1. D

    Issues with piranha feeding

    I get a 1” known serrasalmus species which is said to be collected from Ecuador 4 months ago and have kept feeding it with live feeder fish. It grows to 3“ and recently there were some problems with getting the life feeders. I tried in vain to get it to eat pellets and flakes this week. Is there...
  2. S

    For Sale  Serrasalmus Geryi

    6"+ Geryi piranha for sale. Eating mostly market prawns. no shipping $300
  3. Dawgz

    For Sale  4" Serrasalmus brandtii for sale

    Selling a 4" brandtii. North NJ pickup only. Eats pellets, shrimp, and silversides. $180 obo
  4. S

    For Sale  Piranha Serrasalmus Manueli for sale

    Serrasalmus Manueli (S - 11 - 13 cm): $ 180 Serrasalmus Manueli (L - 14 - 16 cm): $ 380
  5. Dawgz

    For Sale  7" Serrasalmus manueli

    For sale, NJ pickup only. Serrasalmus manueli 7" hard to find at this size. $400 takes it
  6. Dawgz

    For Sale  4" Serrasalmus Manueli (Tiger Piranha). North NJ $200

    For sale is my 4" Manueli. This piranha needs to be kept solo and can grow fairly large over time. Will do OK in a 40 breeder for 1 year or so but should be housed in a 75 and then a 125minimum thereafter. Feeding on Smelt, silversides and pieces of fish fillets. North NJ pickup only.
  7. N

    Black piranha

    Hi guys new to this. My lfs sold me two piranha, they said they were black piranha and around three years old. They are very speckled and mottled and aren't really shaped like the typical rhombus I'm unsure as to whether they are actually black piranha. They do have red eyes. Also they have...
  8. F

    For Sale  7- 6” Red Belly Piranhas

    Hello, I’m looking to re-home my Red Bellies. 7 of them, 6” in length, very healthy, feeding on pellets for 3 years. They have spawned before in the past as well. Awesome set of fish. Pm or text fourOne97nine92882 Local pick up only on these. Angola, Indian 46703 price $500
  9. V

    Serrasalmus Rhombeus? (identification) + Elongatus

    Hello everyone. Couple of months ago, i bought a Serrasalmus, it was listed as a Diamond Rhom. Knowing there are many variants i'm not 100% sure about it. So if anyone knows what fish is swimming in my tank? Could it be a spilo? Also got myself a Elongatus today, bought in the same store...
  10. AquaScape

    New Stock and more to come!! 10/21/20

    We will be getting in a Peru order within the next week or two so keep an eye out for new fish! especially Piranha!! -Piranha- Red Belly (Pygocentrus natteri) .75”-1” $10.oo Ea. or 10/$80.oo 4”-5” $65.oo Ea. 6” $90.oo or 2/$160.oo Violet Line (Serrasalmus geryi) 5”-6” $350.oo Ea. Green Tiger...
  11. AquaScape

    New Brazil Piranha- only a few left in stock!

    3 Violet Line Piranha -$350.oo 1 Manueli Piranha - $400.oo 0 Humeralis Piranha - $X.xx 0 Ruby Red Piranha - $X.xx
  12. AquaScape

    New Stock!! 08/29/20

    -Piranha- Red Belly (Pygocentrus natteri) .75”-1” $10.oo Ea. or 10/$80 -Catfish- Black Devil Catfish (Hemibagrus wyckii) 10”-12” $250.oo Ea. Redtail Catfish (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus) 2”-3” $20.oo Ea. Jaguar Catfish (Liosomadoras orcinus)...
  13. B

    For Sale  Piranhas and Tanks

    Have a once in while opportunity! A good friend of mine is sadly needing to let go of his larger tanks and fish 1-Tank is a 540g comes with 90g sump, Fx6 canister filter, heaters, Stand and 4 lights Asking $5,000.oo obo 2-150g tank with 2 hang on 110g filters, heaters, stand And light Asking...
  14. D

    Possible infection?

    Hello, I noticed a couple days ago a white spot on my piranhas flank. I don’t think it’s ich, I’m thinking it’s an infection from a possible bite mark. I’ve attached a photo, what does it look like to you? Also any ideas on treatments? He’s been acting pretty normal, eating fine, not breathing...
  15. AquaScape

    Update and 05/13/20 stock-list!

    First and foremost we hope everyone is doing okay amongst the pandemic and staying safe as well as family and friends. I apologize for any recent latency in regards to customer contact as we have been dealing with the pandemic as well and making sure our families are safe too as we do have...
  16. AquaScape

    Brazil Piranhas are in!

    It's always nice to start the year out right! Getting this up a little late but come get'em while they're hot! Ruby Red Spilo (Serrasalmus spilopluera) 3" $200.oo Ea. 4"-5" $300.oo Ea. King Piranha (Pygocentrus piraya) 5"-6" $250.oo Red Belly Piranha (Pygocentrus natteri) 5"-6" $85.oo Ea...
  17. AquaScape

    Stock-List 12/5/19

    -Piranha- Red Bellies (Pygocentrus nattereri) .75”-1" $9.oo Ea. Or 10/$80.oo .75”-1” $12.00 Ea. Or 10/$100.oo(WC Peru) 4”-5” $65.oo Ea. 6”-7” $125.oo Ea. Caribe (Pygocentrus notatus) 3”-4” $50.oo Ea. 4”-5” $85.oo Ea. Piraya (Pygocentrus piraya) 3”-4” $150.oo Ea. 4”-5” $200.oo Ea. Black...
  18. K

    For Sale  Looking for Serrasalmus Rhombeus

    I’m looking to purchase a 9”+ Serrasalmus Rhombeus. It can be a black piranha or a diamond. I’m open for suggestions.
  19. AquaScape

    New African Oddballs Arrivals! 10/14/19

    New arrivals from Africa are here!! -Goliath Tigerfish (Hydrocynus Goliath) 3" $200.oo Ea. 5" $250.oo Ea. -African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus sp. 'Big Eye') 3" $175.oo Ea 5" $225.oo Ea. -African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) 5" $225.oo Ea. -Electric Catfish (Malapterurus electricus) 5"-6" $65.oo...