clown loaches

  1. Poseidon2.0

    For Sale  4” Clown Loaches

    I have seven 4” clown loaches for sale. $20 each or $100 for the group. A great active school but getting a little large for my 120 gallon. The cichlids in the photos are not for sale. I’m in Brooklyn.
  2. I

    Attention Clown Loach keepers

    Hey everyone. Longtime lurker first time poster here. I come from the land of instagram. I used to follow this dope account, buddy had the sickest clown loach tank I've ever een. Now his profile has disappeared. It was the dopest domestic clown loach aquarium. Big tank. 10 foot long? He had...
  3. X

    For Sale  Large clown loach group

    Large clown loach group for sale. I don’t ship. These will need to be picked up from Sunnyvale. 1x7”+ 1x5.5”+ 2x4” Asking $250 for whole group.
  4. P

    Want to Buy  Decent Size Loaches

    Hi, I’m looking for a group of respectfully sized (4in+) clown loaches in the New England area. Please let me know what you got or have seen at your LFS! Thanks
  5. H


    Hello everyone! This is an update post from my last one. I have sold some items but mainly revising prices. **** EVERYTHING LISTED PACKAGE SALE - $700 **** INCLUDING ALL EXTRAS Have owned everything since new, and all fish for years. Willing to sell fish and tanks separately, but MUST sell...
  6. R

    For Sale  African Cichlids, Clown Loaches, Jack Dempsey, Pleco

    Hey guys. Looking to unload some fish. Willing to deliver in the NYC area. Please see below. I'll text or email some pictures if interested. ~ 35-40 African Cichlids all ranging from 3-7inches. Includes huge 7 inch male Frontosa. Mainly Mbuna, however there's a nice mix. Take the lot of...
  7. LCT8

    Ich on clown loaches

    My clown loaches recently got ich, I quickly went to my local fish store to get a heater and some aquarium salt and ich medicine with blue liquid. I put my clown loaches in another tank to treat the ich. My clown loaches doesn’t seem to have ich after a day of treatment, do I put my clown...
  8. E

    Want to Buy  Large Clown loaches

    Looking to pick up 3-4 large clown loaches to add to my current group of 4 loaches. My current 4 loaches are between 5-8 inches. I am located in Mercer County in New Jersey and can meet up or would pay to have some shipped to me at this large size. Text me: 848-666-0264
  9. Serpentine

    Black Ghost Knife Fish with Arowana?

    I am growing out a black Arowana, 4 Uarus, a spotted royal plecostemus and 10 clown loaches for a 500 - 600 gallon custom build. I will not give any live feeder fish to the Arowana in an effort to keep him viewing his companions as non edible neighbors. So far he's 6 inches long, trained onto...
  10. River lake


    I have about 18 loaches for $900. These are mostly 5 inches a few are smaller and a few are larger. All are beautiful and very thick. I have 3 giant ones about 9 inches long and 2 1/2 inch thick. selling $600 for all 3. If interested text 8182091799
  11. wiggywhitetrash

    Clown Loaches In A 180

    Hey My old man is typical novice fish keeper, i.e. does practically zero maintenance and buys fish randomly without any research. Buts it's all ok because "the fish are fine" and "fish only grow as big as their surroundings". Yea, I've given up trying to educate him. He has a 90g with various...
  12. S

    Can i stock these fishes in a 150 gallon aquarium?

    In a few days my new 5*2*2 aquarium will be finished and later needs to be setup.I thought of having an asian arowana untill fish reaches 1 and a half feet in length, 1 oscar, 6 clown loaches med sized, 1 black ghost knife fish which i already have(6-7 inches), along with 3-4 sea...
  13. S

    How are your clowns?

    They swim so fast...
  14. xDestro

    Pictus with bichir?

    Got my 75 setup and will be getting a senegal bichir, a peacock eel and a zig zag eel soon. I want a larger schooling fish so I was thinking clown loaches but they will eventually outgrow the tank, bala sharks also came to mind but I'm not sure how fast they would outgrow the tank, then I came...
  15. I

    Clown loaches with Arowana?

    I have a arowana that I just upgraded to a 120g. He was in a 55g but he is still pretty much a juvenile. But now I'm left with an empty 55g and was wondering if I could get some clown loaches to grow out and put in with the arowana?
  16. S

    My clown loach is injured pls help !!!

    earlier today my clown loach seemed to have what looked like a punctured eye or a bubbled eye (right one).I had to go to work so i left him like that.when i returned to home i found that he banged with the lava rocks due to nervousness and injured himself around the head region badly. I...
  17. MorningStar

    Fish for sale. Dats, Clown Loaches, Endli, Delhezi, etc.,

    Hello Everyone, I am selling a few of my fish and giving away. I'm located in SoCal area in the 92551 area. Here's whats up for grabs; * 5 - IT Dats. (2-4" eyeball) $30 for all 5 * 6 - Clown Loaches. (2" eyeball) $20 for all 6 * 1 - Delhezi (3.5" eyeball) $5 * 1 - Endli (6-7" eyeball) FREE *...