bullhead catfish

  1. neko1

    2 black bullheads

    Im looking for someone who wants 2 bullheads. Im living in the Netherlands in Rotterdam. If u want them you can have them for free. Im doing them away for free because I wane keep more bichirs and my tank is fully stocked right now. I will only give them away if they will get a good house. I...
  2. neko1

    help bullhead catfish fighting.

    hello since a month I have problems with my bullheads. I caught 3 of the bullheads in a lake 6 years ago in France, since they are a pest there. I had them grow up in a small tank 1,2m. Everything went well they grew up fast. 1 died because he ate a pleco that was to big. So I had 2 left, I put...
  3. Dennis Kraemer

    Cichlids with a Bullhead??

    Hey guys I have been thinking about fish for my new 75. I have never kept Cichlids and I was wondering if they could stay with my bullhead (pic above). I love peacocks but I am open to suggestions on species and how many fish I can put in there
  4. S

    Catfish and Turtle

    I have a 55 gallon tank with a 10.5 inch bullhead catfish. Now recently I have gotten into turtles and I have always wanted one since I was a kid. I was looking into getting a male yellow bellied slider. Would I be able to keep the turtle and the catfish together without them killing each other?
  5. S

    Catfish and Turtle

    So I have a 55 gallon tank with a 10.5 inch bullhead catfish. I have recently got into turtles and I was looking into a male yellow bellied slider. Could I keep the yellow bellied slider and the catfish together without them attacking each other?
  6. neko1

    tank setup

    Hello my name is Anders I am kind of new on this forum. I hope that I learn a lot here and that u can help me. The tank is 200x60x40 the fish that are going in are : 1 -P, ornattapitus 1 -P. senegalus 2 -Erpetoichthys calabaricus 1 -arowana knifefish 1 -hejuta beani 1 -M. dayi I wanted to...
  7. J

    largemouth bass tank mates

    Hey guy/gals i have a 75 gallon tank with 2 3" LGM Bass a 2"bluegill and a 3" bullhead. Im looking to get some some more fish to put in the tank with them i have Oscars, Bala sharks, and other cats i'm mind I have space for very large fish in a heated pond outside so. SUGGESTIONS?
  8. itrebebag99

    Feeding Black Bullhead Earthworms

  9. itrebebag99

    Green Sunfish Behavioral Changes.

    A couple months ago I introduced a ~3 inch green sunfish that I caught hook and line into an aquarium containing a ~9 inch bullhead. Instantly, the bullhead came out and attacked the green sunfish. The sunfish had a pretty nasty wound on it's tail, and I thought for sure it wasn't going to...
  10. I

    Cats and plants?

    How would a gulper catfish do with plants, I haven't seen one in a planted aquarium and haven't heard of it. And how about bull head, blue cats, channel cats, and flatheads? So how would they do with plants?
  11. Barrbar

    Can Southern Bullhead catfish adapt to Northern winters?

    I wanted to know if Bullhead catfish such as the Spotted, Snail or the Southern mottled/ marbled Brown Bullhead would survive northern winters. Assuming i have an in ground pond of the proper depth would any or all of these species survive a winter in an iced over pond? In the past I've been...