blue acara

  1. D

    Firemouth and blue acara

    I currently have a young Firemouth in a 40 gallon breeder, I am going to add a second one in good time and I am wondering if I will be able to add any blue avatars or something like this to the tank?
  2. Iamfish

    My Eba

    Just sharing this great shot of my lovely female Eba.
  3. Jexnell

    My Blue Acara growth and development

    In this thread I will be posting about my new Blue Acuras, thier tankmates and the changes overtime. -The tank The tank is a 125gal long glass tank, 6ftX18inX20in. I got it for a steal of a deal tank, glass lids,2 three foot T8 lights, and near profesional made homemade stand all for $400...
  4. RubyRuby234


    This is my sweetheart sapphire!! Who was up until today the smallest and youngest of my baby girls! She was so so sooooo shy for the longest time but recently she’s found her place and has even been seen chasing my other fish around too!!! She is in my opinion a living work of art, and a tribute...
  5. Jexnell

    My Cichlids

    Here are some vids of my current cichlids. Sorry not the best, working with what I got to film them anyways here ya go
  6. J

    Blue acara tank mates?

    I have a 55g with a two synos, a couple of BNs, a pair of blue acara and one gourami. I'm going to sell the gourami, but what can I get to go with the acara? I love the look of frontosa, but I'm getting mixed opinions from research as to if they would be suitable or not. Some websites say they...
  7. W

    Chalceus Getting Attacked/Killed

    Has anyone encountered chalceus being targeted/killed by other tank mates? In this instance, two have been specifically targeted in the form of overnight eyes being plucked with death obviously from trauma/stress. Both introductions were peaceful and without event, a mix of typically peaceful...
  8. D

    Blue Acara gill bubble

    Help! My Blue Acara had developed a bubble on the underside of his gill. I have never seen anything like this before :s.