clown knife fish

  1. R

    I just got a clown knife, can he stay with this 10" gator gar?

    Can this knife fish survive this 10" gar? Please guide me.
  2. J

    Injured clown knife fish

    So my 6” clown knife, Gonzo, got attacked by my Senegal bichir and is now missing a good chunk of his tail but he’s swimming fine, still has an appetite, but he lost some energy. Is his tail going to grow back? I attached a picture.
  3. Candy_Land

    Why i support MFK...

    If it weren't for this website. I would've gave up a long time ago. MFK has been a very helpful resource when it comes to caring for my fish. I have 4 fishtanks now and each and every fish means everything to me. I love my fishies like you love your cat or dog etc.. So thank you to the creators...
  4. N

    Feeding feeder fish and aggression

    Had a quick question about feeding feeder fish. I currently have a clown knife, about 3.5 inches. He hasn’t actually ate in front of me, but I’ve been feeding him a red worm every night before bed. I was just wondering if feeding him worms and not feeder fish would curve aggression for when he...
  5. gotin20

    Knife fish - 100$ Bronx New York

    Clown knife fish around 14 inches big $
  6. K

    What do I need my baby clown knife fish?

    A few days ago I picked up a 4" to 5" knife fish and he won't eat. It could just be that he is getting used to my aquarium but he just sits in his little cave and barely ever comes out. I have tried feeding him cichlid gold pellets and small cut up pieces of trout fillet. If you have any ideas...
  7. T

    300 gallon stocking

    Hi I’m new to MFK and I was wondering if I could have any more tank mates in my 300 gallon tank. I have a silver arowana, three kelberi peacock bass and an Oscar. I was thinking about a clown knife or a tiger shovel nose. Thanks and would love to hear suggestions.
  8. spencer0t

    Pond stock

    i have build my own pond 5 foot deep it would be big enough if I wanted to put all of the stock in it but my question is the compatibility of the stock here’s my list so far 1 Indo pacific tarpon 1 African pike 1 Temensis peacock bass 1 clown knife 1 Florida gar And possibly a largemouth bass...
  9. Clown_knife_fish

    Info on Breeding Knife Fish (Clown)

    I've have owned 6 knife fish and always interest me, 3 being clowns and 3 being black ghost. I seen a old debate about breeding knife fish (clown) but was never really answered. That closest answer was breeding them in outdoor ponds. I was wondering if there any new updates or suggest. I also...
  10. J

    Clown Knifefish Feeding

    Hey, hopefully I am posting in the right place, this is my first post. I recently picked up two clown knife fish from my local store, each are about 4” long. I am having trouble getting them to eat. One will lazily grab a couple brine shrimp here and there, but not much. I was hoping to get...
  11. M

    Framed Pool for Clown Knife

    Hey everyone, i have a 19" clown knife in a 150 gallon tall aquarium that ive been trying to find something bigger for. i was looking on amazon and found a small framed pool thats dimensions are 5 feet in diameter and 15" high. the water volume is 150 gallons. but considering the footprint, do...
  12. K

    New to the Knife Fish

    Hey guys I need a little help here. I'm new to owning Knife fish and recently received a Clown KF. It got a new upgraded larger tank and the CKF is doing great eating a few too many feeder fish lol. My question is will it be ok to put a 2" black Ghost Knife fish in the same tank as my 5"+...
  13. AG458

    CK Needs Live?

    I recently bought Hikari sinking carnivore pellets for my fish. My juvenile pbass like loves them and eats them before they hit the ground. My pleco will try to eat them if they sink. However, my CK will not eat them. He's looking thinner than normal, and I don't want him to starve. I also don't...
  14. A-Train


    Hey everyone I've had clown knives before and I've owned several other monster fish not something that is odd and has me worried is I just added a Jardini arowana ( 4-5 inches ) to my 220 gallon tank with my Golden clown knife ( 10 inches ) and I noticed today my clown knife was being overly...
  15. N

    Need solution for my friend

    Hi.i wanna to ask you guys for advice again.i have a friend who already bought a 10 cm clown knifefish and put it into a 45 cm long tank but already planned to move it to 100 gal or 150 gal tank i forgot it. but.he got into just buy and dunno what fish it is-kind problem And to my suprise,he add...