dying fish

  1. Jacob6556

    Goldfish in need of help!!

    So I just bought a used fish tank from a friend and the fish tank was completely gross, I’d say hadn’t been cleaned in a year or more, the back wall was solid algae. So anyway the tank came with a 8 inch goldfish in it, and anyway the goldfish has many problems now that it’s a new tank. I have...
  2. T

    Fire Eel SOS HELP!!!

    I bought a 3-4" fire eel a month ago. I have a 30 Gal tank with 2 black molly, 2 dwarf gourami, 1 pleco, 1 african dwarf frog, 1 cory catfish, 1 male betta, and my fire eel (All fish are small right now). I don't have any sand on the bottom but I do have small gravel (I was gonna get sand soon)...
  3. J

    Fish dying? Why?

    I have a 20 gallon tank with 4 black neons, 3 balloon mollies, a swordtail a platt and some shrimp. I’ve had the tank set up for about 4 months. Everything was going well. I decided to start a planted tank so I added some Caribsea planted substrate. I got some plants that were packaged and went...
  4. H

    Mysterious deaths among fish?

    Hi I have a 30 gallon fresh water with around 27 varied tetras 6 kuhli loaches, a small Pleco and 3 guppies. In the last three days a fish has died mysteriously, the first day one of my emperor tetras died and I decided (not knowing what happened) to dose the tank with mela fix and Pima fix. The...
  5. A


    Help us. Arowana Grande, *whimpers . Our fish, is dying. I think he has cancer. On its head and skin and gills and eye. He has made very important contributions to the tank society. But since the tank apocalypse, he is the only one left to survive. I dont even know ita gender. But pleaseee. Help...
  6. A


    It is a silver-ish arowana, around 12" and 3 years old. It's head was not like that yesterday. I also don't know if the white spots on its scales are natural, it had them for a while now. It has been breaching the surface of the water like its head cant sink since this afternoon. What should I...
  7. C

    Ropefish and Bichirs

    Need help. Just purchased some ropefish a few days ago. Two have died. 3 are left. I have two canister filters, each rated for 100 gallons, filtering the tank. Biological media, carbon, and plent of mechanical filtration in both. Have done a lot of water changes to combat the fact that I added 5...
  8. T

    Help my arowana is dying

    my 6 inch arowana is barely swimming and he seems really weak. He was fine this morning but when i came home hes really weak. I dont know what to do i cant test the ammonia or ph level cause i was planning on buying to tmrw. I just moved him into a new tank and i put in "prime" to remove...