1. S

    Serrasalmus with Red Bellied Piranhas???

    Hello, I have a 75 gallon tank with 6 red bellied piranhas in it, as well as 3 other fish (red wolf fish, rainbow shark, sunfish). I was looking at Serrasalmus species for sale, and I was particularly attracted to the S. Elongatus and S. Sanchezi. Now, I know that I will have to eventually sell...
  2. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Preventing HITH in Piraya?

    So I was scouring through a Piranha group I know of and noticed someone mentioned that overfeeding could lead to HITH. This got me thinking. So I was interested to find out what other ways and what guidelines I should follow to prevent HITH in Piraya. What do you guys do?
  3. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Type of Tubing Used to Protect Cords from Piranha?

    I am getting a 12" Piraya Piranha and want to buy some hosing or tubing of some sort to protect the cords (and Piranha) from bites to the cables. Does anyone have any links to something that could work for me?
  4. AquaScape

    New Arrivals!! Piranhas, Oddballs and More!

    3” Red Belly Piranha-----$30.oo Ea. Or 4 for $100.oo 6”-7” Red Belly Piranha-----$150.oo Ea. 2.5”-3” Caribe Piranha----- $35.oo Ea. Or 5 for $150.oo or 10 for $275.oo 3”-4” Caribe Piranha-----$50.oo Ea. 3”-4” Piraya Piranha-----$150.oo Ea. 4”-5” Purple Spilo-----$95.oo Ea. 4”-5” Red...
  5. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Recommended Powerheads for 160-180 Gallon Tank

    So I will be setting up a 160 or 180 gallon tank for one Piraya Piranha and need to find a good powerhead or multiple that will work. I will have two FX6's running for filtration. P.S: Is there anything else that piranhas need that I am missing?
  6. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Moving Help - Need Advice on Moving Piranha

    So I am creating this thread preemptively because in about a year or more I will be moving to an apartment. Right now I plan on getting a Piraya Piranha and a 160 Gallon (96Lx24Wx16H) tank. If I'm able to pick up this 12 incher that is for sale in my area I will be doing so. The problem is that...
  7. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Filtration Setup for Piranha?

    So I am going to be getting 1 Piraya Piranha OR 1 Carbia Piranha and need to start buying equipment. I haven't quite decided yet on which one but I figured I could buy the equipment first while I decide. If I get a Piraya, I am going to be starting with a 125 gallon and then will eventually move...
  8. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy Piraya Piranha - Ontario

    Looking to buy a single Piraya Piranha. Located in Brockville but will travel to pickup if you are not able to ship. Please PM if you are looking to sell!
  9. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Help with Choosing Equipment for Piraya or Cariba Piranha Tank

    So I am going to be getting 1 Piraya Piranha OR 1 Carbia Piranha and need to start buying equipment. I haven't quite decided yet on which one but I figured I could buy the equipment first while I decide. I have a list of things with their descriptions (for my own reference) below that I found on...
  10. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Tank Size for 3 Caribe Piranha

    I am wondering what tank size 3 adult Caribas require? Is 75 enough or will I need something like a 125 when they are adults? Could I just put babies in a 75 or 125 and be done? I have heard that there is a 20 gallon rule for Caribas. If that is true, then a 75 should be fine for 3 of them but I...
  11. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Piraya Piranha in Ontario?

    I am looking to buy a single Piraya Piranha and am wondering if there are any Canadians that know where I can order them from or where I could look to pick one up. Could I order from locations other than Ontario? I really don't know how long they can survive in shipping.
  12. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Piraya Piranha Tank Size

    So I am considering getting a single Piraya Piranha and wanted to know the minimum size I could keep an adult full grown in. I have been asking here on the forums and people say all different things. I hear they can get to 16" and in some cases even more. I will be moving in a year or more so...
  13. The-Almighty-Zugs

    What kind of black piranha is this?

    What kind of black piranha is this? A Jet Black?
  14. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Red Belly Piranhas vs Black Piranha vs Piraya Piranha

    So I'm new to fish and after spending some time researching, I have narrowed down my choice of fish to either Red Bellied Piranhas, Piraya Piranha or a Black Piranha. I am looking to get your thoughts and opinions on why I should choose one or the other and maybe help me decide on which one to...
  15. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Can Piraya Piranha be put into groups or are they solitary?

    Basically the same question as the title. I know red bellies are shoaling and Blacks are solitary. But just found out about the Piraya Piranha and I'm assuming it is a solitary fish.
  16. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Is there a way to lower timidness in Piranhas?

    So I have heard that Piranha's are usually very timid in nature but was wondering what ways there are to counteract this other than adding more fish. Can interacting with them or having a certain environment do anything to change their timid nature?
  17. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Tank Size for Piranha

    So I am a beginner enthusiast and am wanting to start with Piranha. My question has to do with tank size as I hear the more piranha in a tank the better to give them more confidence. But this also means a bigger tank. So I was wondering if I had say 4 fish, how big a tank would I need? I've...
  18. AquaScape

    Hybrid Stingrays!!

    New Hybrid stingrays in stock! All are about 4"-5" and are currently going for $350.oo Ea.!! We also have motoro Stingrays that will be available next week! I will also be posting up some links to the videos of these guys once I upload them to youtube
  19. AquaScape

    8-7-19 Stock List!!

    -Piranha- Red Bellies (Pygocentrus nattereri) .75”-1” $10.oo Ea. Or 10/$80.oo 1.5”-2” $15.oo Ea. Or 10/$120.oo 2”-3” $25.oo Ea. Or 5/$100.oo Caribe (Pygocentrus notatus) 2.5”-3” $35.oo Ea. Or...
  20. K

    Serrasalmus Sanchezi For sale

    I have a 5” serrasalmus Sanchezi for sale/trade. I’ve had him for a while now and unfortunately I need to find him a new home. I live in St. Louis, MO -USA and would be willing to ship but would prefer if someone was local-ish and I’m asking for $75. Would be willing to trade for trade for...