1. D

    How to get my baby Arapaimia to eat other things than bloodworms?

    Hello, I have a baby arapaimia that is about 6 inches. I have been feeding him frozen bloodworms and he seems to love them. My question is how would I get him to eat other foods, I have tried beef heart, brine shrimp, finely chopped tilapia, and pellets. He won't touch any of them, any advice?
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    For Sale  Arapaima Gigas for sale

    9” arapaiam gigas forsale! Will get massive*** Pickup only but can meet or deliver within a decent range for an extra fee
  3. Luxury Fish Keeping

    WTB Arapaima babies please msg me or leave contact number

    looking for arapaimas locally in Southern California! Please msg me or leave contact number! Thank you!
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    TL's 60,000 Gal Pond Update + New Fish Project!

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    FS | Arapaima 9” | Burbank, CA | $240

    9”. Stunning quality, eating frozen blood worms. $240, have 2 Available 818-726-8550
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    POND UPDATE + FEEDING!! ENJOY GUYS :D Follow my Facebook page @
  7. adamjavaguy

    Biggest captive arapaima?

  8. GiantLakeMan

    Arapaima Question

    Hey guys, Arapaima speculation question for anyone, Do you think an outdoor fish predator such a Blue Heron could/would prey on a decent sized outdoor Arapaima? I ask because Arapaima are supposedly 'armored' from predators and are known to eat birds but I am not sure how this would contend...
  9. T


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  10. Alligator head


    I read on the below link that arapaima rarely reach over 60 cm in captivity is it true!?
  11. F

    August 6th 2016 Stock list

    Flag Tail 3" $25 Pinstripe Bamba 8-9" $780 Pinstripe Bamba 4" $98 (ALL SOLD) Arapaima 5-8" starting $150 !! (Sale will start on Tuesday ) MBU Puffer 5" $120 MBU Puffer 8" $250 8" Short Body Endlercheri polypterus $500 5-6" Short Body Albino Polypterus $149 Super red Ingot 4" $25 Super Yellow...
  12. P

    Source for Arapaima

    Hello all, The fish farm I work at is looking into farming arapaima for human consumption. Part of figuring out the feasibility of this project is finding an affordable source for fingerlings. Because they are for human consumption they really can't be treated with medications (with a couple of...
  13. Roberto G

    Few questions on Arapaima.

    Hello MFK! First of all, please don't turn this into a "why did you bought an arapaima in the first place?" kinda thread. This is my first arapaima but not my first monster fish, I've kept south-american and jardini arowanas before as well as some big catfish, so I have a slight idea of what...
  14. Red_Man


    Fish in the bag is a Arapaima. Couldn't help but laugh at the poor guy. Can't believe people still try to man handle this fish after this has probably happened tons of times in their native land not to count someone trying to move captive specimens. Enjoy! <iframe width="420" height="315"...
  15. O


    Is his tank still running? In case you forgot who he is (hasn't been active in a few years), he's got Sam and SOS in a 10,000 gallon tank. So is it still up or no?
  16. Kangadrew

    Ultimate DIY Fish Room - Nearly 100K Gallons in Total!

    Well, once I get enough money I plan to design a massive private aquarium, that will house lots of large, custom tanks and my freshwater collection I already have. I plan on constructing a building around the room, which will be pretty huge, so I'm really packing on the dough here ($250K budget...
  17. B

    Golden Arapaima

    Helo Sir, i am from india.... Can i know about Golden Arapaima fish,,,,, is this fish available