Brilliance 150 Oscar Build


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Nov 30, 2019
Hey so I'm new to this forum but have been on reef2reef for a while and Its time to start a build thread. as the title suggests I'm planning to setup a tank for a Oscar in the Aqua One Brilliance 150. Its still several months out but slow and steady wins the race.

Planned hardware is
Aqua one Brilliance 150 (also includes)
  • tank
  • lighting
  • filter (I will be replacing this)
  • heating (I think)
  • lid
  • stand
Fluval fx04 canister filter, I might replace the biological media with marine pure balls.
for decoration 2-3cm deep beige gravel substrate an air-stone, a few smooth rocks and a piece of driftwood or two.

Planned Livestock is
Tiger or Red Oscar undecided yet
4 bala sharks
5 clown loaches
1 sailfin pleco
a few amazon swords
a few anubias
maybe a floating moss ball that I forget the name off

So far everything is going as planned, I just need to find out if my LFS sells replacement media for the canister filter, if the lid would be strong enough for the Oscar and how to look after the live plants. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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