1. S

    Dither Fish for peacock bass HELP!!!

    Hey everyone, I just moved a few days ago and I'm faced with a challenge I did not see coming. I have a peacock bass who is about 4' right now and he is extremely shy and frantic after the move, it been about 5 days. When I first got him he was about 2' and had the same shyness as he does now...
  2. Jacob6556

    Will this tank setup work? Opinions needed!!

    So this is a follow up from my last post for a great stocking idea for my new 60 gallon tank! My tank has two rock caves, a pot, and two pieces of drift wood. I also have a large filter under the tank and a power head to provide a good current in the water. So my stocking idea I got from my last...
  3. Jacob6556

    Jack Dempsey tank idea! Does this work??

    So I now have a 60 gallon tank, and ofcourse like all new tanks it’s empty. I was just wondering about what fish I should get. First I was think about just an Oscar but then I realized that one would just be to big and to much water cleaning required as the have a huge bioload. So I had an idea...
  4. E

    Festae Advice

    Hello, I recently acquired these two Festae which are currently divided in a 200G tank going through quarantine (they will remain in this tank for a while). The festae in the first 4 photos I was told was a female, which is what I believe due to the half black dorsal and the lack of spangling. I...
  5. Hybridfish7


    I just fried my brain trying to see how these things would work and what I'm going to do... So my initial plan was to get a 20 gallon tank with a marbled honduran red point and some tetras. As for the tetras, I was thinking about getting either Columbian blue and red tetras or long fin serpae...
  6. Ink

    Dithers for Flowerhorn

    Hi guys.. im currently new to the forum, been a dweller for a while and have read some good stuff ! i read somewhere on the forum about dithers for flowerhorns... and tiger barbs were mentioned... so i have fader goldenbase FHs that are bit inactive or scared.. i figured i would try get some...
  7. Dustin3006

    Dither fish?

    So I want some dither fish for my 45 gallon breeder tank for my blue acara pair. I had 12 silvertip tetras but they were too aggressive and fin nippy. They did more harm then good for my relaxed acaras! So I want a mellow calm, tight, schooling tetra. Preferably pretty! I was looking at serpaes...