1. Fishnthehood

    For Sale  Fx6 for Sale 225 Chino, Ca 91720

    Used FX6 Filter for sale All original parts Extra Bio Balls 200 obo Text 323 547 2907 Pick up Chino 91710
  2. The-Almighty-Zugs


    Selling two brand new media kits originally sold by Filter Pro in the UK for FX5/FX6 canister filters. I ordered them for my two Fluval FX6's that were later returned and instead got two Ehiems 2262's. So I no longer have any need for the media and am selling at a reduced price. They are...
  3. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Two Fluval FX6's or Custom Sump

    So I will be getting a 160-180 gallon acrylic tank built here soon and need to finalize filtration. I had thought I was going to get two FX6's but now I'm considering a sump. The tank will house a Piraya Piranha so it needs a lot of filtration. What do you guys think? Sump or 2 FX6's? What will...
  4. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Filtration Setup for Piranha?

    So I am going to be getting 1 Piraya Piranha OR 1 Carbia Piranha and need to start buying equipment. I haven't quite decided yet on which one but I figured I could buy the equipment first while I decide. If I get a Piraya, I am going to be starting with a 125 gallon and then will eventually move...
  5. PrymeTyme-716

    FX6 Trade

    I'm looking to trade one of my FX6s you can pick which ever one you want as I have 2. Looking to trade for a sump or large tankmate to go with my temensis and arowana
  6. J

    Dual Fx6 on 125 gallon questions

    I'll soon be setting up a 125 gallon American cichlid tank, probably mildly stocked with Thorichthys Meeki and Swordtails. Plan on adding another Fx6 to what I have. Is anyone running a similar setup? Do you use one mainly for bio media and the other for a mix of mechanical/bio. What kind of...
  7. BrokenTexan

    Fluval FX6 models

    I noticed some FX6s have two dials on top and some do not.The simply read IN Fluval OUT. Is there any differences ? Both come with the water change feature.. I originally thought that was it.
  8. A

    Fluval Fx6 cannister filter not starting properly

    Hi all, I have just bought fx6 fluval filter. It starts for a minute as the manual suggests and then stops for 2 minute. After that it starts for just a minute and stops again. I thought it should be working after a pause of 2 minute. But it runs after 12 or 13 minute for 1 minute then again...
  9. bichir84

    450 gallon filtration suggestions

    currently putting together my plans for a 72x60x24. Stock will be made up of gars/rays/aro/tig cat/bichirs (most likely). I've done sumps in the past but thinking of going canisters, i found the 2262's but they are pretty $$$ depending on how many i would need for this tank. i hear some good and...
  10. Bigtdotcom

    FX5/6 Replacment motor

    Hi there just wondering if I buy a replacment motor for a fx5 filter in Canada will it work safly in Australia? Canada is 120 volts and Australia is 240 volts. I know nothing about electronics, will this be safe to do or i can go about this? I am currently in Canada and can get the motor or...