1. Lil g

    Could it be true.. Baby's?

    I've had a male and female jack dempsey in a tank together and all of a sudden they are acting real weird.... I Think they are laying eggs! My female keeps going around the tank, stopping for a little bit and then moves somewhere else.. And then my male comes where she just was and hovers.. He...
  2. Mavrick813

    Need Help ASAP.?.?.

    Set-Up: 265 Gallon Aquarium FX5: Media Seachem Matrix FX5 2 : Media Seachem Denitrate in 2 Baskets and Matrix in 1 Basket Eheim Classic 600: Media Seachem Denitrate and filter Pads, Topped with Filter Floss TurboTwist 36W: On 24/7 Ligting on 6 hours daily. Water Params, 81* F Water test 0, 0...