1. J

    My 16" Killer Hoplias Malabaricus

    Here it is eating a live mouse, this guys is nothing to mess with.
  2. greenerinks

    Juvenile Rhom ID

    Hey guys, I raised this Rhom from basically 1cm. It is now about 4" long now. I was told it was collected from Peru. Is this how they look during juvenile stage before they turn black?
  3. U

    In need of nice aggressive fish

    Looking for some aggressive fish to put in my new 60 gallon. Anyone got some cool fish in la
  4. Q

    Tank size

    Ive been keeping large angel fish and other tropical fish for years but now I want to start getting into other things. So I was wondering what sized tank would u recommend to keep piranhas. Also how many is a good number to have in 1 tank. Thanks