1. Nman

    For Trade  FS/Trade Show size Carpintis

    I have a gorgeous male carpintis he's always trying to breed, looking to trade for any decent size oddballs but all offers welcome, as for price $200 obo. Text 407-721-6624 .
  2. Cichlids keeper

    Carpintis Nuchal Hump

    Can carpintis get a large Nuchal Hump?If so does anyone have a pic of one with a large Nuchal Hump, or at least one with the largest Nuchal Hump you've seen?
  3. Cichlids keeper

    Carpintis/Texas x Jaguar line breeding ideas?

    I saw a Texas Jaguar hybrid, and I was wondering what would happen if I line bred a new hybrid. I was thinking a white/gold base with a nice blue for the Jaguar patterns would be good. I was also thinking a taller thicker body that is around the same size of a regular Jag, maybe bit of nuchal...
  4. the animal guy

    For Sale  8” Blue Texas Carpinti , southern cali

    Male $60 pick up only. 91745 ca
  5. the animal guy

    For Sale  8” male Carpinti

    626-231-1623 Ca 91745
  6. Jexnell

    7in Herichthys Carpintis "Rio Hondo" $50

    Downsizing number of tanks till I move into a house so this beautiful male Carpintis I just got from COTA is up for sale. Only charging $50 dollar's what he cost me not including the shipping. Local pick up only
  7. Nilsafeller

    Your are NOT the father

    Feel like I need to bring my fish on Maury or something... I'll start off with asking my question before getting into a whole story so I dont bore people before they read everything lol! Has anyone ever had a tank with say 3 or more cichlids and ended up with a female laying eggs and...
  8. HybridFinatic

    Hardiest Central American cichlid?

    From your experience, what is the hardiest medium-large Central American cichlid you know of or have kept? I’m talking rock solid. A fish Resilient to diseases compared to others. A fish that is stronger than the others.
  9. Nano Vanisher

    Red Texas F1 Fry

    In pursuit of the best possible hybrids we have F1 red Texas from Jewels my Carpintis and Cheesepuff my Blood parrot. so far we are grabbing a few to hold for the F2 stage some short body and regular. We have a lot of fry available they are healthy and growing fast. Had one report that one...
  10. C

    Texas cichlid sexing

    i was wondering if my Texas is a male or female. Also is my Texas getting a hump on its head or is that a normal head shape. Really wanting a male. Heard the hump is a good sign of male.
  11. F

    Cyano, Carpintis or Hybrid?

    Hi guys, I bought a cichlid labeled as H. Cyanoguttatos. But after reading some posts asking for ID and looking some pictures I'm not convinced he/she is a cyano. Now I'm not sure how to set a proper tank environment (pH, temperature, etc). I've attached a picture. Thanks, FM
  12. Nano Vanisher

    Should I seperate my Carpintis and BP?

    hello, I have been moving alot of fish around between our tanks. My female Blood Parrot and Male Escondido Carpintis appear to be pairing. Should I separate them to not let them hybridize? or is this cross desirable?
  13. joegriggs

    Carpintis in 200 gal community

    Just moved this guy/gal into my 200 gal community, I'd say around just over 3" ATM. Might start to use this thread to timeline his progress as he grows. Starting to show some real potential imo. I'll hopefully get some better pics today once settled. Let me know what you think?
  14. C

    Aztec Carpintis and Female FH

    Hi, I have a quick question. So I have a 6in female Flowerhorn that lays eggs non-stop alone in her tank. I'm thinking about getting her a Male Aztec Carpintis....will they breed? Also will I have to put a divider up even though it's not a male Flowerhorn?
  15. C

    Rose queen X carpintis anyone????

    Has any one had a nice batch from these specific fish I tossed the female with male laid same day (yesterday) I will post in a few On my way To them now what's the outcome nice red Texas or blah? lol!
  16. Kaliedoscope

    Short Body Gt (Eds Breed)

    SBGT From Eds breed (izzy here) Continued on another 2 generations adding hondo (+worm pearl) These have proven themselves to be the healthiest and most perfect sb breed I have ever encountered. God bless you Edwyn, you are a genius.