gallon aquascape project we have been working on. With the help of Kevin from NOAH (Links below) we finished building our nature aquarium for our monster fish. We go over how this tank started and where we got the materials used in the scape. We also go over some...
  13. Narwhal

    Cholla Wood Question

    So I got some cholla wood from and began soaking it to prep for aquaria, I left it over night and the next day (today) it had sunk, but it had an ammonia smell after just over 24 hours. On inspection one piece had become very soft and almost mushy, seems like a lot of softer organic material...
  14. AquaScape

    Current Stocklist as of 09/03/2017

    -Piranha- Red Bellies(Pygocentrus nattereri): .75”-1” -600 available- 8ea. Or 10/70.00 1.5”-2” -80 available- 12ea. Or 10/100.00 3”-4” -100 available- 30ea. Or 3/100.00 5”-6” -1 available- 125.00 Caribe(Pygocentrus cariba)...
  15. AquaScape

    Favorite Piranha?

    Everyone has to have a favorite whether it's from the simple but beautiful Red Belly or to any other amazing species like Elongatus or Manueli. LETS HERE IT!
  16. Aqua Nut

    ADA Aqua Design Amano Nature Aquarium Workshop 2017

    Today we bring everyone along for the nature aquarium workshop we attended recently in our local town hosted by the Canadian distributor for ADA - Aqua Design Amano.Together with our local ADA retailler, Phil, we were able to attend this cool aquascaping introduction workshop. This was a very...
  17. Narwhal

    Dutch Style African Cichlid Tank

    Ok, so I just barley started keeping more naturalistic tanks, trading out all the red, blue and green gravel I have had for years for tans, whites, browns, and blacks. And so far I like the improvement. But after seeing all the amazing aquascapes that look so appealing and overall more pleasing...
  18. B

    Scape and Plant-friendly Big Fish!

    Greetings everyone! I have been watching this great community for a couple of years now, but as I was more of a planted/scaped tank person, I never joined to talk big fish! This is my first post, so please allow me a bit of TL/DR preamble to the question. Last August, 6 monts ago, I completely...
  19. N

    Driftwood preferences? also anyone near me? Utah?

    so i want to buy more driftwood specifically somewhere that sells it buy the pound or on ebay buying single larger pieces... but my main question is what do you guys prefer to use in predominantly new world cichlid tanks i want some long branching pieces like Manzanita that i can then lean in...
  20. overdrive

    dead white oak branch: the sequel

    So I finally managed to get my tank looking decent! This is my first attempt at aquascaping. I'm planning on taking another set of pictures in a few months time, when that branch has finally absorbed enough water I don't have to subtly weigh it down with rocks. It was hard getting...