1. PGJE

    What should dry rock look like when it’s done cycling?

    Right now the dry rock in my cycling tank has a bloom of diatoms, as expected. But after all of the nutrients it eats is gone, they should die off, and the cycle should be done or close to done. I was wondering when the diatoms die off, does the rock look any different? I heard some people say...
  2. PGJE

    Finally, after years of dreaming, I started my first reef tank! anyways, I have a few questions about cycling...

    Alright so I properly mixed the reef salt, salinity is 1.022 ppt, Ph is around 8.1, and I have everything set up that I need. I JUST added the water to the tank, like, 10 minutes ago. I have the bacteria bottle that I will add to the tank to start the cycling process, but I have a few questions...
  3. LBDave

    How much ammonia do fish produce?

    I doubt anybody is going to be able to show me how to calculate or estimate how much ammonia will be created daily from a populated aquarium. Too many variables. Fish size, type feeding etc. But I was wondering about ball park figures. Anything based on some sort of testing or fact. Not...
  4. Sarah J

    Cycled in 1 day?!

    ok, this may not be possible but I’ll give you some info. This is long btw I setup my new 125 g Monday night. Used safe start and let it run overnight. In the morning I saw one of my fish stressed from bullying in my established tank so I made a decision. Fish in cycling it would be for my...
  5. Sarah J

    Marineland Aquarium Bacteria and 5 fish cycling

    Hello! Ok I just set up a new 125g tank this evening. I have a Fluval FX4 on it, two submersible heaters, a circulation fan and air pump. Not really important, just saying. Clearly not a cycled tank. Here's my question, I have 2 Blue Acara's and 2 EB Jack Dempseys coming in Wednesday. According...
  6. M

    Oscars, Cycling, and Cloudy Water

    Hi there! I set up a new 255L (~67 gallon) tank for my adult oscar about three months ago as I was having unrelated issues with his old one. As it's virtually impossible to acquire clear ammonia where I live, I decided to do a fish-in cycle with six tiger barbs and some filter media from an...
  7. xDestro

    Is my tank somehow cycled

    I have a 20L set up just sitting with eco complete, a piece of driftwood and matten filter for quite a while, 2 weeks ago I put a small delhezi bichir in there and added some water from another tank temporarily until I could transfer media, well the bichir died next day, today I noticed a bit of...
  8. P

    Longer Cycle??

    When adding more water to a tank (evaporation) during a cycle (with prime of course), does this make the cycle longer?
  9. xDestro

    First tank, fake plants (ik sorry)

    Finally set up my first tank it's in the middle of cycling now. Fake plants ik I'm sorry I'm a newbie but real driftwood and dragon stone. 60 gallon sponge filter 120 canister 4 inch air stone disk Stocking plans: •1 female gold gourami • 1 pleco • 3-4 Roseland sharks • 1-2 bumblebee catfish •...
  10. xDestro

    Adding BB?

    Does adding bacteria to your non cycled aquarium cycle it? Or is its sole purpose to add it when you add fish to give the existing bacteria a chance to catch up? Is it a bad idea to add it to speed up cycling?
  11. xDestro

    Cycling question

    I have a 55 gallon tank that will soon be cycling with some baby tetras, so do I / should I add that bacteria u can buy at pet stores to help boost the cycling process? Also when cycling what should my nitrates and nitrites be around and what is high enough for me to do a water change? Tank...
  12. xDestro

    Water changes, 55 gallon

    So I'm about a week or so from filling up my 55 gallon and let the tank start cycling, my girlfriends mom is giving me a few baby tetras to help it get on its feet so I'm going to do about 20 gal water changes at least once a week unless needed, my question is what all goes into a water change...
  13. R

    Freshly sealed 265 gallon

    Ok just sealed my 265 and day by day i have added water and it is now full. I am planning on waiting a few days before i drain it (a few times) so that all toxins are gone. So now my question is if cycling it in my way will be good enough or should i do this dropping ammonia in it and watching...
  14. M

    Is my fish tank cycled?

    Hello all, i have a 4 foot fish tank (48 gallons) that I've been cycling for peacock cichlids for about a week now. The water test strip shows as follows: 120 GH ppm (mg/l) 120 KH ppm (mg/l) 7.5 - 8.00 PH (The colours almost in-between, leaning to 8.00) 0.5 NO2- NITRITE ppm (mg/l) 20 - 30...
  15. M

    First time cichlid tank cycling help?

    Hi guys, im getting my first tank very soon- a 37 gallon, and i need some help with cycling this bad boy, i have written down a step by step progress on what i think i might do, but could you guys check it over and see any points of concern? The stocking list is as follows: 1 male albino...