Filtration Setup for Piranha?


Jack Dempsey
MFK Member
Sep 9, 2019
Ontario, Canada
So I am going to be getting 1 Piraya Piranha OR 1 Carbia Piranha and need to start buying equipment. I haven't quite decided yet on which one but I figured I could buy the equipment first while I decide. If I get a Piraya, I am going to be starting with a 125 gallon and then will eventually move to a 180 when he gets too big for the 125. So keep in mind that the equipment will be used on a larger tank in the future. If I do the 1 Cariba, I will be getting a 75 and just keep him in there for life.

So I am considering buying two Fluval Fx6's and was wondering if this was a good idea or not or if the money could buy something better as I know next to nothing about these things. Would I need any other kinds of filters on top of the 2 Fluval's? Any extra bio filters or hangovers? should I go for a different type instead of a canister? All help is much appreciated and I don't know what I would do without you guys.


MFK Member
Aug 21, 2019
I can't answer about what you asked but I am happy that you can get piranhas where you live. I live in UAE and the only fish banned here is Piranha. I really want to own them.