1. H

    endli is sick :(

    hi, i bought an endli about 5 or so months ago. he's gotten much bigger since then, and thicker. up until recently hes been eating well, often getting a nice bulge when he eats. recently, he has been coming up for air differently. its like he cant move his fins properly and he wobbles from side...
  2. H

    endli not...breathing?

    hi i was feeding my endli frozen fish earlier today and i noticed he was approaching a piece of fish but his mouth was closed. a while after he wasn't noticeably full. and i noticed my othe polys noticeably pump water over their gills even when idling causing the mouth to open and close...
  3. Downwiththecichness765

    Endlicheri cannibalizing Senegalus NEED help fast

    My endlicheri is currently trying to swallow my smaller Senegalus as I type. My main concern is that the endlicheri will die trying to swallow this meal, and as the Senegalus is already dead. Part of me wants to let nature take its course but I do not want my endlicheri to suffocate trying to...
  4. P

    Polypterus endlicheri sp. "Tikinso Guinea"

    WC Polypterus endlicheri sp. "Tikinso Guinea"