1. O

    PLEASE HELP FLOWERHORN not at all active

    Hi Please someone help.I have two flowerhorns and both of them are gasping for air sitting in the corner.What should i do please help. I have sponge filters in the tank and everything is working fine and the heater is also working fine.the water is crystal clear. 30 minutes back i had fed...
  2. G


    Hello, I got a really nice SRD flowerhorn exactly a week ago. he was doing great until today. His head got a little smaller and he's colors are not that vibrant anymore. Also near were he poops the skin is weird, its like white and peeled off, you can see it in the pics below. Please help i...
  3. N

    Pleco problem?!

    Hi, I’m asking this in breeding because I figured this group would know. Do sailfin pleco spray milt or do they have a penis? see picture. My son insists he’s had this for at least 6 months (that he noticed it a long time ago when he was in our smaller tank). I really hope this isn’t a worm, we...
  4. N

    Sick pleco

    Pleas help. He’s sick and we need help, I originally posted this (link below) in the pleco bottom dweller forum but I thought I might get a better response here Only other notes: 1) we added the plant food yesterday Easy Green from aquarium co-op 2) Nitrates are high, close to 40 doing a water...
  5. N

    Emergency sick pleco

    He looks thin. His skin looks patchy and he’s been much more timid and hasn’t been out as much or swam with his frill out since we have switched to the bigger tank (from 35g to 120g) About a month ago. He has his old cave to hide in, but everything else is different. River rock now instead of...
  6. N

    Transfer went bad! :-(

    Help. Just need advice. Not sure what can even do differently now. Just ready to breakdown with this so mad at my help. Mad at myself. Temp was 76.2 Temp this morning only 71.5 (if accurate) As of 10am 73 We transferred our beloved pleco and goldfish to their 120 acrylic tank last night...
  7. N

    COOL a big tank??!! URGENT!

    urgent our tank is running too hot without a heater! We have by the luck of life a goldfish and a pleco. We have kept our 37g tank at 75 degrees religiously but we are all set to move to our bigger tank 120g which is maintaining 4 degrees higher (close to 80!) no matter what we do. Goldfish...
  8. N

    Another emergency?!

    Don’t want a dead fish in the morning -or at all! W/no help until *at least* morning but more likely Saturday, I need fix ideas now. Should I lower the flow on the air stone? Turn down the pump? Worried if I do either tank conditions will hurt the fish. I have live plants i could add but don’t...
  9. Goldenburd

    Hydro heater problems HELP PLS MY FISH ARE BAKING ALIVE!

    So my hydor heater in my 55 Was set to 79 degrees F° and thermometers whers reading 91.3 F° and i though my thermometer was acting up but no every thermometer i put in the water it read 90 degrees F° so im confused so i turn the heater down 71 to see if it turned off and i did but no guarantee...
  10. F


    So I recently got two baby arowana and they weren’t eating but then they started to eat frozen fried blood worms and were both swimming and acting very normal. However I woke up this morning to find my arowana sitting on the bottom of the tank, I quickly changed half of the water from the tank...
  11. Goldenburd

    1 baby red belly in a un cycled 30 gallon

    Hi, i have a red belly piranha aslo i have two snails and 2 feeder guppies in with him but the tanks is uncycled and i forgot to cycle tank should i put him in the 10 gallon tgat has all of the feeders in it or cheap him in there its been two weeks thats he been in his new tank but i tested the...
  12. B


    I have a deoiler in my tank and today both the tank fuilter and the deoiler was on. I could see that he was a little upset by because he was being pushed around by the current. However, I didn't give that much thought because usually when this happens he just goes and hids in his little house...
  13. Feesh4life2000


    I have a little bichir in a 10 gallon grow out tank (don’t worry 125 gallon is on stand by) and he just started freaking out he swims frantically around the tank jumping and swimming into things and then he just sits still for a little while and starts doing it again when he sits still he looks...
  14. bottomdweller72

    Emergency Heating Help!

    Hello everyone! I live in the tropics of florida and we are in a cold wave. it has been below 70 during the day and in the 50's at night. today it has been in the 60's and we are dropping down to the 40's tonight. my heat is not working and won't get looked at until tomorrow morning. meanwhile...
  15. M

    Discus disease? Please HELP!

    Hello guys, I have a few concerns I wanted to share about my discus. I currently have a 75gallon tank with 4 discus 5 angel fish(1 adult and 4 fingerling) and one terra and 6 small bottom feeders. My female discus has been sick for a few weeks now and I am really not sure why. I am doing...
  16. senegalrb

    HELP! senegal bichir emergency!!

    My 8 inch senegal bichir changed color from dark grey to pale white and stopped eating 2 days ago he is still very active. I dont know what to do. Is it due to stress? I did change him to a bigger tank also been replanting plants he keeps uprooting everyday. I hope anyone here could help...
  17. Lil g

    Substrate issues in dirted tank

    Ok so I have a densely planted aquarium in my 36g bow front that has been running for about 2 weeks... Co2 running in the tank with a odyysea t5 light fixture. I dirted my tank with miracle gro organic potting mix and capped it with all purpose sand I bought from home Depot. I'm starting to...
  18. Lil g

    Emergency light problem

    I recently ordered an odysea 4 bulb 24 watts each a total 96 watts and it's standard output... Not high output... With no timer.. I meant to order the high output light with timer... Is this enough light for my tank or do I need to return this light.. My tank is as follows... Medium planted 36g...
  19. Lil g

    Something or nothing?

    .. Side effects of whatever are :... Lethargy, haven't eaten in a week, I see no poop,.. Itching, trashing off decorations, shaking Fins off, darting, laying at the bottom, heavy breathing, no spots, just looks like gray matter or something on there skin... Idk what to do but I know this...
  20. Lil g

    Wanted: Jack dempsey specialist

    I need some help with possible breeding questions... My pair seem to be or have laid eggs.... I have no idea about any of it and I'm in need of some serious help from someone who has experience.. I don't want to do something and mess it up thanks again.