1. S

    advice needed for 390 gallon canister setup

    Hi fellow friends MFK. newbie here first time owner of large tank and prefer canisters over sump. Tank setup for 2 snakeheads. 7ft x 3 x 2.5 that is approximately 393 gallons or 1500 liters. Will 2 eheim xl canisters be enough for beneficial bacteria growth and full cycle ? One canister on each...
  2. ukgoffer

    For Sale  In Line Canister Filter with pressure gauge and 4 replacement socks

    This has really been my workhorse to remove particulates in a 240g FW with a large bioload (rays, bass, dats etc.). This plus an Eheim 2262 was more than enough for my tank. I would change the sock every other week and I would only have to touch my canister 4x per year. It is very easy to...
  3. xDestro

    Canister = sump?

    Hooked up my fx4 on my 75 today and noticed my water level dropped quiet a bit. So if I were to have a fx4 on like a 20 gallon would that basically be a sump? On another topic can anyone recommend me a canister filter for a 20 gallon long? Stock will he f8 puffer and bumblebee gobies.
  4. xDestro

    Sump question

    What's the advantages to having a sump over just running a canister filter or 2 on larger 100+ tanks? I would love a 150 but sumps are way outa my knowledge range.
  5. Aqua Nut

    EHEIM Pro 4 Review | Eheim Professionel 4 350 Review | Eheim Pro 4+ with Pre-Filter Canister Filter

    EHEIM Pro 4 350 Review | New Series of Canister Filters From Eheim Pro 4 + | New Eheim Filter | Canister Filter Review | Eheim 2273 | EHEIM Pro 4 Review | Eheim Professional 4 350 Review | Eheim Pro 4+ with Pre-Filter Canister Filter...
  6. J

    FILTER?? My first tank build!

    I'm finally building my 380 gallon tank! Yay. I'm not sure on wether I want to buy a filter (sump? Canister?) or if it's a better option to make one. What filters do you use/prefer? And any links/thoughts on building one? Greatly appreciated!
  7. Downwiththecichness765

    Endlicheri cannibalizing Senegalus NEED help fast

    My endlicheri is currently trying to swallow my smaller Senegalus as I type. My main concern is that the endlicheri will die trying to swallow this meal, and as the Senegalus is already dead. Part of me wants to let nature take its course but I do not want my endlicheri to suffocate trying to...
  8. kim91

    130 gallon fx5 & hw-304b input & output placement

    Here's my setup and placement as of now and not sure if i did it right or wrong so can someone give me some advice on placing the input and output for my two canister filter which is fx5 and sunsun hw-304b with one powerhead and internal filter, where should i point the powerhead? I will be...
  9. brittneyelz

    Need Help with my Canister

    i have Ehiem 3 canister filter in my 120gal. I have never had a canister filter before and my tank is starting to smell a little and im not sure how to fix the issue. there is a green tint to it that I cant seem to get rid of with weekly water changes ect. im sure there are a lot of different...