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    NEW STOCK-LIST 12/14/18

    Discussion in 'AquaScape' started by AquaScape, Dec 14, 2018.

    1. AquaScape

      AquaScape M.A.N. Community Vendor

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      Sep 5, 2005
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      Belleville, New Jersey
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      Yesterday at 7:28 PM

      Red Bellies (Pygocentrus nattereri)
      .75”-1” $10.oo Ea. Or 10/$80.oo
      Caribe (Pygocentrus notatus)
      3”-4” ON SALE **$65.oo Ea.**
      5”-6” ON SALE **$85.oo Ea.**
      Piraya (Pygocentrus piraya)
      5”-6” ON SALE **$150.oo Ea.**
      Lobe-toothed Piranha (Pygopristis denticulate)
      5” $85.oo Ea.
      Xingu Rhom (Serrasalmus rhombeus)
      6”-7” $450.oo Ea.
      7”-8” $500.oo Ea.
      8”-9” $550.00 Ea.
      Xingu Gold Diamond Rhom (Serrasalmus rhombeus)
      6”-7” $450.oo Ea.
      8”-9” $550.oo Ea.
      Xingu Blue Diamond Rhom (Serrasalmus rhombeus)
      6”-7” $450.oo Ea.
      Xingu Black Diamond Rhom (Serrasalmus rhombeus)
      8”-9” $550.oo Ea.
      Gold Diamond Rhom(Peru) (Serrasalmus rhombus)
      3"-4” $125.oo Ea.


      Razorback Catfish (Oxydoras niger)
      4”-5” $65.oo Ea.
      24”+ $300.oo
      Granulated Catfish (Pterodoras granulosus)
      3”-4” $25.oo Ea.
      Aluminum Catfish (Chrysichthys aluuensis)
      3” $10.oo Ea.
      Apure Jelly Catfish (Cephalosilurus apurensis)
      10” $150.oo Ea.
      Sturio Catfish (Platystomatichthys sturio)
      5” $125.oo Ea.
      Dorado Catfish (Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii)
      3” $165.oo Ea.
      False Piraiba Catfish (Brachyplatystoma capapretum)
      3” $165.oo Ea.
      Jurense Catfish (Brachyplatystoma jurense)
      3” $45.oo Ea.
      Lima Shovelnose Catfish (Sorubim lima)
      4”-5” $30.oo Ea.
      Tiger Shovelnose Catfish (Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum)
      2.5”-3” $15.oo Ea.
      Redtail x Tiger Hybrid (P. hemioliopterus x P. fasciatum)
      2”-3” $15.oo Ea.
      Fossil Catfish (Heteropneustes fossilis)
      3” $18.oo Ea.
      Hoplo Catfish (Megalechis thoracata)
      1.5”-2” $6.oo Ea. Or 3/$15.oo Ea.
      Angelicus Catfish (Pimelodus pictus)
      1.5”-2” $8.oo Ea.
      Gulper Catfish (Asterophysus batrachus)
      5” $85.oo Ea.
      Bleekers Sheetfish (Phalacronotus bleekeri)
      6”-7” $35.oo Ea.


      Motoro Stingray (Potamotrygon motoro)
      4”-5” $200.oo Ea.
      Hybrid Stingrays (Potamotrygon sp.)
      4”-5” ON SALE **$200.oo Ea.**
      High Quality Hybrid Stingray (Potamotrygon sp.)
      4”-5” $300.oo Ea.**
      Show Quality Hybrid Stingray (Potamotrygon sp.)
      6” $800.oo Ea.
      Black Diamond Stingray (Potamotrygon leopoldi)
      (M)6”-7” $750.oo Ea.
      Black Diamond x Henlei Hybrid Stingray (Potamotrygon sp.)
      (M)6”-7” $700.oo Ea.
      Black Diamond x Mantilla Hybrid Stingray (Potamotrygon sp.)
      6”-7” $700.oo Ea.
      Show (Swirl) Hybrid Stingray (Potamotrygon sp.)
      12”-14” $3,000.oo


      Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciata)
      1.5”-2” $6.oo Ea. Or 3/$15.oo
      Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciata)
      1” $15.oo Ea.
      Red Dragon Flowerhorn
      1.5”-2” $9.oo Ea. or 3/$24.oo
      6”-7” $135.oo Ea.
      Lace Silk Flowerhorn
      7”-8” $250.oo
      Jaguar Cichlid (Parachromis managuensis)
      1.5” $8.oo Ea. Or 3/$24.oo
      Blood Parrot
      3.5”-4” $30.oo Ea. Or 3/$80.oo
      Green Texas (Herichthys carpintis)
      2” $6.oo Ea. or 3/$15.oo
      Red Devil (Amphilophus labiatus)
      2” $13.oo Ea.
      Convict Cichlids (Amatitlania nigrofasciata)
      1.5” $7.oo Ea. Or 3/$18.oo
      4” $20.oo Ea. Or 3/$50.oo
      Salvini Cichlid (Trichromis salvini)
      1.5” $6.oo Ea. Or 3/$15.oo
      Fire-mouth Meeki (Thorichthys meeki)
      1.5” $6.oo Ea. Or 3/$15.oo
      Vieja Coatzacoalcos (Paratheraps sp. Coatzacoalcos)
      12” $85.oo Ea.
      Red Bay Snook (Petenia splendida)
      5” $35.oo Ea.
      Blood Parrot (Vieja x Amphilophus)
      2” $20.oo Ea.
      4” $30.oo Ea. Or 3/$80.oo
      Salvini Cichlid (Trichromis salvini)
      1.5” $6.oo Ea. Or 3/$15.oo
      3” $14.oo Ea.
      Blue Texas Cichlid (Herichthys carpintis)
      1”-2” $6.oo Ea. Or 3/$15.oo
      2”-3” $15.oo Ea. Or 3/40.oo
      3”-4” $25.oo Ea.

      True Red Terror (Cichlasoma festae)
      1.5” ON SALE **$10.oo Ea.**
      Mini Dovii (Cichlasoma Dovii)
      1.5” $20.oo Ea. Or 3/$50.oo
      Albino Threadfin Acara (Acarichthys Heckelii)
      1.5”-2” $30.oo Ea.
      Albino Tiger Oscar (Astronotus ocellatus)
      1.5” $10.oo Ea. Or 3/$25.oo
      (WC)Red-Striped Eartheater (Geophagus surinamensis)
      4”-5” $30.oo Ea. Or $50/Pair
      Blue-Eyed Cichlid (Cryptoheros sajica)
      1”-2” $13.oo Ea. Or 3/$30.oo
      Gold Severum (Heros severus)
      2” $20.oo Ea.
      Geo. Red Head Topajo (Geophagus sp. ‘red head’)
      2.5”-3” $35.oo Ea.
      Electric Blue Acara (Andinoacara pulcher)
      1.5” $10.oo Ea. Or 3/$25.oo
      Jeweled Pike Cichlid (Crenicichla saxatilis)
      5”-7” $85.oo Ea.
      Chocolate Cichlid (Hypselecara temporalis)
      2” $13.oo Ea. Or 3/$36.oo
      Green Terror (Andinoacara rivulatus)
      1.5” $6.oo Ea. Or 3/$15.oo
      Threadfin Acara (Acarichthys Heckelii)
      4” $70oo Ea.

      Orange Chromide(CB form) (Etroplus maculatus)
      .75”-1” $5.oo Ea. Or 3/$12.oo

      Frontosa (Cyphotilapia gibberosa)
      4”-6” $90.oo Ea.
      Fairy Cichlid (Neolamprologus brichardi)
      3” $18.oo Ea.
      Pin-stripe Damba (Paretroplus menarambo)
      4” $85.oo Ea.
      Black Diamond Cichlid (Paratilapia polleni)
      1.5” $PRICE COMING SOON$


      Bushynose (Ancistrus sp.)
      2”-3" $15.oo Ea.
      Royal Pleco(L-190) (Panaque nigrolineatus)
      6”-7” $65.oo Ea.
      Rhino Pleco (Pterygoplichthys scrophus)
      16” $130.oo
      Mustard Spot Pleco(LDA031) (Panaqolus albomaculatus)
      1.5”-2” $35.oo Ea.
      2”-3.5” $45.oo Ea.
      Clown Pleco(LDA022) (Panaqulus maccus)
      1” $13.oo Ea. Or 3/$30.oo
      Royal Pleco(L-190) (Panaque nigrolineatus)
      3” $35.oo Ea.
      6”-7” $65.oo Ea.


      Reticulated Knife (Papyrocranus afer)
      9”-10” ON SALE **$85.oo Ea.**
      Black Ghost Knife (Apteronotus albifrons)
      1.5”-2” $15.oo Ea.


      Saddled Bichir (Polypterus endlicheri)
      2” $20.oo Ea.
      Lap (Polypterus lapradei)
      6”-8” $85.oo Ea.
      Congicus (Polypterus endlicheri congicus)
      8”-9” $175.oo Ea.
      Poll’s Bichir (Polypterus palmas polli)
      9” $150.oo Ea.
      Ropefish (Erpetoichthys calabaricus)
      8”-10” $19.oo Ea.


      Fahaka Puffer (Tetraodon lineatus)
      1” $20.oo Ea.
      Red-Eyed Puffer (Carinotetraodon irrubesco)
      .75"-1” $10.oo Ea. Or 3/$25.oo
      Mbu Puffer (Tetraodon mbu)
      6" $200.oo Ea.
      Indian Dwarf Pea Puffer (Carinotetraodon travancoricus)
      .37”-.5” $4.oo Ea.
      Dragon Puffer (Pao palembangensis)
      2”-3” $PRICE COMING SOON$
      Avocado Puffer (Auriglobus modestus)
      1.5”-2” $15.oo Ea.

      Blue Arowana (Osteoglossum ferreirai)
      8”-9” $225.oo Ea.
      Albino Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum bichirrhosum)
      8”-10” $650.oo Ea.
      Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum bichirrhosum)
      2”-3” $25.oo Ea.
      6”-8” $65.oo Ea.
      Red Spot Arowana (Scleropages leichardti)
      2.5”-3” $125.oo Ea.

      -Oddball & Others-

      Red Hi-fin Wolffish (Erythrinus erythrinus)
      2”-3” $65.oo Ea.
      3”-5” $85.oo Ea.
      Common Wolfish(Columbia) (Hoplias malabaricus)
      1” $15.oo Ea. Or 5/$60.oo
      Peppermint Pikehead (Luciocephalus aura)
      3”-4” $35.oo Ea.
      Spotted Pike Characin (Boulengerella maculate)
      5” $20.oo Ea.
      Freshwater Moray Eel (Gymnothorax tile)
      8” $35.oo Ea.
      Black Hooked Silver Dollar (Metynnis sp. Pos. arnoldi or torquatus)
      2” $65.oo Ea. (CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION)
      Burmese Archer (Toxotes blythii)
      1.5” $20.oo Ea. Or 3/$50.oo
      Elongated Tigerfish (Hydrocynus forskahlii)
      6”-7” $300.oo Ea.
      Goliath Tigerfish (Hydrocynus goliath)
      5”-6” $225.oo Ea.
      Silver Datnoid (Datnoides polota)
      2” $15.oo Ea. Or 3/$40.oo
      Tanzanian Tigerfish (Hydrocynus tanzaniae)
      3” $225.oo Ea.
      5”-6” $250.oo Ea.
      Spotted Silver Dollar (Metynnis lippincottianus)
      Flagtail Prochilodus (Semaprochilodus insignis)
      5” $65.oo Ea.
      Bucktooth Tetra (Exodon paradoxus)
      2”-3” $9.oo Ea. Or 10/$70.oo
      Albino Giant Gourami(Black Pupil) (Osphronemus goramy)
      4” $35.oo Ea.
      Elephant Nose (Gnathonemus petersii)
      7”-8” $50.oo Ea.
      Wide Bar Silver Dollar (Myloplus schomburgkii)
      3"-4" $45.oo Ea.
      Armatus (Hydrolycus Armatus)
      6”-7” $150.oo Ea.
      New Guinea Datnoid(NGT) (Datnoides campbelli)
      8”-9” $400.oo Ea.
      Columbian Tetra (Hyphessobrycon colimbianus)
      2” $7.oo Ea. Or 3/$18.oo
      Red-Bellied Pacu (Piaractus brachypomus)
      9” $65.oo Ea.
      Red Tail Hemiodus Tetra (Hemiodus gracilis)
      3.5”-4” $10.oo Ea. Or 3/$27.oo
      African Arowana (Heterotis niloticus)
      5" ON SALE **$85.oo Ea. **
      Banded Leporinus (Leporinus fasciatus)
      3" $10.oo Ea. Or 3/$27.oo
      Marbled Lungfish (Protopterus aethiopicus)
      12”-14” $250.oo Ea.
      Western Lungfish (Protopterus annectens)
      6” $65.oo Ea.
      Fire Eel (Mastacembelus erythrotaenia)
      12”-15" $225.oo Ea.


      Ghost Lobster (Procambarus clarkii var. `Ghost’)
      2” $30.oo Ea.
      Orange Lobster (Procambarus clarkii var. `Orange’)
      2” $19.oo Ea.
      Blue Lobster (Procambarus clarkii var. ‘Blue’)
      2” $19.oo Ea. Or 3/$45.oo
      Bamboo Shrimp (Atyopsis moluccensis)
      2” $13.oo Ea. Or 3/$36.oo
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    2. krichardson

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      Today at 2:07 AM
      Nice list,can I get a photo of the black hook silver dollars?
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    3. kno4te

      kno4te MFK Moderators
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      Good stock.
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    4. AquaScape

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      Yesterday at 7:28 PM
      Thanks Ron!
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    5. AquaScape

      AquaScape M.A.N. Community Vendor

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      Sep 5, 2005
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      Belleville, New Jersey
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      Yesterday at 7:28 PM
      sure ill post them up later tonight when I get off of work!
    6. bluedempsey

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      Thanks Mike for the great communication today. Waiting for the ray. Harry
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