asian arowana

  1. mattybecks

    My tanks

    Hi Guys, I havent posted pics or vids on my tanks for a while now, thought I put them online for record purposes :) 1 - 750L, 1.8m aquarium. Asian Arowana (50cm in length). 6 x Geophagus Tapajos (approx 15cm each. Smallest is about 12, largest is 17cm). 1 x rainbow shark. 2 -150L Marine Tank -...
  2. M

    FREE  Super red arowana for sale

    Selling my super red arowana at approximately 11 inches.Very stunning fish,feeding like a real monster should. Pick up in Ca.Whatsapp me at ±1 414-600-4130 for more info.
  3. N

    Is this a fungal or parasitic problem?

    Hi, can I ask for some help from you guys again? Currently I own an asian aro. He/she lives in 500-ish litre tank (I think, the tank dimension is 1,6 m x 60-70 cm x 60 cm). I don't know about the exact biological age of my fish but I think I bought him 7 or 7,5 years ago. I guess I can say...
  4. V

    Fish Room Build Thread

    So it begins A long dream of mine is realizing in front of my eyes as we speak. After a couple of years planning, buying a new house and not least hard negotiations with my significant other I can finally commence the building of my new fish room. General overview Large tank - 750 gallon...
  5. mattybecks

    Arowana, Geos and Pothos roots

    Hi there, Last week I posted about a rescue Asian Arowana I adopted, who I did a little gill curl surgery on that is doing really well now. So my question is regarding tank set up. Ive always kept it pretty simple. sand for the geos to sift through, and some rocks for them to create...
  6. B


    Hello introduce me from Indonesia, I'm a seller of super red arowana fish Kapuas Hulu where the center of Arwona fish lives. this is one of the collections that I want to sell payment can be via paypall account we usually export to countries where CITES is allowed AROWANA SUPER RED SIZE 30CM
  7. mattybecks

    Another rescue - Arowana question on gill curl

    Hi Guys, As we are all aware, the current pandemic is effecting us all. As Dubai is 90% foreigners. A few people had to go home in a hurry, or seriously downsize their lives. Unfortunately this leaves a lot of animals in a poor situation, including fish. Quite a number have been dropped off at...
  8. mattybecks

    Asian Arowana suddenly swimming very different - back broken?

    Hi guys, For the last three days (this is the third day) my highback golden has had a complete turn around in behavior. I have had him for a few weeks, and he hasn't shown skittish behavior, always cruising around the surface of the aquarium, eating well. He very abruptly stopped eating and...
  9. mattybecks

    Asian Arowana ID

    So I managed to get an Asian Arowana from a fish wholesaler in a little emirate here called Ajman. (next to Dubai/Sharjah). I have never seen such a variety of fish before, or prices like these. There are pretty much no restrictions on what you can get. Anyway the guy told me the Aro was a new...
  10. P

    Arowana mixing

    Hello everyone hoping for some quick tips, I have a foot long Asian arowana in my 180 gallon tank 6x2x2 and I’m thinking of adding an albino silver or black arowana, I don’t have one picked out I’m just doing some preliminary research. Would this matchup be acceptable and are there ways to...
  11. Miks786

    Asian Arowana info?

    Hey guys, I recently got a baby Asian Arowana for a really good price, his in a grow out tank with some feeders... I’m not sure on what species he is as his still small but I’ll hope for the best.. Could anyone please tell me the growth rate on them? Compared to a silver Arowana? TIA
  12. A

    Premium Golden Head Crossback from Sing Arowanas

    To view video Click Here Hi All, I got this about five months back. Have been successfully able to maintain the head shine and colour in India. I was told that they have to be kept in white tank with 24 hours white T5 lights. I have done that for the past 5 months. I am not sure whether I...
  13. The-Almighty-Zugs

    96 x 30 x 24 Tank and Arowana Species

    I was just wondering what species of Arowana can fit in a 96 x 30 x 24 tank for life without needing a bigger tank. I'm thinking for sure the Jardini would be fine but are there others? African? Leichardti? Would Asians have the potential to get too big? I know Arowana's in general have a better...
  14. G

    Asian arowana questions.

    I want to get a super red arowana from Planet Arowana in the future and have a few questions about equipment and other stuff, I'm gonna get a custom made tank with dimensions of 94x35x24 inches (LxWxH) or bigger if need be and want to know: 1. What filter would be best for a tank of this size...
  15. Jush

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy predatory fish (list)

    Looking for a whole host of new fish for my new upcoming system! Please get in contact with me if you have any of the following up for sale, refer to the linked document for sizes, etc. (created document for easier updating of list.) Updating LIVE updating list of fish click here (google...
  16. Jush

    Want to Buy  Looking for Predatory Fish!

    [PLEASE IGNORE THE REGION & STATE BECAUSE I'M BASED IN THE UK! PLEASE REFER TO "LOCATION"!] [ALSO PRICE BECAUSE DEPENDING ON WHAT THE FISH IS DETERMINES THE PRICE!] Looking for a whole host of new fish for my new upcoming system! Please get in contact with me if you have any of the following up...
  17. B

    What country has the best fish laws?

    I was just wondering what countries have the loosest fosh laws.. im thinking of leaving the US and i was wondering if there is somewhere i can keep asian aro, channa, freshwater stingray, etc.. does anyone know what countries let you keep almost all fish?
  18. islandguy11

    Aggressive Asian Arowana

    When I first got my GHXB I kept him in a 4ft. temporary tank until his new 7ft (325g) home was ready. During that approx. month he was always quite calm and cool. However, since putting him in the 7ft'er he has become increasingly aggressive, especially towards nets or siphons and it's gotten...
  19. Ashan Kavinda

    Asian Arowana

  20. T

    Growths on Arowana?

    Hoping someone can help me out here. My asian aro has developed these growths towards his tail. I thought it might be fungal growth but its not white like ich would appear, its the same greyish colour as his scales. Any advise on what it could be/how to treat?