1. T

    Help ID please

    Long time reader but first time poster, I've recently purchased a smaller channa species from a local pet store here in okinawa under the name, " channa eyes fire" but was wondering if I could get an actual name from some people who are more informed of the different kinds. Photos are from...
  2. E

    Channa For Sale

    Dear All Colleagues, We are fom indonesia and we want to offer you our Channa Species we are ready for 1.5 - 3.5 inch long (1 month old) babies up to 1000 fishes, currently, we already sell many of 'em to Malaysia and Singapore. and we are looking for serious buyer all around the globe. in...
  3. S

    advice needed for 390 gallon canister setup

    Hi fellow friends MFK. newbie here first time owner of large tank and prefer canisters over sump. Tank setup for 2 snakeheads. 7ft x 3 x 2.5 that is approximately 393 gallons or 1500 liters. Will 2 eheim xl canisters be enough for beneficial bacteria growth and full cycle ? One canister on each...
  4. Naos1984

    Do Channa micropeltes adults dig through the substrate?

    I'm planning on doing a dwarf sagittaria and sagittaria broadleaf carpet on my next project and I wonder if it's worth the effort. Will adult Channa micropeltes dig? Say 30" big? I'm planning a 2-3" thickness for sand supported by ferts for the sagittaria. If that does not work, garden soil and...
  5. N

    Question about my Channa Auranti gender

    I just got this channa yesterday and I have been discussing with people about its gender and there's a lot of different answers that really made me confused. Do you guys have any thoughts about its gender?
  6. R

    Channa ID & Growth rate advice needed

    Hello all, I would like to ask for you help bought this little fella as marulioides but I cannot clearly ID him. Thinking of striata. Also my second question, what should be an ideal growth rate for a snakehead? I got him in december 3" and today he is 5,5" what should be the expected growth...
  7. B

    What country has the best fish laws?

    I was just wondering what countries have the loosest fosh laws.. im thinking of leaving the US and i was wondering if there is somewhere i can keep asian aro, channa, freshwater stingray, etc.. does anyone know what countries let you keep almost all fish?
  8. M

    Baby Channa striata.

    Sorry for Bad Picture qaulity
  9. L


    Anyway to identify my channa gender?
  10. Hempy

    Channa Bankanensis Preferences

    Hello fellow fishkeepers... I have a Channa Bankanensis (around 5.8 cm) in a 2 ft planted (growout) tank. Temp is currently 78F. He is fed approx 1.3 cm of an earthworm every other day (sometimes three if he doesn't come to the worm I show him through the glass) supplemented by prawn, mussel...
  11. E

    Gender of my Channa Asiatica

    Hey all I am New to this forum and just recently started with Channa Asiatica. Now I want a mate for him but don't know if it is a male or female. Does someone know? Regards Enrico
  12. G

    Emperor Snakehead Gender

    What do you think of the gender of this emperor by looking at its head. Its 20 inches long
  13. Ash_water

    Golden Cobra Snakehead ( Channa Aurantimaculata)

    Hi guyz!!! Here is a video of my Auranti. At the moment around 11 inches with tail. I think he is a male. From the looks of it Im convinced. Veteran Auranti keepers please let me know what you think. If you like the video, like and subscribe :D Let me know what you guyz think.
  14. A

    Snakehead food?

    Hello everyone, I'm Ashley, I have 11 Channa Pulcha - they are young and only 7-10 cms each at present. They are mostly eating ciclid carnivore pellets with frozen bloodworm and brine shrimp at times too. I'm looking for more ideas on what to feed them, Thanks in advance!
  15. C

    Snakehead Permit

    Alright guys, I have done some digging and found some information. First of all, I saw that the Lacey act had been changed and that transport within the 48 states under the same jurisdiction no longer requires a permit and is not illegal as of 2017. Secondly, I found a permit application that...
  16. greenerinks

    C diplogramma laser blue

    Update of my channa diplogramma that I’ve raised from a baby. Now approaching 22-24” and is thick as my arm. I am loving the deep intense blue.
  17. A

    NEW USER FROM INDIA. need some monster fish keepers as friends. lets talk.

    hi guys. i'm from India and here i can handle snakeheads without any legal issues. snakeheads are free to get and found everywhere throughout india. India hosts morethan 10 native SN channa species. other monster fish like gaint gaurami, and lot others available freely here. most of invasive...
  18. B

    Looking for channa aurantimaculata/ golden cobra snakehead

    Could someone help me out looking for a few young golden cobra snakehead but cant seem to find any if someone could help me that would be great
  19. W

    Similar to Hoplias

    I am trying to find a species similar to Hoplias. Similar in every aspect. The only hang up is, Hoplias, Channa (obviously), and Macodon are prohibited species in Oklahoma. I want this species because my son wants a "dinosaur" and I love ancient aggressive fish. (Probably because I, too, love...
  20. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    Channa Asiatica info?

    I've seen a 14 inch Channa asiatica for £80 I have a spare 75gallon empty atm just wondering what there care is like and temperature thanks