1. Jtank

    For Sale  Monster fish sale

    Fish for sale. Pickup only Milwaukee, WI 53224. All fish are eating pellets, shrimp, scallop, freeze dried krill. Jardini 14-15” $300 Ornate 14-15” $150 Ornate 14-15” $150 Ornate 7-8” $100 Endlicheri 11-12” $100 Endlicheri 10” $100 Delhezi 7-8” $60 Jack Dempsey 5” $10 Jack Dempsey 5” $10 Jack...
  2. A

    Bichir endli has white spots

    I am not sure what happened but I just looked at my tank and found my endli has white spots on BOTH sides of his body it doesn’t look that white in the picture buts it’s literally paper white I don’t know what happened I been doing the same thing I have for two years someone please help
  3. E

    ID Please

    Hi guys, I got this poly at 6 inches, it came as an ansorgi x endli hybrid. I'm still unsure what it is and I want to find a new home for it so I have to be honest while giving it away! Please don't mind the tank, I snuck these photos in as I was doing a clean up.
  4. P

    For Sale  Endlis

    I have 2 endli I need to rehome one is short body. They are trying to eat my other fish :shakehead Regular endli 11 inch - 100 SB endli ~8inch 150 Take both for 200 Will trade for Clown loaches
  5. Liaker

    Got a Poly endlicheri and a poly delhezi instead of 2x delhezi, help?

    So I bought two juvenile Poly Delhezi that would grow in my 200L/52gal tank, to then be moved to a 540L/142gal tank when they have grown a bit. So everything was goin' fine and dandy, they were eating awesomely and they had nice temperaments. Until I noticed one of them was growing a slightly...
  6. EnbyNewbie

    Is my endli bichir gonna be ok?

    I recently got a baby endli named Titan, and he's really stumpy compared to the others I have, is he short body? I always feel bad for short bodies cuz of their deformities, I wanna know if he's gonna be ok! :(
  7. EnbyNewbie

    Update on my endli!!

    Willie is growing really nicely, he's so funny and curious and loves burying himself among the plants, might add in a little sandbox for him!!
  8. Ashan Kavinda

    My 180 Gallons Tank

  9. EnbyNewbie

    Hey guys! After my albino Senegal bichir passed away, this little Endli called to me!

    Hey guys, I’m a long-time lurker and first-time poster and I just came to share my new baby! My very friendly, loving albino Senegal I had for 2 years sadly contracted SBD and passed very suddenly, and while reminiscing at the store I bought him from, I met this adorable little Endli and...
  10. A

    Want to Buy  ISO platinum polypterus endlicheri / black or albino matte arowana

    Hey guys Me and my wife looking for endlicheri and albino (matte) white arowana or in case platinum arowana. Pls message me with picture and your price @702-340-0107. Preferred pick up possible on so-cal/las vegas But not willing to pay for shipping as well
  11. K

    Polypterus congicus or endli ID Help

    Hi guys, I need some help with the ID of this bichir. Listed for sale as congicus, would appreciate any advice on the identification, thanks in advance. Cheers!
  12. AquaScape

    New stock! 01/20/20

    Motoro Stingray (Potamotrygon motoro) 4”-5” $200.oo Ea. Hybrid Stingray (Potamotrygon sp.) 4”-5” $225.oo -$450.oo Ea. Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) 3”-4” $50.oo Ea. Albino Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum bichirrhosum) 4”-5” $225.oo Ea. Marbled Pike (Crenicichla marmorata) 3”-4” $85.oo...
  13. K

    Need advice in tank requirement

    Can i keep bichir in this tank size in a long term.. Tank dimension 3.5ft (long) x 2ft(width) x 1ft(height) ?? My bichir : 2 delhezi & 1 endlicheri. They still in 6-7 inch size
  14. Ashan Kavinda

    Some Moves Of My Newly Added Endlicheri Bichir

    I call him as "ROYAL TIGER" <3
  15. Ashan Kavinda

    Transformation of Polypterus Endlicheri Bichir (can you guess the Breed)

    Transformation of Polypterus Endlicheri Bichir feeding on coppens sinking Pallets
  16. Iamfish

    My new Endlicheri

    He is my first lj and looks amazing, who would ever pick uj over lj. Acclimating atm. I will post updates :)
  17. blufsky2

    rare polypterus platinum family from reddy aquarium

    Hello guys im reddy from indonesia want share my production fish farm welcome to reddy aquarium colection fish i hope you enjoy my colection :D GOD BLESS YOU ALL facebook :https://www.facebook.com/reddy.suryadi facebook grup :https://www.facebook.com/groups/565451506843642/?ref=bookmarks...
  18. Chrigu

    Polypterus endlicheri in 140 gallon

    Hello everyone I have a 140 gallon Fish Tank. The mesurements are 60"x20"x30" (LxWXH). Currently im keeping an Oscar, on Polypterus weeksi, one Polypterus palmas, one Polypterus delhezi, one Polypterus ornata and one lima shovelnose. Id like to keep a Polypterus endlicheri too, do you think it...
  19. Ash_water

    ID My Endlucheri Please

    Hi guyz!! Can someone please help me ID my Endlicheri? Is it CB or WC? Size is around 17 inches Currently in a temporary grow-out tank.