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Peacock Bass
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Red Bellies(Pygocentrus nattereri)
.75”-1” $8.oo ea. Or 10/$70.oo
3”-4” $30.oo ea. Or 4/$100.oo
4”-5” $40.oo ea. Or 4/$130.oo
(Pygocentrus notatus)
3.5”-4.5” $45.oo ea.
5”-6” $150.oo ea.
(Pygocentrus piraya)
3”-4” $150.oo ea.
4”-5” $200.oo ea.
(Serrasalmus rhombeus)
5”-5.5” $400.oo ea.
5.5”-6” $450.oo ea.
6”-7” $500.oo ea.
Xingu Diamond
(Serrasalmus rhombeus)
5”-5.5” $400.oo ea.
6”-7” $500.oo ea.
Xingu Blue Diamond
(Serrasalmus rhombeus)
5.5”-6” $550.oo ea.
Gold Diamond
(Serrasalmus rhombeus)
~4” $125.oo ea.
Blue Diamond
(Serrasalmus rhombeus)
~4” $150.oo ea.
Jet Black Piranha
(Serrasalmus rhombeus)
14”-15” $1,000.oo ea.
(Serrasalmus irritans):
4”-5” $250.oo ea.
Violet Line
(Serrasalmus geryi)
5”-6” $225.oo ea.
Red Spilo
(Serrasalmus sanchezi)
~3” $35.oo ea.
Purple Spilo
(Serrasalmus sanchezi)
~3” $40.oo ea.
(Serrasalmus compressus)
2”-3” $35.oo ea.
3”-4” $50.oo ea.
(Serrasalmus Altuvei)
2”-3” $35.oo ea.
3”-4” $50.oo ea.
(Serrasalmus elongatus)
3”-4” $85.oo ea.
Black Mask Elong
(Serrasalmus elongatus)
3”-4” $100.oo ea.
6”-8” $150.oo ea.


Electric Catfish(Malapterurus electricus)
4”-5” $40.oo ea.
Lima Shovelnose
(Sorubim lima)
4”-5” $25.oo ea.
5”-6” $35.oo ea.
(Phractocephalus hemioliopterus)
2”-2.5” $20.oo ea.
4”-5” $35.oo ea.
False USD Catfish
(Synodontis nigrita) (gold)
2”-2.5” $25.oo ea.
Ocellated Catfish
(Synodontis ocellifer)
4”-5” $50.oo ea.
Cuckoo Catfish
(Synodontis multipuctatus)
3” $50.oo ea.
Razorback Catfish
(Oxydoras niger)
4”-5” $65.oo ea.
18”-20” $300.oo
Asian Redtail
(Hemibagrus wyckioides)
2”-3” $7.oo ea. Or 3/$18.oo
Granulated Catfish
(Pterodoras granulosus)
3”-4” $25.oo ea.
Hammerhead Catfish
(Ageneiosus marmoratus)
8”-9” $125.oo ea.
Zamora Catfish
(Auchenipterichthys thoracatus)
4”-5” $15.oo ea.
Giant Raphael Catfish
(Megaladoras “irwini” uranoscopus)
3”-4” $30.oo ea.


Blue Phantom(L-128)( Hemiancistrus sp.)
5”-7” $85.oo ea.
Sunshine Pleco(L-014)
(Scobinancistrus aureatus)
6”-8” $150.oo ea.
Galaxy Pleco(L-029)
(Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias)
6”-7” $65.oo ea.
Watermelon Pleco(L-330)
(Panaque cf. nigrolineatus)
9”-10” $65.oo ea.
(Ancistrus cf. cirrhosis)
3” $15.oo ea.
Albino Bristlenose(sp.3)
(Ancistrus cf. cirrhosis)
2” $15.oo ea.
Clown Pleco(L-104)(Panaqolus maccus)
2.5”-3” $10.oo ea.

-Peacock Bass-

Speckled Peacock Bass(Cichla Temensis)
3” $30.oo ea.
Butterfly Peacock Bass
(Cichla Ocellaris)
3” $25.oo ea.


Black Ghost Knife(Apteronotus albifrons)
3”-4” $12.oo ea.
Royal Clown Knife
(Chitala blanci)
8”-9” $80.oo ea.
Clown Knife
(Chitala ornate)
8”-9” $50.oo ea.
Reticulated Knife
(Papyrocranus afer) Hard to Get
9”-10” $125.oo ea.
Albino Clown Knife
(Chitala ornate)
8”-9” $65.oo ea.
Albino Bronze Featherback
(Notopterus notopterus)
5”-6” $140.oo


Goliath Tigerfish(Hydrocynus goliath)
4”-5” $175.oo ea.
Blue Arowana
(Osteoglossum ferreirai)
11-12” $300.oo ea.
Golden Doarado
(Salminus brasiliensis)
5”-6” $165.oo ea.
African Pike
(Hepsetus odoe)
4”-5” $65.oo ea.
Freshwater Barracuda
(Acestrorhynchus nasutus)
3”-4” $35.oo ea.
Tiger Silver Dollar
(Mytennis fasciatus)
3” $25.oo ea.
Wide Bar(Blue Hooks)
(Myloplus schomburgkii)
5” $45.oo ea.
Tropical Gar
(Atractosteus tropicus)
10”-12” $250.oo ea.
African Lung Fish
(Protopterus dolloi)
6”-7” $85.oo ea.
1’-1.5’ $150.oo ea.
Blue Mahseer
(Neolissochilus stracheyi)
2”-3” $25.ooea.
Hujeta Gar
(Ctenolucius Hujeta)
2”-3” $15.oo ea.
5” $35.oo ea.
Saber-tooth Payara
(Hydrolycus armadas)
4.5”-5” $150.oo ea.
True Black Pacu
(Colossoma macropomum)
10”-12” $250.oo ea.
(Piaractus brachypomus)
14”-15” $80.oo
Albino Pacu
(Piaractus brachypomus)
1”-2” $7.oo ea.
New Guinea Datnoid(NGT)
(Coius campbelli)
7”-8” $400.oo ea.
Red Hooks
(Myleus rubripinnis)
3” $13.oo ea. Or 3/$36.oo
Saddled Bichir
(Polypterus endlicheri)
2”-3” $15.oo ea.
Flag tail
(Semaprochilodus insignis)
3”-4” $20.oo ea.


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Dec 24, 2005
Great list.
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Peacock Bass
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Any chance you can get some rare cichla in? Intermedia, Pinima, azul or orino's
Pretty sure I can get intermedia and azuls but I'm not 100% on the other two. I'll get ahold of Pedro as soon as I can and find out though for you. what size were you looking for?


Peacock Bass
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do you ever get the gator gars in asking for a future reference.

Yes we do, running a little low at the moment but I should be getting another batch of them on Sunday! should be around 3" or so


Peacock Bass
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Any word on the Intermedia ?
Yes actually, so as for the orino he said he can get but the Azul and the intermedia at the moment have been a pain to get in but he said if the happen to pop up we'll definitely be getting them