1. Narwhal

    Dutch Style African Cichlid Tank

    Ok, so I just barley started keeping more naturalistic tanks, trading out all the red, blue and green gravel I have had for years for tans, whites, browns, and blacks. And so far I like the improvement. But after seeing all the amazing aquascapes that look so appealing and overall more pleasing...
  2. B

    Scape and Plant-friendly Big Fish!

    Greetings everyone! I have been watching this great community for a couple of years now, but as I was more of a planted/scaped tank person, I never joined to talk big fish! This is my first post, so please allow me a bit of TL/DR preamble to the question. Last August, 6 monts ago, I completely...
  3. N

    Driftwood preferences? also anyone near me? Utah?

    so i want to buy more driftwood specifically somewhere that sells it buy the pound or on ebay buying single larger pieces... but my main question is what do you guys prefer to use in predominantly new world cichlid tanks i want some long branching pieces like Manzanita that i can then lean in...
  4. overdrive

    dead white oak branch: the sequel

    So I finally managed to get my tank looking decent! This is my first attempt at aquascaping. I'm planning on taking another set of pictures in a few months time, when that branch has finally absorbed enough water I don't have to subtly weigh it down with rocks. It was hard getting...
  5. overdrive

    rockscape for cichlids

    So does anyone have suggestions for where to look for examples a relatively easy (as in some root tabs and decent lighting) tank design for cichlids/bichir? My tanks invariably look like crap despite my best efforts, but a lot of the examples I've seen are very heavily planted and are a bit...
  6. K

    Can T8s grow Dwarf Baby Tears?

    Can t8s from Home Depot grow HC, if so how many do I need for a carpet on a 10 gallon?