clown loach

  1. P

    Want to Buy  Decent Size Loaches

    Hi, I’m looking for a group of respectfully sized (4in+) clown loaches in the New England area. Please let me know what you got or have seen at your LFS! Thanks
  2. Adam GR

    Adding Clown loaches to established malawi tank

    Happy New Year ! I m thinking about adding 4 clown loaches to 90 gallon all male peacock/hap tank. Clowns sizes ranges from 4 - 6 inches. They live currently in a 50 gal with Jack Dempsay/ electric blua acara tank (both juveniles) In 90 I have 16 males, about 6 of them max size. Do you think...
  3. P

    Brilliance 150 Oscar Build

    Hey so I'm new to this forum but have been on reef2reef for a while and Its time to start a build thread. as the title suggests I'm planning to setup a tank for a Oscar in the Aqua One Brilliance 150. Its still several months out but slow and steady wins the race. Planned hardware is Aqua one...
  4. C

    Re-Homing a Small Clown Loach

    I found out that my friend's mother had a clown loach in a small tank, long story short I am now the temporary keeper of this little loach. I planned to give him to my LFS, as my largest tank is only a 60 (and has aggressive fish, he is currently in a 20 gallon long until rehoming) but I wanted...
  5. Serpentine

    Black and Silver Arowanas Together?

    I have a baby black Arowana and was considering adding a silver while they are still small so they grow up accustomed to each other's company. Will that work? They will be in a 400 gallon. Additionally I was going to put some clown loaches and a royal plecostemus in there. I'm pretty sure...
  6. S

    Injured fish! Please advise!

    Hi there! I’ve recently set up a tropical aquarium (a month ago) and have been slowly adding fish with advice from my LFS. I’ve been keeping a close eye on them and have (perhaps unwisely) carefully chosen names for all 13 of them. Today I came home from work and as usual checked the...
  7. D

    Bichir tank setup.

    Hello all! I'm new here and while having owned aquariums for many years, I am new to Bichir. I have a 150 gallon tank and am trying to figure out what to stock it with. I have 4 angelfish and most likely will add one or two more. I would like to get 3-5 clown loaches, and 2-3 Bichir, a BGK...
  8. Davidiator

    Clown Loaches With Shrimp

    Can i have my 5 clown loaches with any kind of shrimp (i would like names of the shrimp that i could have) (1 of the Clowns is 5-6" and 4 clowns are 1")
  9. spcichlids

    Big Tanks, Big Fish, and Big Rich - Touring Ohio Fish Rescue

    If you guys don't know about Big Rich and his fishroom you are in for a treat.
  10. O

    Serious issues going on.. SOS

    I'll try to make this quick and as to the point as possible.. Recently moved my well established 90g back into my house. Was so excited about having it back in my possession, that I got excited and went and bought 3 opaline gouramis and two small clown loaches to add to the larger 4 I already...
  11. Alistair

    Peacock bass with loaches?

    I have a bunch of clown loaches and Y.modesta in a 150 gallon tank. The middle dwellers are a few severums and an oscar. I got a couple of 1.5 inch peacock bass today, impulsively, which are in a growout tank. My main tank has a lot of driftwood & rocks in it and a tonne of hiding places. The...
  12. xDestro


    I noticed a few days ago my zig zag eel had a bit of discoloration on him, then today I did a water change and noticed 1 of my clown loaches and a few ruby red barbs have like very small bubble like thing throughout their body, is this ich? If so what is the best way to treat it and how...
  13. freshfishin727

    Update video of my main display and grow out

    Tell me what you all think.
  14. T

    Clown loaches not growing

    I bought 4 clown loaches about 9 months ago from my LFS. They were about 1.5" at the time and they are still that size. They haven't grown at all in that time. I bought another 4 a few months later from another fish keeper, they were about 1" bigger and they have probably grown another 0.5"...
  15. S

    My clown loach is injured pls help !!!

    earlier today my clown loach seemed to have what looked like a punctured eye or a bubbled eye (right one).I had to go to work so i left him like that.when i returned to home i found that he banged with the lava rocks due to nervousness and injured himself around the head region badly. I...
  16. Ihsnshaik

    I bet you your clown loach isn't as big as this!

    I just recently bought some loaches and was looking at unique pattern and came across this picture! Holy loach that thing is insane!
  17. F

    New Stock April 19th 2016

    We have tons of fish came in recently. See below list. Please call in or message me on Facebook for any shipping quote. Please mention that you saw price list on Monsterfishkeepers. For pictures please go to our Facebook page. Or PM for more pics. Tiger Scats 3" $150 5" $250 NTT Datnoid 6"...
  18. FunWow!

    Anyone know the answer?

    So I've notice for some time now that little clowns seem to swim up against the face of my big clowns. It doesn't matter when or time of day they'll swim right at its face like it's trying to bite it's eye. Sometimes I'll have 3 small clowns up against my bigger one as it swims... They annoy...
  19. M

    Replace dither fish every 48hrs?

    I shouldn't have to hide behind the sofa or use a web cam to enjoy my own clown loach, but that is what it has come to. I have over a dozen clown loach that after a year, still hide all day. They come out to play around 5am, only to scatter if i approach. There are enough plants, pvc and...
  20. F

    WTB - Any fish for 180 Gallon tank with Preds - PU Columbus

    Looking for some fish to put into my 180. I currently have 4 wolfish in there and a large Datnoid. Everything in there sits still and they stay closer to the bottom so i would like some moving fish to put in here. Shoot me everything you got. Even if it can't go in here i have other tanks so...