1. P

    For Sale  Exodon school (18) socal 91776

    Hello all, I have a healthy school for 18 fat healthy exodons that I need to unload they are all about 2-3in, bought them in march when they were about 1.5''. Feeding on sinking pellets take the whole school at $80, pick up only, bring your own bucket
  2. SwissTrees

    Picked me up a shoal of Exodons :)

    Hey FishKeepers, So my Exodons just arrived yesterday and are settling in their new home! Ill try and get some pics/video up once they get comfortable. These guys are about an inch and a half right now so still juveniles in the grand scheme of things. When do they usually start getting their...
  3. Brock11

    Exodons and Serra

    Who had kept bucktooth tetras with any species of Serra. I'd like to hear success and failure stories. Thanks.
  4. U

    Exodon feeding question

    Just added 21 exodon to one of my tanks. I have never seen such active schooling fish. I assume that I need to feed them more than other similarly sized fish because of their incredible non-stop movement. I intend to feed them 3-4 times a day. How much more should I be feeding them? 50%, 100%...
  5. greenerinks

    Meet my rhom that I've grown out from half an inch

    Meet Joe black, my rhom that I have grown out since half an inch! He is currently around 5" or so. It has taken about a year and half to get to this size. His tankmates are a school of exodons in a planted tank with driftwood. I have lost a few exodons over the past half year but it's quite rare...
  6. U

    5 Exodon and wishful thinking

    Any chance 5 exodon could successfully co-inhabit a 55g tank with a delhezi poly, bristlenose pleco, and a rope fish. Would the dark color of these fish prevent or limit the exodon's attacks? I think I know the answer ..........
  7. Hendre

    Exodon questionsn stuff

    Good morning mfk. This weekend I am getting my first large tank (250litres) to start setting it up and will be getting the fish in 2 weeks I am going to build a DIY canister like the one by @UaruJoey on YouTube with a 1200-1500 lph pump The dimensions are 120x45x45 roughly First. So how many...
  8. shivam

    Exodon (Bucktooth Tetra)

    Im starting a 55gal up and I wanted to do something different instead of a "single fish" tank. I want a school but of course it has to be a badass school of fish. I was thinking of doing a school of Exodon. Is there anything I should watch out for and also any opinions on how to keep them...