1. senegalrb

    Help my Ropefish got swallowed!

    Please help. I was dumb enough to buy an endli bichir. And added it to my 120 gal ropefish tank. I feed them a mix of earthworms, squid, fillet fish and an ocassional bloodworm treat. My endli began to bulk up and tonight when i was about to feed them i saw my ropefish tail bit sticking out of...
  2. Troy1015

    Troy1015 Poly Thread

    Hopefully I can chronicle my poly and enjoy sharing with you. Been back in the hobby for almost a year now and have went through many buy and sell and am settling in on a pretty permanent long term set up with a few more pieces to add over the next few months or hopefully by end of the year...
  3. AG458

    Weekend Vibes

    My endli is absoultely DONE with the week and ready for the weekend :)(Should I post a tank update soon?)
  4. AG458

    Ok then...

    Just another normal day in my tank. What are some odd places you've found your polys in?
  5. AG458

    Haven't shared in a while...

    Just a little update on my endli. He's now swimming around the tank a lot more, and he'll swim to the top of the tank when I feed him, rather than wait for the pellets to hit the ground. He hasn't grown very much, but he's awesome nonetheless. I've attached a couple pics of him I took recently...
  6. AG458

    Is My Endli WC or CB?

    There was a semi discussion about this on one of my other threads about my endli. One guy said that mine looked WC with a little bit of CB traits; the other said mine was a flat-out CB. Here are some pics for visual aid. What do you guys think?
  7. AG458

    I've Waited for This!

    Finally! A couple of shots with the mouth open!
  8. AG458

    Pics of my Endlicheri Hiding...

    ...in plain sight. Enjoy!
  9. AG458

    My First Endlicheri

    When I bought my endlicheri, I'd been eyeing bichirs for a while. My LFS had senegals, baby ornates, albino senegals, delhezi, and, of course, endlicheri in stock. I loved the look of the endlicheri species; I guess I liked the look of lower jaw species. The ones visibly for sale were selling...
  10. ong88

    One mfker of an Endi. 15 inch platinum P. endlicheri endlicheri

    14-15 inches estimated. Got it five years back in Jakarta. Outstretched fingers are 7" Platinum endi. Rare sized. One of the biggest platinum bichirs I know of.
  11. FishBeast

    My Bichir Gang

    Hi everyone! Would like to share some photos of my bichirs! They are in a 4 foot 120 right now getting used to each other. It is bare with no decor or substrate. They will be going in a 210 that I'm currently setting up. Stock list: 1 x Lapradei - Koloton 1 x Lapradei - Faranah 1 x Lapradei -...
  12. the fine flip


    I bought this one as a wild caught Endlicheri 2 days ago at a fish shop in my area. The guy at the shop did not seem too certain and therefore i would like to hear your opinions?
  13. The Keeper

    New baby Polypterus Endlicheri

    Here is an album of my new bichir Its 4": http://imgur.com/a/BYDZK will the stripes get bolder with age and size? and some of the dorsal finlets are kinda messed up will it get better? Next Stop: Congicus anybody know a good website that has a congicus around 3-5"???
  14. ZidanSanz

    Endlicheri or Lapen?

    I bought this guy yesterday from one member in my local poly lovers group. He labeled it as '18cm Highfin Endlicheri' and set price at $5. After I bought it and put it in my aquarium I just realized that some of its morphology looks like a lap. Is it pure endli or hybrid lapxendli? What do you...
  15. senegalrb

    Need help with my new delhezi

    Hello i just bought a new bichir. I previously bought a senegal bichir that was 2 inches last febuary 2016 and now its about 8 inches, so i thought i would buy another one and i saw a really cheap delhezi and had to get him. So anyway my question is, my delhezi is about 2 inches, how long will i...
  16. F

    Platinum Endlicheri Birchir 16 INCHES FOR SALE ASAP

    Female Platinum Endlicheri Birchir 16" in size a very impressive girl & a real talking point. She stands out from all the rest & would grace any aquarium .She will make a great addition to any future breeding project or just to add to a collection of other Birchirs. The price of this stunning...
  17. PoissonRouge

    Bichir ID help please!

    Hi, I am new to this forum but am finding I need some help. I just recently purchased a new tank from Craiglist and the guy that sold it to me wanted to rehome his bichirs. So he told me they were an ornate, endilicheri, and delhezi.. but other than the very obvious ornate I am not so sure or...
  18. H

    endli is sick :(

    hi, i bought an endli about 5 or so months ago. he's gotten much bigger since then, and thicker. up until recently hes been eating well, often getting a nice bulge when he eats. recently, he has been coming up for air differently. its like he cant move his fins properly and he wobbles from side...
  19. H

    endli not...breathing?

    hi i was feeding my endli frozen fish earlier today and i noticed he was approaching a piece of fish but his mouth was closed. a while after he wasn't noticeably full. and i noticed my othe polys noticeably pump water over their gills even when idling causing the mouth to open and close...
  20. Downwiththecichness765

    Endlicheri cannibalizing Senegalus NEED help fast

    My endlicheri is currently trying to swallow my smaller Senegalus as I type. My main concern is that the endlicheri will die trying to swallow this meal, and as the Senegalus is already dead. Part of me wants to let nature take its course but I do not want my endlicheri to suffocate trying to...